Obsidian Systems - Ledger Nano S/X Application for Nervos


We will produce an application for the Ledger Nano X/S for holding CKB. Ledger produces some most popular, proven, and secure consumer hardware wallets which are used by individuals and businesses alike for securely holding cryptocurrencies. This application will support deposits and withdrawals from the NervosDAO in addition to standard ledger functions such as importing a key to the client, providing the public key, and transferring CKB.


Obsidian Systems was founded in 2014 by Ali Abrar and Ryan Trinkle, who continue to serve as its managing partners today. Today it consists of approximately 39 software developers, quality assurance engineers, management professionals, and other staff.

Obsidian Systems designs and develops high quality software solutions to pressing business problems. Our experienced team has delivered mission-critical solutions to a variety of high-profile clients, including several Fortune 500 companies and national retail firms, and blockchains such as Tezos and Kadena. These solutions secure millions of dollars in cryptographic assets (Tezos Baking/Wallet Ledger applications), lower the technical barrier to participation in consensus (Kiln), and facilitate the development of smart contracts (Pact and Chainweaver).

Our solutions are currently used by thousands of employees and tens of thousands of consumers every day.

You can find us on Github, Gitlab, Medium, and Twitter.


There are three elements to our proposal: the BOLOS application which runs on the Ledger device, adding support for hardware wallet communication to Nervos’ CLI codebase, and a adding support for CKB to LedgerJS.

BOLOS Application - This application will support send, receive, import key, DepositDAO, and withdrawDAO on the Ledger Nano S and X. Both devices will support communication through web browsers and the Nano X application can be used over bluetooth.

Hardware Wallet Support in Nervos - We’ll enable communication with Ledger hardware wallets from the ckb-cli so that addresses stored on the Ledger device can be used similarly to existing accounts.

LedgerJS - LedgerJS is the standard tool for communicating with Ledger devices through the browser. We’ll add the necessary functions to use the full functionality of the BOLOS application we’re developing through the browser.


This project should take 5 weeks. We are anticipating a launch in March 2020.

Proposal PDF


Yes. Want this so badly


Would be really awesome to be able to store CKB on a hardware wallet. And ledger is the best one so far.


What this application would be like when it finish?
Like this way?

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The app itself will be very similar to others, supporting common functions (provide public key, transfer) as well as deposits and withdrawals from NervosDAO.

At the end of this grant you should be able to download the Nervos app from Ledger Live’s Manager in ‘Developer Mode’ and use it via CLI.


This grant has now been approved. For more info and the official announcement please check here!

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Hi everyone! We just published our first development update for this grant - https://medium.com/@obsidian.systems/nervos-ledger-app-status-update-1-1f02d431957e


@mike-obsidian Hi Mike, I just joined the Nervos team and I’m working on documentation. I want to make sure we have instructions included for this in our documentation once it is ready.

Do you have any rough estimate on when you think the Ledger integration would be completely done, tested, and available in the Ledger app available for everyday users?


Any ETA’s on this?


Bump - I need this in my life

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Hi everyone, thanks a lot for your interest in our grant!

We’re actively working on the follow up tasks we outlined in our last community update, such as working towards adding hardware wallet support to CKB-CLI and working through Ledger’s listing program. I don’t have a timeline on these just yet, but we will share another update when that becomes clearer.


Bummer. Hopefully not too much longer.

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Hey guys, any update on this?

Hello! Since we posted our last update a little over a week ago we’ve updated the Ledger SDK they apps are using and we have been expanding the size of operations the app can sign. We were previously only able to sign operations with four inputs, but that number is effective unbounded with this change.

We also submitted another grant for Hardware Wallet Support in CKB-CLI and Additional Ledger Features. Once that’s complete you should be able to use the app on mainnet.