(DIS) Complete onboarding of the BR crypto community into the Nervos ecosystem

in the budget we put the costs of all the research, planning, production, announcements for three months and an important part of two events that took place in two different cities, events have a considerable cost.

But to make it clear, we can detail the costs of each thing and if you think that something can be removed from the process to reduce the cost, we can adjust it without any problem.

Then you should publish your plan into a word docx / pdf with specific details of plan how budget will be used for the three months time period and share it with our community. Thanks.


@Early_eTH_investor I don’t think 7k over 3 months is unreasonable at all.

Perhaps you aren’t aware, but community builders (trailblazers, moderators, educators etc.) do get paid. Educational content and videos do get reimbursed by the Foundation if there were costs incurred.

This idea that “you should do work for free if you love Nervos” which you said earlier, is pretty superficial. Some people can do this if they have the resources to hand. But if some things have to be outsourced, you can’t expect people to pay out of pocket. And in general terms, significant time expended creating materials that benefit the whole community should not go unrewarded either.

@12Web3 What would be helpful is maybe more of a breakdown of fund allocation? Plus a bit more info about your activities in the Nervos community previously?


Remember that this is only at the discussion phase where they need to gather enough ‘likes’ to be able to put forward a real proposal that we then vote on.

I agree with you here that there needs to be more info and breakdown of the budget, but this will/should come when @12Web3 puts forward their official proposal.

请记住,这只是在讨论阶段,他们需要收集足够的 “喜欢”,以便能够提出一个真正的建议,然后由我们进行投票。


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I could be wrong, but I don’t think there’s any restrictions on the type of proposal.

There’s other dedicated places dApp devs can go to for funding, so I hope we see lots more non-dApp type of proposals in here.

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Hi @neon.bit , according to the CKB Community Fund DAO Rules and Process, “various things around the CKB L1 ecosystem, such as code development, event organization, content production, etc” can all apply for DAO funding. So it is not limited to dApp developers.

你好 @neon.bit ,根据 CKB Community Fund DAO 规则和流程,“社区成员围绕 CKB 生态进行如代码开发、活动组织、内容制作、宣传推广等促进生态发展的工作”,都可以申请 DAO 的资助。所以,不仅仅局限于 dApp 开发者。


Also, our community will need authenticate whether you really are the person shown in the photo or not. Anyone can copy random linkedin profile and photos from Google, write the proposal and get the fund. So, please upload a photo of you or your team with holding a paper with ‘Nervos Talk’ written or smt like that.

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exactly. We are detailing today until the end of the day I will post here so that it is clear.

good idea. I will ask my team to take it too

But is spending $7K really worth it if our representative of BR crypto community only have few hundreds of followers?
They only got 102 subscribers on youtube.
Also, they only got 274 followers on instagram.


I would be happy to vote YES if they were influential enough for the crypto community in Brazil like over 100K followers.


look, you can be sure that no cobteudo creator who has 100k followers will bother to come here and ask for financial help. they get paid a lot of money per video. an average of 200 dol per reels on instagram for influencers as
up to 5k followers imagine 100 thousand on youtube. these 7k would pay for a maximum of 3 videos of them. I think you’re imagining numbers. has no idea of ​​reality.

But what is the point of spending $7K on a less-followed influencer if we are only going to get maximum few hundreds of people as a viewer of the end result produced by you guys? I say no-go.


Just get over it. I do not think you will be getting enough support for having barely 50 views per clip on your Youtube and Instagram. You better go search for other project, IMO.


I start to think that you have prejudice to Brazilian crypto community.

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What? Come on. Don’t act like your small group represent the whole Brazilian crypto community. I love Brazil and their crypto initiative but you only have 100 followers and got on the crypto train just recently as 2019 as you mentioned. I don’t think any community with right mind would spend $7-8K on your project honestly.

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True, we do not represent the entire community, but we are connected to the vast majority. And that depends on the community, that’s why the proposal is open, but you could only say it in another way, this aggressive communication with a superior tone, which is what could be improved.

And so, we know that the people behind the crypto projects are one of the main factors for the success of the project, and we already have recognition from the industry in Brazil, so much so that even with only 100 followers as you said, we got support from the ViaBTC Group (when the channel had 0 followers).

But okay, I respect your opinion friend.

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Hi @12Web3, just a friendly reminder, if you wish to continue to move the proposal forward, you can choose to create a poll on Metaforo. If you do, please follow the tutorial on CKB Community Fund DAO Rules and Process to submit a voting stage proposal, thanks.

Hi @12Web3,友情提示,如果你希望继续推进提案,你可以选择在 Metaforo 上创建一个投票。 如果你这样做,请按照 CKB Community Fund DAO 规则和流程 中的教程,提交 voting stage 的提案,谢谢。

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Perfect i will do, thanks

Can we raise the proposal until what day?

Hi @12Web3, now you can submit a voting stage proposal at any moment, and please select a date seven days later on Automatically close poll. For example, the poll should be scheduled to end automatically on February 3 if the proposal is submitted on Metaforo today, January 27.

Before you do, please read the instructions on CKB Community Fund DAO Rules and Process carefully.

@12Web3 ,现在您可以随时提交投票阶段的提案,请在 Automatically close poll 一栏中选择 7 天后的日期。举个例子,如果提案于今天(1 月 27 日)在 Metaforo 上提交,那投票应设置为在 2 月 3 日自动关闭。

操作前,请仔细阅读 CKB Community Fund DAO 规则和流程 中的操作说明。