[DIS] Spore Protocol Mainnet Launch Sponsorship Proposal | Spore Protocol 上主网赞助提案


Jan 5, 2024 Update: Thank you again for all the likes. The proposal is currently in the voting phase. Please proceed to Metaforo: https://dao.ckb.community/thread/vot-spore-protocol-mainnet-launch-sponsorship-proposal-48305

2024 年 1 月 5 日更新: 感谢大家的点赞。提案已进入投票阶段,请前往 Metaforo 投票https://dao.ckb.community/thread/vot-spore-protocol-mainnet-launch-sponsorship-proposal-48305


We are excited to launch Spore Protocol on CKB mainnet, marking a significant milestone in our journey to redefine digital value creation and ownership. With roots within the CKB core team, our initiative is to establish a new standard for non-fungible tokens that leverage CKB’s unique capabilities.

There is significant excitement within the community already about the potential applications of Spore Protocol. Our documentation and ready-to-use SDK reflect our commitment to empowering developers and creators to innovate with spores.


Spore Protocol addresses existing limitations in the NFT market by offering:

  • Intrinsic Value: Digital assets on Spore have a redeemable value, backed by CKBytes that can be redeemed at any time.
  • On-Chain Ownership & Privacy: Holders have complete control and security over their digital assets, complemented by privacy-centric features.
  • Zero-Fee Transfers: Eliminating the need for gas fees for transactions, Spore Protocol provides a seamless user experience, fostering greater adoption.
  • Multi-Content Support: Spore Protocol is not limited to static images or offline links but supports a diverse range of content types, thereby expanding the potential use cases for NFTs.

Unlike basic NFTs, whose value often hinges on external factors like hype, fame, or market demand, NFTs under the Spore Protocol, are intrinsically backed by CKByte tokens. This creates a direct link between the NFT’s value and the cryptocurrency, offering a more concrete basis for valuation and potential appreciation. It addresses the unfortunate reality in the NFT world where the value cannot be realized if there’s no real demand, ensuring that Spore holders always have an inherent value to fall back on.

ERC-721 Ordinal CoTA-NFT Spore
Basis of Value Market dynamics, manufactured rarity Derived value from the rarity of stats Similar to ERC-721 Redeemable value backed by CKBytes
Content Mostly off-chain On-chain, recorded on satoshis Mostly off-chain On-chain
Immutability Not inherently immutable; depends on the smart contract Yes, immutable Similar to ERC-721 Yes, immutable
Redeemability No No No Yes
“Mint” Fee Varies by project Based on data size as well as vbytes x sats/vbyte rate Varies by project Based on data size plus any extra value you want to infuse (redeemable)
Transaction Cost Gas in ETH Bitcoin network fee in BTC CKB network fee Zero-Fee Transfers, optional out-of-wallet payment in any token
Content Size Limit - 4MB - 500KB
Account/UTXO Account UTXO Account UTXO
First-Class Asset No - Yes Yes
Privacy-enabled No Maybe Maybe Yes
Simplicity More complex due to smart contracts Simpler, being a data attachment on a satoshi transaction More complex in design, but provided user tools Simple, one cell for one NFT

X: https://twitter.com/sporeprotocol
Website: https://spore.pro/
Documentation: https://docs.spore.pro/
SDK: GitHub - sporeprotocol/spore-sdk: The Ultimate TypeScript SDK for Spore Protocol

Benefits to the CKB Community

Spore Protocol introduces a novel approach to NFTs, where the creation of a Spore requires the acquisition of CKBytes as ‘raw material’. This mechanism ensures that holding a Spore equates to occupying CKBytes, thus reducing their circulation. The result is a direct impact on the CKBytes market – as more CKBytes are occupied, their value is poised to increase. This creates a symbiotic relationship between Spore creators, holders and the overall health of the CKB ecosystem.

Use Cases & Community Ideas

  • Decentralized Sharing Systems/Economy
  • On-chain Post-cards / keep-sake / souvenir
  • Time Capsule
  • Digital Collectibles
  • Digi Physical Experience
  • Gaming
  • dWeb

Working demo:

Relevant discussions:

Who We Are

Born from a side project by CKB Layer 1 engineers, our in-depth understanding of the CKB contracts positions us to develop a protocol that aligns with both the technical and community-centric goals of the CKB ecosystem.

Why Now

The NFT landscape is evolving. With the rising interest in NFTs beyond profile pictures (PFPs) and the standard ERC-721 tokens, the market is no longer satisfied with images with questionable worth. There is a growing traction for NFTs built on UTXO models, and a demand for more dynamic and utility-driven digital assets. We would like to launch the Spore Protocol on mainnet to leverages this momentum.


To successfully launch the Spore Protocol on mainnet, we propose a budget of approximately 507,364 CKBytes divided into 3 stages.

This will cover the deployment of essential contracts, including:

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

  • Cluster Proxy (34,374 CKBytes)
  • Cluster Agent (49,406 CKBytes)

Stage 3:

  • Mutant (45,534 CKBytes)
  • Spore Lua Lib (267,558 CKBytes)

Plan and Execution

We’re in the final stages of contract testing and are on schedule for our first deployment in the first week of January 2024.

Spore Protocol 上主网赞助提案


我们即将在 CKB 主网上推出 Spore Protocol,这是我们重塑数字价值创造和所有权旅程中的重要里程碑。作为 CKB 团队核心成员的独立项目,我们的目标是利用 CKB 的独特优势,为非同质化代币(NFT)界定新的标准。

社区对 Spore Protocol 的应用潜力已经表现出了极大兴趣。我们已经提供了部分技术文档和若干 SDK,也会持续赋能开发者和创作者,让他们借助 Spore 来实现自己的构想和创新。


Spore Protocol 通过提供以下功能,解决了当下 NFT 市场的局限:

  • 内在价值:Spore 上的数字资产由随时可兑换的 CKBytes 支持,具有可兑换价值。
  • 链上所有权和隐私:链上数字资产具有绝对的安全性,持有者拥有绝对的控制权,诸多以隐私为中心的特性进一步完善了安全性和所有权。
  • 多内容支持:Spore Protocol 不仅限于静态图像或离线链接,还支持多种内容类型,极大扩展了NFT 的潜在应用场景。
  • 零费用转移资产:Spore Protocol 提供了无缝交易体验,交易无需再单独支付 gas,促进了大规模采用。

不同于传统 NFT——其价值常常取决于外部因素,如炒作、营销价值或市场需求,基于 Spore Protocol 的 NFT 内在地由 CKByte 代币支持。这为 NFT 的价值和潜在升值提供了更可靠的评估基础,解决了 NFT 世界中的一个不幸现实,即如果没有真正的需求,价值就无法实现,从而确保 Spore 持有者始终拥有可回溯的固有价值。

ERC-721 Ordinal CoTA-NFT Spore
价值基础 市场动态、人为稀缺性 基于统计数据的稀有性衍生价值 类似于ERC-721 由CKBytes支持的可兑换价值
内容存储 大多在链下 链上,记录在satoshi上 大多在链下 链上
不可篡改 不一定;取决于智能合约 类似于ERC-721
铸造费用 根据项目不同而异 基于数据大小以及vbytes x sats/vbyte比率 根据项目不同而异 基于数据大小加上你想注入的任何额外价值(可兑换成 $CKB)
交易成本 ETH中的Gas BTC中的比特币网络费用 CKB网络费用 零手续费转移,也可选择钱包里的任何代币支付
内容大小限制 - 4MB - 500KB
一流资产 -
隐私保护 可能 可能
简易性 由于智能合约而更复杂 较简单,为satoshi交易上的数据附件 设计上更复杂,但提供了用户工具 简单,一个 cell 对应一个 NFT

X: https://twitter.com/sporeprotocol



SDK:GitHub - sporeprotocol/spore-sdk: The Ultimate TypeScript SDK for Spore Protocol

对 CKB 社区的好处

Spore Protocol 为 NFT 引入了一种新颖的范式,创建 Spore 需要获取 CKBytes 作为“原材料”。这种机制确保持有 Spore 等同于占用 CKBytes ,从而减少了生态内代币的流通,这对 CKBytes 市场带来了积极影响——随着更多 CKBytes 被占用,它们的价值便有望增加。这为 Spore 的创造者、持有者,和 CKB 生态系统整体建立了一种健康的共生关系。


  • 去中心化共享系统/经济
  • 链上明信片/纪念品/纪念品
  • 时间胶囊
  • 数字收藏品
  • 数字物理体验
  • 游戏
  • 数字网络
  • 等等






Spore 是 Nervos CKB 团队的核心开发者的一个独立兴趣项目。基于对 CKB 合约的深入理解,我们能够探索出与 CKB 生态的技术和社区目标相一致的开发方向。


NFT 领域正在发展,大家对 NFT 的兴趣和期待远远不限于社交头像,或是标准的 ERC-721 代币,也不再满足于那些价值可疑的图片。对基于 UTXO 模型构建的 NFT,以及更具动态性和实用性的数字资产的需求日益增长。我们计划在 CKB 主网上推出 Spore Protocol,也是想利用这一势头。


为了成功地在主网上推出 Spore Protocol,我们提出的预算为 507,364 CKBytes,覆盖了上线的 3 个阶段,涵盖基本合约的部署,包括:


  • Spore(73,342 CKBytes,参考测试网交易
  • Cluster(37,150 CKBytes)


  • Cluster Proxy (34,374 CKBytes)
  • Cluster Agent (49,406 CKBytes)


  • Mutant (45,534 CKBytes)
  • Spore Lua 库 (267,558 CKBytes)


我们处在合约测试的最后关键阶段,计划在 2024 年 1 月的第一周进行第一次部署。


very good !


This is indeed a good project that CKB needs


Glad to see a new powerful NFT protocol :+1:




That sounds awesome!

But is this possible to do on-chain without the contents being public or being able to be discovered by people with knowledge about how to do it?


sounds like you would have to encrypt the data prior to posting it to the chain


Yeah, I think there lots of cool possibilities with encrypted Spores, fun stuff like Yibin’s idea, but also serious real world use cases as well.

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Hi @spore, this proposal is ready for voting. Please create a poll on Metaforo at your convenience, thanks.


Thanks for the reminder. Just posted it on Metaforo :slight_smile:

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Updates (January 16, 2024):

Hi @spore , the funds requested for this proposal have been paid :point_down:


Thank you for your efforts and look forward to seeing the deployment of new NFT protocol on the CKB mainnet.


All received. Thank you!!