Nervos Biweekly #10: Rylai is live!

On May 18, 2019, Nervos CKB testnet — Rylai, was officially launched. So far, the block height has reached 50,000. Many users continuously consult questions about operating the nodes and participate in the testnet.

The testnet is still only a small step. After Rylai, what else is worth looking forward to?

Here are the latest updates at Nervos:


In the past two weeks, we released v0.11.0 and v0.12.0 for testnet launch. We did many performance test, and have resolved several performance issues and fixed many bugs.

The biggest features highlights in the new version :

  • Implementation of NervosDAO (#718)

  • Epoch Revision (#579 ) [part of the NC-Max Consensus]

For more details be sure to check out Ian Yang’s bi-weekly Nervos CKB Development Update


Nervos Fans

Random interesting stuff

  • Our Mechanical ape is popular! Someone in the forum uploaded a video to introduce how to play it. If you have more creative ideas, please click here.

  • PoW and PoS discussion have lasted for three days. Jan made a response and posted PoW vs. PoS in the forum. If you have more opinions, you can leave the comments in the forum.

  • There are a lot of people participated in mining. Our community member stwith created a guide for mining. You can also participate in the related discussions here.

Upcoming events

  • Korea

  • Hangzhou

  • Beijing

    • June 1, CKB Testnet Release city tour Beijing station, Daniel, Zhiwei and Henry will share CKB Testnet, unique CKB and long-running encryption economy model.
  • Bangkok

    • June 8, Poof of Work-F2Pool 6th x Nervos Party, Daniel and Haichao will share the Layer 1 Blockchain.

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