About the CKB Community Fund DAO category

You can post in this category to discuss topics related to CKB Community Fund DAO, including pre-proposal discussions and formal proposals.

您可以在这个板块发布与 CKB Community Fund DAO 相关的话题,包括前期的讨论、正式的提案。


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and thank you for the information, it is very well explained, I am excited to finally be able to contribute

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sorry but for me it was not clear where I have to leave the formal proposal, is it here in the comments? or do I have to create a topic, if so which category should I put?

Hi buddy, sorry for the confusion. You need to create a new topic under CKB Community Fund DAO category for proposals and pre-proposal discussions, not leave them here in the comments.

  1. Click to enter the CKB Community Fund DAO category.

  1. Click +New Topic to create a post for your proposal or pre-proposal discussion.

Look forward to reading your proposals :smile:

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I’ll send it soon, I’m excited because it’s the first time I have a perfect project for a fund and the best in a blockchain that I really like

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