CKB Community Fund DAO Rules and Process

Source: CKB Community Fund DAO Rules and Process

Scope of Governance

The CKB Community Fund DAO is a community fund initiated by the Nervos community and jointly contributed by the community and the Nervos Foundation to fund community members to do various things around the CKB L1 ecosystem, such as code development, event organization, content production etc.

The CKB Community Fund DAO (hereinafter referred to as DAO) has an initial holding of 276,000,000 CKBs.

Two types of governance:

  1. The DAO will decide whether or not to adopt a proposal from a team or an individual to request a budget (CKB) for CKB’s eco-building work.
  2. Decide whether to adopt changes to the DAO’s governance meta-rules, such as the calculation of voting weights, eligibility for voting, conditions for adoption, etc.


Governance Tools

  1. Proposal Sharing and Discussion: Nervos Talk — Nervos Talk is a forum based on the open source project Discourse, with a dedicated section for the CKB Community Fund DAO to discuss and advance proposals.
  2. Proposal Voting Tool: Metaforo — Metaforo is a Web3 native community platform. CKB Community Fund DAO uses the voting feature to vote on proposals.


There are three stages from proposal to implementation: Discussion Stage, Voting Stage, and Execution Stage.

Phase 1: Discussion Stage — on Nervos Talk(Discourse)

This phase has two primary purposes:

  1. Allow sufficient time (one week) to help the community fully understand the proposal’s content and budget and enough time to allow the community to discuss and give the proposer suggestions and comments for changes.
  2. Test the proposal’s popularity and whether certain community members are interested in the topic.

Passing conditions:

If the proposal post accumulates 30 likes (hearts) within one week, it will be considered to have passed the Discussion Stage.

How to Submit a Great Discussion Stage Proposal:

  • A good proposal results from capturing a good problem, analyzing it, and developing a suitable solution.
  • Communicating with the community through forum or other forms to test your ideas and solutions before submitting a proposal is often necessary. Still, this process is optional, so We won’t go into it here.
  • The title starts with [DIS] and should be concise and accurate, e.g., "[DIS] Organizing regular community offline meetup in Vietnam - 2023 Q1”
  • There is no mandatory format for the proposal’s content, and it is hoped that best practices will be developed gradually over time. However, typically the content should contain the following sections:
    • Why do you want to do this? (Why?)
    • Why are you the right person to do it? (Why you?)
    • Why do you want to do it now? (Why now?)
    • What is the budget you are applying for? Why is it reasonable? (Budget)
    • How do you plan to do the work? How many milestones are there, and what are they? (How?)
  • What language to use to write proposals
    • The required language for the proposal is English or Chinese.
    • Whichever language you choose, it is recommended that you use translation software such as Deepl or Google Translate to translate into the other language and attach the translation results to the end of the post.

Proposals will either contain a request for funding or a change to the meta-rules. If you are purely doing a pre-proposal discussion, please do not start with [DIS] as the title. Questions can be asked directly in this section, such as: “Do people think it’s worthwhile to organize regular offline community meetup in Vietnam?”

Phase 2: Voting Stage — on Metaforo

After the Discussion Stage has passed, if the submitter wishes to continue to move the proposal forward, then the proposal can be moved to Phase 2: the Voting Stage. In this stage the community members will finally vote on the proposal and decide whether the proposal will pass or not.

How to Submit a Voting Stage Proposal

  1. Voting Stage proposals need to be made in Metaforo, and submitters need to have at least 100,000 CKBs stored in the Nervos DAO to initiate a proposal. (See the tutorial on how to bind a Nervos DAO address in Metaforo: How to bind your Nervos DAO address on Metaforo and vote on proposals?)

    Details of the poll setup - please make sure to follow the instructions in the tutorial below. Otherwise, the administrator has the right to delete the proposal.

    • Create a new poll, select “Calculate votes with Nervos DAO” and check “Weight users’ votes by the number of tokens they hold” and “Set quorum limit”.

    • The name starts with [VOT], and the title’s second half should be consistent with the Discussion Stage phase.

    • “Automatically close poll”: select a date seven days later, e.g., for a Poll launched on the 4th, you should select the 11th as the close date.

    • “The minimum number of votes required to pass the proposal” should be set to the 3 times the number of CKBs as the budget you requested in the proposal. If you are requesting 10,000,000 CKBs, then this should be set to 30,000,000. If the proposal involves a meta-rule change, it should be set to 185,000,000.

    • “Fill in the % of total votes voting to yes to pass the proposal” should be set to 51%. If it is a proposal to modify a meta-rule, it needs to be set to 67%

    • Show Results: Always visible

    • Show who voted: checked.

  2. The proposal title and content

    • Title and content of the proposal, consistent with the title and ballot: starts with [VOT], and the content part of the name is consistent with the Discussion Stage.

    • In principle, the content should be the same as the Discussion Stage proposal and can be copied and pasted. If there are changes to the content, please make sure to highlight the changes at the top.

    • If this is a proposal for a budget request, be sure to include the CKB address for receiving the budget in the body’s first line. (cannot be modified)

    • The content should also contain a link to the original post of the passed Discussion Stage.

    • Edit [DIS] original post to include the Voting Stage poll link in the body’s first line.

Passing Conditions

According to the above parameters set during the poll creation, the conditions are passed in two cases.

  1. Budget Request Proposal: A 7-day public voting that ends with at least 51% of the votes cast in favor of the proposal and a total number of votes cast (quorum) that is not less than the 3 times the number of CKBs requested as budget in the proposal. (If 100,000 CKBs are requested, then the total number of votes cast must be at least 300,000)
  2. Meta-rule amendment proposal: 7 days of public voting, ending with more than 67% of the affirmative votes and no less than 185,000,000 of the total number of quorum votes cast.

Phase 3: Execution Stage

After the proposal is passed, it will enter the Execution Stage.

  • Suppose it is a proposal for a budget request, and there are no additional rules for the disbursement of funds in the proposal’s content. In that case, the DAO Funds Management Committee should follow the default rules and make the disbursement within one week. If there are additional rules for disbursement, the rules in the proposal will be followed.
    • Once the proposal is approved, the application team can immediately get to work, recruiting, developing, running events, etc.
    • During the process, it is the applicant team’s responsibility to keep the community informed of the progress of their work afterward, for example, regularly or after reaching a milestone, by reporting the progress of their work to the community in the forum starting with [Status Update]. Keeping good communication is the only way for the team to get help from the community and even find like-minded peers to move forward with.
    • Community members also have the right to monitor the effectiveness of the applicant team’s work and use of funds and to comment or discuss in the forum.
  • In the case of proposals to modify meta-rules, the implementation of such proposals cannot start immediately after they are adopted because they may involve necessary system development and other factors. For such proposals, the management committee should give an implementation plan within two weeks and make regular status updates until final implementation.



Hey Jacky

Thanks for this post

I have a query for anyone who can answer.

It seems when you bind Metaforo to your DAO holding, you can only select one deposit. This will favour voters who put all of their holdings in one deposit, versus voters who made multiple smaller deposits (in order to not wait so long if they wanted to withdraw some of their holdings).

A fix to this would be to enable selecting multiple deposits to bind to one’s Metaforo account


my doubt is how long my tokens will have to be blocked for sending the proposal and thank you for the information, it is very well explained, I am excited to finally be able to contribute

@12Web3 Hi buddy, what does “be blocked” mean? Could you please elaborate?

If you don’t want your CKB locked in Nervos DAO for a long time, a recommended way is not to deposit your CKB in Nervos DAO until your proposal enters Phase 2 (when you need to create a poll on Metaforo). The voting stage will last 7 days, after that you can start to withdraw CKB from Nervos DAO (and it takes about a month to get your CKB back).


perfect that’s exactly what I wanted saver thanks

Hi @neon.bit , thanks for your feedback.

I discussed this with the Metaforo team, and they agreed to add support for binding multiple Nervos DAO deposits to a single account. The completion of this feature will take some time, and I will keep you informed when it’s done.


Excellent news @JackyLHH

Many thanks


Hi @neon.bit , just wanted to tell you that Metaforo has added support for binding multiple Nervos DAO deposits to a single account. You can click Bind New Address to do so. Thanks.


after you get 30 likes, do you already do the phase 2 process or do we have to wait for some approval?

Hi @12Web3, according to the rules :point_down:

Allow sufficient time (one week) to help the community fully understand the proposal’s content and budget and enough time to allow the community to discuss and give the proposer suggestions and comments for changes.

So, please wait until January 25, then you can create a poll on Metaforo (the voting will also last 7 days, and please follow the instructions to create the poll), thanks.

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Thanks, perfect

There’s a problem with the getting the ‘30 likes’ system. What if someone creates 30 google accounts then spam the votes with malicious intention. We need alternative solution to the spam/self-voting mechanism.


Getting the 30 likes is the easy part, the real game starts at the next stage where we have to actually vote for the proposal.

But I do agree that 30 likes is pretty low and could eventually lead to Metaforo getting spammed with low quality proposals, but maybe it was set low just for this early stage and can be changed when there is a lot more engagement in this forum.


Updates (April 13, 2023)

The rules of CKB Community Fund DAO were amended to include “Any airdropping of assets to DAO voters is prohibited” in the “Amendment” column in accordance with the final voting results of the proposal Ban incentivized voting in DAO. (Source)


Updates (April 19, 2023)

The rules of CKB Community Fund DAO were amended to include “On Metaforo, votes are calculated based on the current Nervos DAO deposits held by the voters. Unlocked or withdrawn CKB will not be counted towards the voting weight.” in the “Amendment” column in accordance with the proposal [VOT] 修改票数的计算方式 / Changing How Votes Are Calculated. (Source)

Thanks to the Metaforo team, they have already implemented the changes.


Updates (June 27, 2023)

The rules of CKB Community Fund DAO were amended to include

  • Implementation of Staged Payments for Budgets Exceeding $10,000
    • Proposals with budgets exceeding $10,000 will be divided into multiple stages or timeframes for payment disbursement.
    • The initial funding will be limited to 20% of the budget, with a maximum cap of $10,000.
    • Subsequent payments will be determined based on specific milestones or goals. Proposals should clearly outline the estimated timeline, costs, and deliverables for each stage, with evaluations and confirmations conducted at the end of each stage.
    • Upon receiving funding, proposers must regularly update the community on project progress and submit necessary progress reports at the end of each payment stage. Reports should include information on project milestones, goal achievement, and fund utilization, allowing the community to review and confirm the necessity of subsequent payments.

in the “Amendment” column in accordance with the proposal – [VOT] Meta-rule change: Implement staged payments for proposals with a budget exceeding $10,000|对预算超过$10000的提案实行分阶段付款



Wouldn’t it be best to have a set amount required eg 40,000,000 CKB? As otherwise projects can propose 10,000,000 CKB with the requirement of 30,000,000 CKB to pass and then buy the required CKB to ensure a pass.

Most votes on Metaforo for the Community Fund seem to get around 25,000,000-35,000,000 CKB taking part in the vote, this seems like it could be easily manipulated? The official proposals seem to get much higher numbers taking part in the votes, maybe it would be best to announce all proposals like official proposals to get more community members taking part in votes and reduce the possibility of manipulation?

Without atleast 100,000CKB I wouldn’t be able to apply for a grant?

Hi @BaaniBenjamin , if your proposal enters the voting stage, yes, you need to have at least 100k CKB stored in Nervos DAO.