CKB Community Fund DAO: willing to back every CKB Buidler up

Hello everyone, today we are thrilled to announce the launch of the CKB Community Fund DAO!

The CKB Community Fund DAO is a funding DAO initiated by .bit, Cryptape, Nervina Labs, Unipass, Magickbase and Cluster3 in the Nervos community and co-facilitated by the Nervos Foundation to support community members in building and exploring the CKB ecosystem.

Initial Funding

The CKB Community Fund DAO is funded with an initial pool of 276,000,000 CKB, which has been deposited to address - ckb1qpw9q60tppt7l3j7r09qcp7lxnp3vcanvgha8pmvsa3jplykxn32sqf352eynr4y9zl66sdxjcef3a6z9uqhkncsaanyg

Among them, 23,000,000 CKBs came from each of the following 6 community projects/teams (in no particular order):

And the rest 138,000,000 CKBs were contributed by the Nervos Foundation.


Over the past few years, it has become clear that the Nervos community has emerged as a valuable force, accumulating remarkable ideas and quality discussions across various platforms.

The CKB Community Fund DAO intends to encourage and fund individuals and teams in the community to incubate their projects, organize events and increase their impact. By it being a DAO structure, the Nervos DAO users can vote for the proposals and delegate the fund.

The design of Nervos DAO is intended to form a full-fledged autonomous community/ mechanism before the second halving of CKB, and we hope that the operation of CKB Community Fund DAO can further help the growth of the CKB ecosystem and decentralization of the network.

Scope of the CKB Community Fund DAO

The CKB Community Fund DAO is dedicated to support the development of the Layer1 (CKB) ecosystem. Any related project incubation, technical support, event organization, content production, education and other efforts to promote the development of the ecosystem can seek financial support from the CKB Community Fund DAO.

If it is a Layer2 project that plans to deploy on the CKB L1, it is within the scope of the DAO. For projects intended to build on an existing Layer 2 (e.g. Godwoken), the Grant application on Godwoken is the right place to check.

CKB Community Fund DAO Rules

Please refer to CKB Community Fund DAO Rules and Process

About Magickbase

I will take this chance to introduce Magickbase.

The vision of Magickbase is to lead more developers/builders into the CKB ecosystem smoothly, and we are currently working on infra-service support and developer experience optimization. As Magi, we try our best to provide knowledge maps and decision-making advice to participants; as Base, we will provide the community with progressively richer essential data services and application support.

The engineers behind Magickbase have built various products such as Neuron Wallet, CKB Explorer, Godwoken Explorer, Force Bridge, Lumos Service etc. We are now developing an application development framework for CKB, a browser extension wallet and community governance tools among others.