[DIS] Telmo Talks - A Nervos Talk Show - Proposal

Telmo Talks - A Nervos Talk Show - Proposal

platforms: Youtube, X, Spotify.

Host: Telmo
X: https://twitter.com/tecmeup
Telegram: Contact @telmobit

Co-Host: Albert Tang
X: https://twitter.com/apltang
Telegram: Contact @apltang

Hello everyone, I’m Telmo, a long time supporter of the Nervos Network. I’ve been actively involved in the community, particularly with projects related to NFTs, community building, and fostering connections. After conceptualizing Telmo Talks in 2023, we have live streamed a Pilot with a very warm reception by the community. However, due to resource limitations and inadequate setup, further episodes were postponed.

View Pilot Episode with 57U https://www.youtube.com/live/4eHjExt4rpg?si=VNa3p8Y_AKCf8Ld-

Over the past few months, I’ve seen a remarkable surge in strength and unity within the Nervos community. I have joined forces with two of the most motivated individuals, who have become not just colleagues but also friends, and the journey has been incredibly empowering. Encouraging feedback given by the community with reagards to my efforts has further fueled my determination to push forward with the talk show. So, I’ve drafted a proposal looking forward to getting your help, to enhance the talk show with a professional setup, overcome previous challenges, and relaunch these talks with renewed vigor.

Proposal Overview

I propose to restart the podcast, Telmo Talks, and make it available on multiple platforms such as YouTube, X, and Spotify. Starting in March, and maintaining a regular schedule of 1 talk per week. For now, the plan is to do the interviews remotely. However, interviewing face-to-face is something on the table for a later more advanced stage. This podcast aims to provide a platform for sharing news, developments, events, insights, pretty much everything about Nervos, making it accessible to the wider audience, including those new to the ecosystem.

To assist me, I’ll be counting on the support of Albert Tang and Vivek Iyer, both longstanding members of the community. Albert will serve as co-host and will be responsible for scripting, guidelines, and video production. Vivek will also contribute to scripting, guidelines, and video production.

We place a high priority on transparency and authenticity in everything we do. And we do not hide behind any alias, both of us use our real names, openly show our faces, and provided details about our backgrounds. This way, you all know exactly who we are.


The core concept is to engage with various individuals within the community, including developers, foundation members, community managers, impactful community members, as well as spotlighting projects and NFT artists. The aim is to create a show that resonates with a broad audience by avoiding excessive technical jargon and focusing on making topics easily understandable.

This show is envisioned as a platform for people to connect with each other in a relaxed conversational setting. Each episode will offer viewers the opportunity to learn more about the guests, their projects, and other relevant topics of interest at the moment. To ensure coherence viewer focus, there will be thorough preparation before each talk, aligning with the topics to be discussed.

In terms of episode length, I aim for each segment to be between 30 to 45 minutes, adapting based on the depth and number of topics to be covered. Ultimately, the goal is to keep the episodes concise, engaging, and entertaining.

Guests and Topics

So far, we’ve curated a diverse lineup of guests for the launch, including Matt Quinn, 57U, Neon NFT Nation, Rabbit, Jordan Mack, Nevdex, Rory from Nervapes, and various NFT artists. All people you know, love and respect form the Nervos Network comunity. Topics will range from guest introductions and project discussions to personal journeys, industry insights, and community exploration. Each episode will be meticulously prepared to ensure coherence and relevance, offering viewers valuable insights and engaging discussions.


In response to feedback given, we’ve refined our budget to align with milestones. Our revised budget of $7500 includes essential equipment, setup customization, promotional elements and a giveaway fund:

  1. Good-Quality Cameras: for remote or in-person interviews.
  2. Professional Microphones: Studio microphones plus a wireless lavalier microphone set for in-person interviews.
  3. Lighting Equipment: Essential for enhancing video quality and creating a professional atmosphere.
  4. Stream Deck: For live streams.
  5. Headphones: Ensuring clear communication.
  6. Setup Customization: Including acoustic isolation, storage cabinet, custom neon signs for Telmo Talks and Nervos, and other promotional elements for branding.
  7. Allocation for Giveaways: Such as branded Telmo Talks and Nervos merchandise.

First impressions matter, and our goal is to create a professional atmosphere devoid of distractions and without giving off an amateurish vibe. I value durability and reliability, and while we acknowledge that we could potentially achieve somewhat good results with less expensive gear, I believe that cutting corners in this aspect would compromise the overall vision. Personally, I would prefer to invest in high-quality equipment once rather than constantly needing to upgrade. Ultimately, I believe that having the right tools will contribute to the success and longevity of the program.

Milestone Breakdown and Setup Dates:

  1. Buy Gear and Setup Customization:

    • This milestone involves purchasing all the necessary equipment for the talk show, including cameras, microphones, lighting equipment, stream deck, headphones, as well as setup customization materials such as soundproofing sets and lighting fixtures.
    • Budget allocated for “Buy Gear and Setup Customization” milestone: $3500
  2. Build Setup:

    • This milestone encompasses setting up the studio environment, including installing lighting equipment, configuring audiovisual gear, and completing any remaining setup customization tasks.
    • Budget allocated for “Build Setup” milestone: $2000
  3. Go Live:

    • This milestone marks the launch of the talk show, where we begin streaming episodes on various platforms like YouTube, X, and Spotify. It includes costs associated with promotional activities, initial marketing efforts, and potential giveaways to engage the audience.
    • Budget allocated for “Go Live” milestone: $2000

Setup Dates: (The dates below are just an example, to have accurate dates the proposal will need to be approved first).

  • Proposal Approval Date: February 24, 2024 (The start of the project)
  • Gear and setup items Purchase Completion Date: March 2, 2024
  • First Episode Launch Date: March 17, 2024

The total amount can be disbursed in a single transaction, taking into account the short time frame between disbursements and the immediate needs. However, the final decision rests with the grant moderator.

Long-Term Sustainability

Regarding compensation for our work with the Talks, we will not require any from the community. We dedicate our efforts to serving it, and we are committed to maintaining the podcast for the long haul, as long as it remains relevant and appreciated.

Regarding availability, our team is spread across three different continents, Portugal, United States, and Australia. This setup allows us to effectively run a project that almost never sleeps, giving us the advantage of staying constantly updated on developments and promptly notifying each other as well as to pick up on any work left to be done.

In terms of sustainability in th long run, we are aiming for Telmo Talks to be self-sustainable through compensation generated by YouTube, spotify and X creator’s programs as well as advertisement revenue from Telmo Talks-related products. By establishing the professional setup and delivering frequent content, I also expect to attract advertisers, sponsors, and donors aligned with the vision and values.

The long-term goal for Telmo Talks is to participate in crypto conventions and conduct in-person interviews. However, it’s essential to emphasize that this is a long-term goal that will require significant financial return from the talks, meaning it probably won’t happen as soon as we’d like to.

This is it. Hope you give it an in-depth thought and consider a favorable vote, looking forward to having this opportunity.

Telmo Talks - Nervos Talk Show - 提案

平台: Youtube、X、Spotify。

主持人: Telmo
X: Twitter链接 Telegram链接

联合主持人: Albert Tang
X: Twitter链接 Telegram链接

大家好,我是Telmo,是Nervos Network的长期支持者。我一直积极参与社区活动,特别是与NFT相关的项目、社区建设和促进连接的项目。在2023年构思Telmo Talks后,我们通过一期试播节目进行了现场直播,受到了社区的热烈欢迎。然而,由于资源限制和不足的设置,进一步的节目被推迟了。

与57U一起观看试播节目 点击这里



我提议重新启动播客Telmo Talks,并在YouTube、X和Spotify等多个平台上提供。从三月开始,保持每周1次的定期安排。目前,计划是远程进行采访。然而,面对面采访是以后更高级阶段的一个考虑因素。这个播客旨在提供一个平台,分享关于Nervos的新闻、发展、事件、见解,以及其他几乎关于Nervos的所有内容,使之能够被更广泛的受众,包括那些新接触生态系统的人所了解。

为了帮助我,我将依靠社区的支持Albert Tang和Vivek Iyer,他们都是社区的资深成员。Albert将担任联合主持人,负责剧本、指南和视频制作。Vivek也将贡献于剧本、指南和视频制作。







到目前为止,我们已经为首播节目策划了一个多样化的嘉宾阵容,包括Matt Quinn、57U、Neon NFT Nation、Rabbit、Jordan Mack、Nevdex、来自Nervapes的Rory,以及各种NFT艺术家。所有这些人都是你们认识、喜爱和尊重的Nervos Network社区的成员。话题将涵盖嘉宾介绍、项目讨论、个人经历、行业见解和社区探索等。每一集都将经过精心准备,以确保连贯性和相关性,为观众提供有价值的见解和引人入胜的讨论。



  1. 高质量相机: 用于远程或面对面采访。
  2. 专业话筒: 工作室话筒以及用于面对面采访的无线领夹话筒套装。
  3. 灯光设备: 提升视频质量并营造专业氛围的必要设备。
  4. 流媒体控制板:

5. 耳机: 确保清晰的沟通。
6. 设置定制: 包括隔音、储物柜、为Telmo Talks和Nervos定制的霓虹灯标志,以及其他用于品牌推广的促销元素。
7. 奖品分配: 比如品牌为Telmo Talks和Nervos的商品。



  1. 购买设备和设置定制:

    • 这个里程碑涉及购买谈话节目所需的所有必要设备,包括相机、话筒、灯光设备、流媒体控制板、耳机,以及设置定制材料,如隔音设备和灯具。
    • 用于“购买设备和设置定制”的预算分配为3500美元。
  2. 搭建设置:

    • 这个里程碑包括设置工作室环境,包括安装灯光设备、配置音视频设备,并完成任何剩余的设置定制任务。
    • 用于“搭建设置”的预算分配为2000美元。
  3. 开始直播:

    • 这个里程碑标志着谈话节目的启动,我们开始在YouTube、X和Spotify等各种平台上直播节目。它包括与促销活动、初期营销活动和潜在的奖品相关的成本,以吸引观众。
    • 用于“开始直播”的预算分配为2000美元。


  • **提案批准日期:**2024年2月20日(项目开始)
  • **设备购买完成日期:**2024年3月5日(提案批准后15天)
  • **首播日期:**2024年3月20日(设备购买完成后15天)



  • 此外,我们提出了一项在达到交付里程碑时解锁的可选奖金。

  • 完成25集后:解锁价值250,000美元的CKB。

  • 完成50集后:解锁价值500,000美元的CKB。

  • 完成100集后:解锁价值1,000,000美元的CKB。





就长期可持续性而言,我们的目标是通过YouTube、Spotify和X的创作者计划产生的补偿以及与Telmo Talks相关的产品的广告收入来实现自我可持续。通过建立专业的设置并提供频繁的内容,我还希望吸引与愿景和价值观一致的广告商、赞助商和捐赠者。

Telmo Talks的长期目标是参加加密货币大会并进行面对面采访。然而,需要强调的是,这是一个长期的目标,将需要来自Talks的显著财务回报,这意味着它可能不会像我们希望的那样迅速发生。



Hi Telmo, I thought the first Telmo Talks you did with Stu was really good for a first show.

With this better equipment and the team you’ve put together I think you guys really have a shot at making this a success, so I fully support the proposal!


Thanks for your feedback, friend. It means a lot. :smiling_face::heart:


It’d be a good idea to include the link of the episode in the proposal, so we can get a sense of it straight away!


Hi there :wave: and thank you for the feedback.
I have included the pilot link in the proposal.
You can now check it .


What will you be discussing about?

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Hi there :wave:
We will be talking about all things Nervos . Not only technical aspects but also getting to know the people you grew to love in the ecosystem. From folks in the foundation to builders, community member, NFT artists etc.
Thank you for your support


I enjoyed the first episode with 57u and would love to see more. I have already added my vote to move it forward, but I would also like to express some areas where I believe it could be improved.

  1. This is expensive equipment. This is not unreasonable, but you can get away with less, especially in the beginning. I’m friends with YouTubers who have done thousands of videos with a less costly setup than what is proposed here. The main challenge in making a successful program is not going to be hardware.
  2. The plan for what your episodes will be is vague. It isn’t easy to understand exactly what you are envisioning.
  3. There are no milestones listed. There is no way for the community to hold you accountable for what you have proposed.

My suggestions:

  1. Scale back your expenses to the bare minimum while still being relatively professional. Realistically, I think you can get by with $1000 USD per person, probably less. You can always add more later.
  2. Express more about what you are envisioning exactly. List some of the topics you want to discuss. List some of the guests and projects you have lined up. You could even go as far as to script the first episode so we understand why scripting is needed. Be specific.
  3. Set your request to a fixed amount that is based on milestones, not estimated expenses. I would suggest $6000 USD total: $2000 USD at the start to cover expenses, $2000 USD after the delivery and approval of the first 20 episodes by the community, and the final $2000 after the remaining 20 episodes are delivered and approved.

Hi Jordan, I truly value your feedback and suggestions, and I’ve taken them into careful consideration. As a result, I’ve made a few adjustments to the proposal in hopes of improving its clarity and effectiveness. Additionally, I’ve addressed the feedback regarding milestones by breaking down the funding request into distinct stages and incorporating some additional elements. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi Telmo

I like the proposal, hence my support. I have one suggestion though, I can see a new section is added recently about milestone bonuses. I think it would be better if this was denominated in USD as with the rest of the proposal

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hi Telmo- all costs proposed to the DAO should be in USD.

Additionally, the initial disbursement is capped at 20% of total funding request for proposals totaling in excess of $10k ((DIS) Meta-rule change: Implement staged payments for proposals with a budget exceeding $10,000|对预算超过$10000的提案实行分阶段付款), funding beyond this is contingent on a milestone being fulfilled.

I noticed the equipment cost breakdown was edited out, it seems like it is a material consideration and was there when many users put their likes. Including here for future voters’ review

What I Need

To achieve these objectives, I will need an upgraded setup with reasonable quality equipment and customization to create a professional and engaging atmosphere, and this is what funding, if approved, will be used for. The revamped format was thought out to include a co-host and due to that, a couple of items described below will be shown in duplicate:

  1. Good-Quality Camera(s): Essential for capturing clear and high-resolution video footage, providing viewers with a visually appealing experience. 2 units for remote or in-person interviews.
  • Make and Model – 2x Canon EOS R50 – €1650
  1. Professional Microphone(s): To ensure crisp and clear audio quality during interviews and discussions. Studio Microphone + wireless lavalier microphone set for in-person interviews.
  • Make and Model – 2x Shure SM7B – €798
  • Make and Model – RØDE O Wireless PRO – €450
  1. Lighting Equipment: Proper lighting in the studio is crucial for enhancing video quality and creating a professional atmosphere.
  • Led strips + Led profiles and connections: Make and Model: generic. – €150
  • Key light. Make and Model: 2x Elgato KEY LIGHT MK.2- €370
  1. Streaming assistance.
  • Stream Deck: Make and Model: Elgato STREAM DECK PLUS – €230
  1. Headphones. No purchase required.
  2. Setup Customization:
  • Acoustic isolation. Acoustic foam and Cork. – €500
  • Storage cabinet. – €200
  • Custom neon signs for Telmo Talks and Nervos – €300
  • Other promotional elements to establish a branded and visually appealing backdrop. – ~€1000

Total budget of €5418. At current rates, should be 1232220 CKB (one million, two hundred thirty-two thousand, two hundred twenty.)

Hi Matt, and thank you for the feedback. For transparency purposes, several edits were made indeed, nonetheless the historical information is available for supporters to consult and fundamentally, it remains the same, apart from the marketing component added. To clarify edits were not made because requirements changed, but to better align with feedback received throughout the week. So, Instead of detailing estimates individually, I established a budget that adequately covers our needs. Additionally, to accommodate the marketing component, original budget was raised from $6000 (the detailed €5418) to $7500. Hope this helps shed some light on the edits, it has been a work in progress. And I am grateful for everyone’s support and feedback.

Hi friend and thank you for your support and valuable feedback. I will make the suggested edit :blush:

Hi Matt, appreciate your feedback on this parameter.
I was looking at this as a checkpoint to top up to sustain activities that will consume monetary resources.
Nonetheless I’ll remove that from the current proposal leaving on the table the possibility to launch a new proposal for this at a later stage.
Thank you :pray:

I appreciate the effort, but the changes made do not inspire confidence.

  1. This equipment is expensive and far beyond what is needed at this stage. If you want to deck out your setup with high-end equipment, then you should do so on your own without asking the community to pay for it.
  2. A few more details about the vision were added, but these are just vague descriptions that could describe any talk show. If your vision is something beyond a Nervos-centric show with guests, I don’t understand it. I still have no idea why “scripting” was mentioned twice.
  3. Only one single episode has been presented as evidence of prior experience, and this video only contains one of the two hosts. This is not enough for anyone to make a proper assessment of capabilities.

I’m revising my suggestion to you as follows:

  • $2000 USD for equipment for two people.
  • $1000 USD for use at your discretion.

Set a target for the minimum number of episodes you intend to produce. Once they are completed, the community will see what you can produce, and have a better idea of how it will be received. You should then apply for a second grant.

If you don’t think $3000 USD is enough, then consider this. Several years ago, I was approved for my first content creation grant. I was awarded $300 USD. I am suggesting a budget for you that is 10 times what I received.

As this proposal stands right now, I would be obligated by my commitment to the community to vote against it. Furthermore, the community did not have a fair vote since the proposal changed several times during the period, so it should be done over. I support your efforts and want to see the project be successful, but community resources are scarce and I must vote in their interest.


Hi Jordan,

I want to express my sincere appreciation for taking the time to provide detailed feedback on the proposal. Your insights are invaluable, and I do of course understand your concerns.

Firstly, I apologize if the changes made to the proposal have led to any doubts. It wasn’t my intention to undermine anyones confidence in the project. Rest assured, the proposal is indeed very detailed, and all the edits made are accessible for everyone’s review. I understand that fundamentally, the vision remains the same, and I’m committed to ensuring transparency throughout the process.

Regarding the equipment expenses, I completely understand your perspective on community resources and it was taken into consideration. While the equipment costs may seem high, my aim is to ensure that the quality of the production matches the expectations of the community.

Your concerns are valid, and I do recognize that there may have been ambiguity in the descriptions provided and I am commited to work on that and i am always available to answer to everyones questions. The intention behind the show is indeed to create a Nervos-centric program with branding and marketing elements aimed at engaging viewers. I appreciate your suggestion to set a target for the minimum number of episodes, so I am proposing producing 10 episodes as a demonstration of our dedication and capabilities before considering further requests.

Regarding the evidence of prior experience, I understand your reservations about the limited content available. I apologize for not providing sufficient evidence to showcase our capabilities adequately. Moving forward, I will explore additional ways to demonstrate our experience and competence in content creation.

Additionally, I want to address the confusion around the term “scripting.” Perhaps the word itself is causing misunderstandings. What I mean by “scripting” is thorough preparation. Each show requires meticulous preparation to ensure its success. This preparation involves knowing our guests, planning the questions, and structuring each segment of the show to ensure coherence and engagement. We’re not aiming to improvise on the spot; rather, we believe that preparation is key to delivering a high-quality and successful show.

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude for sharing your past experiences with content creation grants. Your insight into budgeting and resource allocation is definitly valuable. While I may not be able to decrease the budget as much as you’re suggesting due to currency exchange differences, I am ok with scaling down the budget to $4500 USD for this first round maintaining the marketing component that i believe is key for the initial stages of the show. I trust that although cutting corners isn’t ideal, I do have to prove to the community the value of my proposal and that is what I will do.

Once again, thank you for your constructive feedback and your support for the project. I am committed to addressing your and anyone else concerns and working towards proposals and projects that reflects the best interests of the community.

sincerely hope I can count on your vote.



Thanks for your understanding and your revised proposal. You will have my support and my participation in any way that will help you to succeed.

There is no doubt in my mind that your new proposal will pass, but there is still the matter of so many changes being made during the voting process.

@matt.bit @JackyLHH Will we need to do a revote due to the number of changes that were made during the initial voting process?


Hi @T_Silva , could you please adjust the budget in the proposal to $4500 which is agreed in your reply to Jordan? This applies to both the English and Chinese versions. Thanks.

Despite the proposal receiving over 30 likes, I recommend holding off on submitting it to the Metaforo platform for voting for about a week. Given that the proposal has undergone numerous revisions—19, to be exact—it’s prudent to allow ample time for a wider audience to review the final version. This period will also enable more community members to share their insights and suggestions.

At last, thank @jm9k for the valuable recommendations concerning the proposal’s adjustments. The budget now appears far more practical and reasonable.


Hi @T_Silva , I just found that the vote of this proposal is live on Metaforo.

In the CKB Community Fund DAO Rules and Process, it is written that the proposal requires to “allow sufficient time (one week) to help the community fully understand the proposal’s content and budget and enough time to allow the community to discuss and give the proposer suggestions and comments for changes.” This proposal was submitted to Nervos Talk on Feb 12th, so the earliest time it goes live on Metaforo should be Feb 19th, rather than today, Feb 18th.

As suggested above, given that the proposal has undergone numerous revisions—19, to be exact—it’s recommended to allow more time for a wider audience to review the final version of the proposal, enabling more community members to share their insights and suggestions.

As for the budget, you have agreed in your reply to Jordan that the budget will be decreased to $4500, but in the proposal submitted to Metaforo, the amount is still $7500.

So, I suggest you invalidate the vote on Metaforo as it violates the rules of the DAO.

Hi @T_Silva ,我刚刚发现该提案的投票已经在 Metaforo 上进行了

《CKB Community Fund DAO 规则和流程》中写到,提案人需要 “给予充足的时间(一周),帮助社区充分理解提案的内容和提案预算的合理性,并且有足够的时间留给社区讨论并给予提案者修改的建议和意见。”。该提案是 2 月 12 日提交到 Nervos Talk 的,因此它在 Metaforo 上开启投票的最早时间应该是 2 月 19 日,而不是今天 2 月 18 日。

正如上个回复所建议的,鉴于该提案经历了多次修订,确切地说,是 19 次修订,我建议你留出更多时间让更多人查看提案的最终版本,让更多社区成员有充足的时间发表他们的意见和建议。

关于预算,你在给 Jordan 的回复中同意将预算降至 $4500,但在提交给 Metaforo 的提案中,预算金额仍为 $7500

因此,我建议你让 Metaforo 上的投票作废,因为它违反了 DAO 的规则。