Nervos Bi-weekly Report#8: RustCon Asia with Love

Just finished the four-day RustCon Asia in Beijing! 27 lecturers and Rustaceans from all over the world were together to learn and chat about Rust. Many developers were very excited because they just had online chats before this conference. We felt the open source and Geek spirit in the Rust community.

Here are the latest updates at Nervos:


  • RFC0019 has two pending changes: segwit (PR#98), removal of version from script (PR#91) and capacity unit (PR#103).

  • CKB has implemented tx valid since (#372) and cellbase maturity verification (#473).

  • We have released v0.9.0 , and v0.10.0 is ready. The new version improves the stability of the P2P network and adds some feature highlights. More details: Nervos CKB Development Update #9


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