Community Code of Conduct / 社区行为准则

Community Code of Conduct

In short, a code of conduct whether it be a legal system-based, or an ethos approach, is foundational to your business and the decisions your employees make. Without it, your team lacks the direction they need to succeed.

With any team approach, there is always a need to strengthen our behaviours towards each other and ensure that we remain galvanised to work as a unit.

‍Below are a few inspirational points born from common knowledge that we should all be willing to partake in. Whether in communication or the presence of your fellow team members.

So Let’s strip it back and make it fun!

‘Be part of our (r)evolution and not just the project’

Learn, grow and develop together to push the project you’re in onto a bright future.

‘Make lasting impressions’

You only get a few chances to meet up during reunions, now’s your chance to cement that long-lasting memory of each other.

‘Embrace meet-ups’

Make the most of the synergy whilst it’s there, meetings on laptops don’t give you a personal touch, but oxytocin does.

‘Hear each other out, even if not in agreement’

Give that chance for that person to be themselves, restricting creativity and unique ideas create resentment.

‘Don’t be afraid to share details if you can’

We all are interested in what you have been doing within the ecosystem.

‘Embrace other projects external to our chain’

Tribalism affects networking and synergy potential, Nervos hope to transcend boundaries, we’re the water when all else are ships.

‘Utilise other’s perspectives’

You won’t see all the angles all the time, others also have unique valid opinions like yours. Prosper from their perspectives.

‘Always share hearts, Pepes and GMs’

As a team it’s great to get messages from people with a friendly chat, we’re here to support each other whilst we work. Small things can matter.

‘Be willing to help’

We come from a variety of experiences and backgrounds, it’s likely that you might be shocked at times by what you know that others don’t, be patient and generous with your knowledge.

‘Be tolerant and respectful’

Whether it’s because you have more experience than the other, or it’s cultural, we shouldn’t care, we should only care that polite conversation between both parties occurs.

‘Find common ground’

We aren’t always going to agree on the same things all the time, but we all have common ground, we want what’s best for each other, if all else fails, the perfect mantra is to think about shared end goals.

















拉帮结派会影响网络和协同的潜力,Nervos 希望超越边界,当其他的一切都是船时,我们就是水。



"永远保持真诚,Pepes 和 GMs"