[DIS] Nervos Nation community grant proposal

Update: Voting is now live on


Quick summary

This is the Nervos Nation fund proposal to the Community Fund DAO. It is aimed at building on the existing education and community growth initiatives.

Activities funded - (1) High quality explainer videos. (2) Community activism and outreach on social media (3) AMA events to facilitate greater understanding and transparency of projects building on Nervos
Grant duration - 3 months, after which progress can be reviewed and a future grant applied for
Grant amount - $37,500 (= 10,339,123.24 CKB @ 0.003627 AT 10AM UTC 25/01/2023, figure will be updated in 1 week). Full breakdown below

Mission statement

“Nervos Nation” is a community of long term investors who strongly believe in the future success of Nervos Network. Formed by established community members, Nervos Nation is a non-profit community-driven voice behind Nervos CKB, aimed at addressing several needs in this rapidly growing ecosystem.

1. Community education

At the heart of the Nervos Nation initiative is education, so that the community can easily appreciate the advantages of Nervos in an easy to understand way. A well-informed community is subsequently better at educating others about Nervos.

This is currently being undertaken with the Nervos Nation explainer video series and infographics. Existing videos (https://www.youtube.com/c/NervosNation) are as follows:

  • Interoperability: Why Nervos Network will be Key to Crypto Mass Adoption
  • Nervos Network is the NEXT BIG platform for blockchain developers: 5 reasons why
  • Nervos Network CKB Tokenomics: The Best in Crypto?
  • UTXO Alliance: How Nervos Network is working with Cardano and other UTXO blockchains
  • Layer 1 Explained: Nervos Network’s Common Knowledge Base (CKB)
  • Nervos Network Solves the Blockchain Trilemma: Layer 2s Explained

In development

  • Understanding Nervos Network’s “Cell Model”: A Deep Dive
  • NC-MAX: The Engine that Powers the Nervos Consensus Model

This proposal will incorporate those educational efforts into a more holistic and generalized approach as a wide-ranging community platform. The aim is to continue to produce on average one educational video per month.

Future planned videos include:

  • Explainer on CKB-VM and its use of RISCV
  • The life of a CKB transaction
  • Explainers of key ecosystem projects such as Dotbit, JoyID, Axon
  • “Why CKB” - the ultimate elevator pitch
  • The long term economic model and issuance schedule of CKB

2. Community expansion through grassroots activism

A key problem identified in the community is that the size of the community itself is still relatively small, and that Nervos does not regularly feature in the crypto conversations on social media platforms. Therefore, it is essential for the community to further expand by raising awareness across social media regarding the merits of Nervos Network. Nervos Nation aims to spearhead this push through various means:

  • Nervos Nation Twitter spaces for regular community oriented chat about Nervos Network. Currently once a month.
  • Nervos Nation telegram channel.
  • Website for up to date information about all things related to the Nervos ecosystem (www.nervosnation.com - under construction)
  • Social media platform presence (Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Stocktwits, Instagram)
  • Contests/giveaways
  • Paid promoted content for Youtube (Google ads) and Twitter


Through a mechanism of incentivised advocacy, Nervos Nation aims to create and mobilize an effective grassroots movement (“educators”) that can promote Nervos effectively and in a coordinated manner across Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Stocktwits and other platforms. Outreach to onboard more people into the community will be a long but essential process to increase our social media presence.

To this effect, there is a pool of committed activists in the Nervos community who can be utilized. This proposal involves absorbing the current educator programme conducted by the Foundation (Tier A), as well as creating a new rank of educators for greater accessibility to the programme (Tier B). This two-tiered setup will be merit-based; educator performance is monitored on a monthly basis. The best performing educators (as determined by the KPIs below) are allocated to Tier A. This creates an incentive to be proactive and be amongst the top performers.

Educators will be allocated weekly targets using the Notion platform and subject to monthly performance reviews. KPIs to be assessed include: Total volume of social media posts promoting Nervos, volume of posts promoting ongoing initiatives by Nervos and in the community, volume of posts targeting KOLs and influencers.

3. Greater exposure for projects new to Nervos

There is a need for the community to be well-informed and engaged with builders and projects new to Nervos. As a community-led initiative, we believe we can offer exposure to these projects to:

  • Educate the community and enable them to be more informed about the details surrounding the project (an essential aide to the ‘DYOR’ mantra)
  • Allow builders and creators an opportunity to engage directly with the community and create interest around their projects.

It is hoped that doing so enables greater transparency and more opportunity for scrutiny. Against a backdrop of problems affecting the crypto community, this will ultimately benefit all parties.

Our vision is to utilize our social media presence to be a community resource that is current with the ever expanding Nervos Network ecosystem in its next phase of growth. This will be achieved by conducting:

  • Written AMAs
  • Guest sessions on the Nervos Nation Twitter spaces
  • Social media posts to raise awareness
  • Guides/Tutorials
  • Reviews

Some of the above services may also involve producing associated ‘self branded’ graphics, assigning a vetted community moderator to assist with mod duties for projects, compiling information from AMAs into blog posts or articles.

With any such exposure we carry the following disclaimer:

Disclaimer: Nervos Nation does not officially endorse any project built on Nervos and we are not providing financial advice. We aim to provide information via AMAs and documentation, and to enable better engagement and transparency with the community. Any financial decisions are the sole responsibility of the individual making them.

4. A path to decentralized community

The growth of community-driven infrastructure is a necessary step towards the path of decentralization. It represents a gradual transfer of responsibility for the growth of Nervos Network from the Foundation to the wider community. This proposal creates a path for the community to continue its work and scale up its operations. As this happens and Nervos Nation becomes financially self-sufficient, it may be possible to further decentralize operations in the form of a DAO that can allocate funds to community ventures accordingly.


Nervos Nation is a community movement first and foremost. A core team exists to push forward the above-mentioned objectives. These are established community members and long-term Nervos advocates, mostly active on Telegram and Twitter.

Neon - content creator (infographics and video explainers). Twitter

OGChris - Nation telegram moderator and host of the Nervos Nation community Twitter spaces. Twitter

Kevin - Nation telegram moderator, AMA researcher and host, Nervos Nation Twitter account curator. Twitter

Renny - Nation telegram moderator, AMA researcher and host, outreach and partnerships. Twitter

Crooked - Nation telegram moderator, head of the educator programme. Twitter

Stuart - full stack developer and graphic designer. Twitter

Expected monthly costs

Nervos Nation explainer videos

$5,500 average cost per video (BrightBulb Animation has so far produced the previous excellent quality videos) at an expected output of 1 video per month. These videos explain various essential elements of Nervos. Script-writing, directing and V/O by Neon.

$400 for paid promotion of videos on YouTube using GoogleAds

AMAs with projects building on Nervos

$250 paid to team member performing this (estimated once a fortnight). Involves liaising with AMA partner and gathering questions, marketing the AMA, conducting it and producing a corresponding article.


$100 in giveaways on social media per month


Tier A - educators transferred from the Foundation

$400 per educator per month with set work amount and KPIs, managed through Notion. Estimate 5 dedicated educators to start with = $2000 per month

Tier B - new educators

$200 per educator per month with set work amount and KPIs, managed through Notion. Estimate 15 dedicated educators to start with = $3000 per month

Staffing costs

$250 x4 (OGChris, Kevin, Renny, Crooked)

[Neon will stop taking Trailblazer payment (600) and this will be absorbed into the explainer video fund. Stuart will be paid ad-hoc for his content contributions]

Total monthly cost: $12,500

Total fund amount to cover 3 months: $37,500

Amount in CKB at time of writing: 10,339,123

Fund storage

Our aim, as per the mission statement, is to help stimulate sustained growth and education of the community and to utilize funds to achieve those goals. Funds will be partially converted to stablecoin to protect from volatility. These funds will be held in a multisig wallet (2of3). CKB will be held in a shared L1 account until a L1 multisig becomes available. The ratio of stable to CKB will be 70:30. All addresses will be publicly available.

Funds that are in surplus will be held as reserve to be utilized in future months for increased content or educator output. Accounts will be produced at the end of the 3 month funding period for transparency and accountability.


这是Nervos Nation基金对社区基金DAO的提案。它旨在以现有的教育和社区发展倡议为基础。

资助的活动 - (1) 高质量的解说视频。(2)社区行动和社交媒体上的外展活动(3)AMA活动,以促进对基于Nervos的项目的更大理解和透明度
赠款期限 - 3个月,之后可以审查进度并申请未来的赠款
赠款金额 - 37,500 美元(= 10,339,123.24 CKB @ 0.003627,UTC 25/01/2023,数字将在 1 周内更新)。完整细分如下


“Nervos Nation”是一个长期投资者社区,他们坚信Nervos Network未来的成功。Nervos Nation由已建立的社区成员组成,是Nervos CKB背后的非营利性社区驱动的声音,旨在满足这个快速增长的生态系统中的几个需求。


Nervos Nation计划的核心是教育,以便社区能够以易于理解的方式轻松欣赏Nervos的优势。一个消息灵通的社区随后会更好地教育其他人关于Nervos的知识。

目前正在通过Nervos Nation解释器视频系列和信息图表进行这项工作。现有视频(https://www.youtube.com/c/NervosNation)如下:

  • 互操作性:为什么 Nervos 网络将成为加密货币大规模采用的关键
  • Nervos Network是区块链开发人员的下一个大平台:5个原因
  • Nervos Network CKB Tokenomics: The Best in Crypto?
  • UTXO联盟:Nervos Network如何与Cardano和其他UTXO区块链合作
  • 第 1 层解释:Nervos Network 的通用知识库 (CKB)
  • Nervos 网络解决区块链三难困境:第 2 层解释


了解Nervos Network的“细胞模型”:深入探讨**

  • NC-MAX:为神经共识模型提供动力的引擎**



  • 关于CKB-VM及其对RISCV的使用的说明
  • CKB交易的寿命
  • 关键生态系统项目的解释者,如Dotbit,JoyID,Axon。
  • “为什么选择CKB” - 终极电梯推介
  • CKB的长期经济模式和发行时间表


社区中发现的一个关键问题是社区本身的规模仍然相对较小,并且Nervos并不经常出现在社交媒体平台上的加密对话中。因此,社区必须通过在社交媒体上提高对 Nervos Network 优点的认识来进一步扩大。Nervos Nation旨在通过各种方式引领这一推动:

  • Nervos Nation Twitter 空间,用于定期关于 Nervos Network 的面向社区的聊天。目前每月一次。
  • 神经国家电报频道。
  • 有关Nervos生态系统(www.nervosnation.com - 正在建设中)的所有事物的最新信息的网站
  • 社交媒体平台的存在(Telegram,Reddit,Twitter,Stocktwits,Instagram)
  • 竞赛/赠品


通过激励倡导机制,Nervos Nation旨在创建和动员一个有效的草根运动(“教育者”),可以在Twitter,Reddit,Telegram,Stocktwits和其他平台上以有效和协调的方式推广Nervos。让更多人加入社区将是一个漫长但必不可少的过程,以增加我们的社交媒体影响力。

为此,Nervos社区中有一批忠诚的活动家可以利用。该提案涉及吸收基金会目前开展的教育工作者计划(A级),以及创建一个新的教育工作者等级,以便更容易获得该计划(B级)。这种两层设置将基于绩效;每月监测教育工作者的表现。表现最佳的教育工作者(由以下 KPI 确定)被分配到 A 级。这激发了积极主动并成为最佳表现者的动力。

教育工作者将使用Notion 平台分配每周目标,并接受每月绩效评估。要评估的 KPI 包括:宣传 Nervos 的社交媒体帖子总数、宣传 Nervos 和社区中正在进行的举措的帖子数量、针对 KOL 和影响者的帖子数量。


社区需要充分了解并参与 Nervos 的新建筑商和项目。作为一项由社区主导的倡议,我们相信我们可以为以下项目提供以下机会:

  • 教育社区,使他们能够更多地了解项目的细节(“DYOR”口头禅的重要助手)
  • 让建设者和创作者有机会直接与社区互动,并围绕他们的项目产生兴趣。


我们的愿景是利用我们的社交媒体形象成为一种社区资源,与 Nervos 网络生态系统在下一阶段的增长中保持同步。这将通过进行:

  • 书面 AMA
  • Nervos Nation Twitter 空间上的嘉宾会议
  • 社交媒体帖子以提高意识
  • 指南/教程
  • 评论

上述一些服务还可能涉及制作相关的“自有品牌”图形,指派经过审查的社区版主协助项目的模组职责,将来自 AMA 的信息汇编成博客文章或文章。


免责声明:Nervos Nation不正式认可任何基于Nervos的项目,我们不提供财务建议。我们的目标是通过 AMA 和文档提供信息,并更好地与社区互动和提高透明度。任何财务决策均由做出这些决策的个人全权负责。


社区驱动的基础设施的增长是迈向权力下放道路的必要步骤。它代表了Nervos Network发展的责任从基金会逐渐转移到更广泛的社区。该提案为社区继续工作和扩大运营规模开辟了一条途径。随着这种情况的发生,Nervos Nation在财务上变得自给自足,有可能以DAO的形式进一步分散运营,从而相应地将资金分配给社区企业。


Nervos Nation首先是一个社区运动。存在一个核心团队来推进上述目标。这些是成熟的社区成员和长期的Nervos倡导者,主要活跃在[Telegram]和Twitter上。

Neon - 内容创建者(信息图表和视频解释器)。 Twitter

OGChris - Nervos Nation电报主持人和Nervos Nation社区Twitter空间的主持人。 Twitter

Kevin - 国家电报版主,AMA研究员和主持人,Nervos Nation推特帐户管理员。 Twitter

Renny - 国家电报主持人,AMA研究员和主持人,外展和伙伴关系。 Twitter

Crooked - 国家电报主持人,教育工作者计划负责人。 Twitter

Stuart - 全栈开发人员和平面设计师。 Twitter



每个视频的平均成本为5,500美元([BrightBulb Animation](https://www.brightbulbanimations.com)迄今为止制作了以前的优质视频),预计每月输出1个视频。这些视频解释了Nervos的各种基本要素。剧本写作,导演和V/O由Neon完成。



向执行此操作的团队成员支付 250 美元(估计每两周一次)。涉及与AMA合作伙伴联络并收集问题,营销AMA,进行并制作相应的文章。

每月社交媒体上的 100 美元赠品

教育 工作者

A级 - 从基金会转学的教育工作者

每位教育工作者每月 400 美元,具有固定的工作金额和 KPI,通过 Notion 进行管理。估计 5 名专门的教育工作者开始 = 每月 2000 美元

B 级 - 新教育工作者
每位教育工作者每月 200 美元,包括固定的工作金额和 KPI,通过 Notion 进行管理。估计 15 名专门的教育工作者开始 = 每月 3000 美元


$250 x4 (OGChris, Kevin, Renny, Crooked)





根据使命宣言,我们的目标是帮助刺激社区的持续增长和教育,并利用资金来实现这些目标。资金将部分转换为稳定币,以防止波动。这些资金将存放在多重签名钱包(2of3)中。CKB 将存放在共享的 L1 账户中,直到 L1 多重签名可用。稳定与CKB的比例为70:30。所有地址都将公开提供。



If I want to be a Tier B educator how do I go about the process?

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Awesome post, you guys do a great job helping out the community already would definitely enjoy seeing you all engage with the community at a larger scale.

I do have a question though about the videos. I think the current ones look great, provide the information well, but they don’t really stand out to me in comparison to any other chain’s educational animations. The only difference is that it’s talking about Nervos.

Animation is costly so the price tag attached to them is understandable, but is there any way that the educational videos can stand out more against a backdrop of others that play with similar animation flow & tactics?

These videos will most likely be the first in-depth interaction a newcomer will have to the chain, so what about them makes them better than if Coinbase created some in their learn to earn series?

Again they are very well done, and fit the professional level I would expect from you guys. Considering the video budget makes up roughly ~50% of the requested funding though, how can the videos breakthrough that similarity barrier and become a more successful marketing tool?


Great proposal, I think the funding amount is more than reasonable, especially the staffing costs and the educator program, there is no doubt we will bet getting the value there.

And the videos already produced are top shelf, so while the amount per video might seem high at first glance, I think the fact that they mostly talk about the structural parts of CKB means they will remain relevant for years to come and the value is ongoing.

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Hey @plurBUDDHA, thanks for your input and kind words

It’s a great question.

The main purpose of the videos is education, and breaking down complex topics associated with Nervos (there’s many) into something easier to understand. The explainer format is mostly aimed at being easy on the eye and giving some visual representation to the topics discussed.

As a slight tangent: when the Nation team was shortlisting an animation team for the videos (end of 2021), we looked at quite a lot of candidates through Upwork. The standards were of varying quality, most were slightly cheaper but the animations weren’t as crisp and looked more amateurish. Where Brightbulb stood out was that the animation quality was good, and the transitions from one scene to another were good. The latter was important to me as it gives everything much more of a professional feel.

I know what you mean about being more visually distinct. Ahrom’s videos (he’s the video whiz at Nervos) have that cinematic and glitzy appeal which is great for marketing and captivating the audience. I feel like it’s ok for the explainers to not be quite like that because the main aim is to convey the concepts effectively. Sometimes explainers can seem a bit samey as there seems to be a particular formula, but another plus for me was that they created their own visual assets from scratch (not taking from a library or reusing assets).

The other thing when weighing up the value, which is what @Yeti pointed out, is that these videos will hopefully be useful to future people who take an interest in Nervos - a lot of the information that relates to the core architecture will be relevant for months or years to come.

The other bit of added value, is that the main Nervos Network Youtube account has taken many of the existing Nation videos and spliced them into bitesize clips that cover specific points, which it then publishes on its own account and creates content around. So each video - because of the focus on content and quality - does spawn many additional content pieces for the Foundation and community to use.

Lastly, one of the things the recent videos have been missing is a bit of ad support. For the earlier videos I did run some google ad campaigns which brought in more views (I don’t know how many of those views were actually good quality leads - promoted videos had a slightly higher percentage of dislikes :smiling_face_with_tear:) which was partly reimbursed and partly I paid for it myself, but reimbursements stopped when the videos started being spliced and put on the main channel and I couldn’t really continue to fund ads myself. So that’s the other thing this proposal addresses - use of google ads to improve the visibility of the videos (I also think subconsciously people are more attracted to click videos that already have a large number of views)

Edit: for some reason it didn’t reply to your comment directly

Appreciate the clarification. Even as I was writing my comment I wanted to provide a specific suggestion but it was hard to identify something that provides that same level of simple educational intake but with a touch of Ahrom’s glitz for the marketing aspect.

I gravitate towards getting my knowledge from the research papers and write ups like the recent metabolism post by Janx so I’m out of the loop when it comes to how the video content is utilized. So it’s good to hear that it’s creating content across multiple layers of the community.

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You can contact one of the team members on Telegram or Twitter

Just made several modifications to the CN transaltion (as online translators are not 100% reliable :smile:), to help Chinses readers understand the proposal better.

对中文翻译做了一些修改(因为在线翻译不是 100% 靠谱的:smile:),以帮助中文读者更好地理解本提案。

[DIS] Nervos Nation 社区申请 grant 的提案


这是 Nervos Nation 向 CKB Community Fund DAO 申请 grant(拨款)的提案。该提案的目的是在现有的教育和社区发展的基础上,做进一步的建设。

资助的活动 - (1) 高质量的解说视频,(2) 在社交媒体上开展的社区活动和宣传,(3) AMA 活动,让搭建在 Nervos 上的项目,能被大众更好地理解,拥有更高的透明度。

Grant 的使用期限 - 3 个月,之后可以审查进展情况,以及申请后续的资助。

Grant 的金额 - 37,500 美元(= 10,339,123.24 CKB @ 0.003627 UTC 10:00 AM,25/01/2023,数字将在 1 周后更新)。以下是全部内容。


“Nervos Nation” 是一个由长期投资者组成的社区,他们对 Nervos Network 未来的成就充满信心。Nervos Nation 由成熟的社区成员组成,是 Nervos CKB 背后的一个非营利性社区,旨在解决 Nervos 快速发展的生态系统中出现的多种需求。

1. 社区教育

Nervos Nation 的核心倡议是教育,让社区能够以通俗易懂的方式了解 Nervos 的优势。一个信息丰富的社区,可以更好地帮助大众学习 Nervos 的相关知识。

目前,Nervos Nation 正在通过系列的解说视频和图表开展社区教育。现有的视频(https://www.youtube.com/c/NervosNation)如下:

  • Interoperability: Why Nervos Network will be Key to Crypto Mass Adoption(互操作性:为什么 Nervos Network 将成为加密货币大规模采用的关键)
  • Nervos Network is the NEXT BIG platform for blockchain developers: 5 reasons why(Nervos Network 是区块链开发者的下一个大平台:5 大原因)
  • Nervos Network CKB Tokenomics: The Best in Crypto?(Nervos CKB 的经济模型:最好的加密货币?)
  • UTXO Alliance: How Nervos Network is working with Cardano and other UTXO blockchains(UTXO 联盟:Nervos Network 如何与 Cardano 以及其他 UTXO 区块链合作)
  • Layer 1 Explained: Nervos Network’s Common Knowledge Base (CKB)(L1 介绍:Nervos CKB)
  • Nervos Network Solves the Blockchain Trilemma: Layer 2s Explained(Nervos Network 解决了区块链不可能三角:L2 的介绍)


  • Understanding Nervos Network’s “Cell Model”: A Deep Dive(深入理解 Nervos Network 的“Cell 模型”)
  • NC-MAX: The Engine that Powers the Nervos Consensus Model(NC-MAX:为 Nervos 共识机制提供动力的引擎)



  • Explainer on CKB-VM and its use of RISCV(CKB-VM 的介绍及其对 RISCV 的使用)
  • The life of a CKB transaction(一笔 CKB 交易的生命周期)
  • Explainers of key ecosystem projects such as Dotbit, JoyID, Axon(.bit、JoyID、Axon 等重点生态项目的讲解)
  • “Why CKB” - the ultimate elevator pitch(“为什么选择 CKB”——极简介绍)
  • The long term economic model and issuance schedule of CKB (CKB 的长期经济模型和发行机制)

2. 通过草根运动来扩大社区

在社区中发现的一个关键问题是,社区本身的规模仍然相对较小,而且 Nervos 并不经常出现在社交媒体平台的加密货币会谈中。因此,提高整个社交媒体对 Nervos Network 优点的认识,进一步扩大社区,是非常重要的。Nervos Nation 旨在通过各种方式带头推动这一进程:

  • Nervos Nation 定期举办的 Twitter Space 活动,以面向社区的关于 Nervos Network 的讨论为主。目前的频率是每月一次。

  • Nervos Nation 的电报群。

  • Nervos Nation 的网站,将提供与 Nervos 生态相关的所有最新信息(www.nervosnation.com - 还在开发中)。

  • 在各大社交媒体平台上亮相(Telegram、Reddit、Twitter、Stocktwits、Instagram)。

  • 比赛/抽奖

  • 在 Youtube(谷歌广告)和 Twitter 上付费推广内容。


通过激励性的宣传机制,Nervos Nation 旨在发起和动员一场有效的草根运动(“社区教育工作者”),从而能够在 Twitter、Reddit、Telegram、Stocktwits 和其他平台上有效地、相互配合地宣传 Nervos。为了让更多人加入社区,外联工作将是一个漫长但必不可少的过程,这样才能增加我们的社会媒体上的存在感。

为此,Nervos 社区中有一群坚定的积极分子可以利用。该提案包括目前基金会开展的社区教育工作者计划(A 级),以及创建新的社区教育工作者等级以提高该计划的可行性(B 级)。这两种等级的设置以绩效为基础; 每月跟进社区教育工作者的表现。表现最好的社区教育工作者(由下面的 KPI 来确定)会被分配到 A 级。这会激励他们积极进取,成为表现最好的人。

社区教育工作者将使用 Notion 平台来分配每周的目标,并接受每月的绩效评估。要评估的 KPI 包括:在社交媒体上推广 Nervos 的帖子总数、推广 Nervos 和社区正在进行中的活动的帖子数量、针对 KOL 和大 V 的帖子数量。

3. 提高 Nervos 生态中新项目的曝光率

社区成员有充分了解 Nervos 生态的建设者、参与新项目的需求。以社区为导向,我们相信我们可以为这些项目提供报道:

  • 通过科普教育,让社区成员能够更多地了解项目细节(这是 "DYOR "的重要辅助手段)。
  • 让建设者、项目负责人有机会直接与社区接触,让社区成员对项目产生兴趣。


我们的愿景是让我们在社交媒体上的存在成为一种社区资源,和不断壮大的 Nervos Network 生态系统在下一阶段同步增长。将通过以下几种方式来实现:

  • 文字版 AMA
  • 邀请嘉宾参与 Nervos Nation 的 Twitter space 活动
  • 在社交媒体上发帖,提高知名度
  • 指南/教程
  • 点评

上述的某些服务还可能涉及制作相关的“自有品牌”海报,指派一名已被认可的成员协助项目的社区管理,将 AMA 的信息整理成博客或者文章。


免责声明:Nervos Nation 不为任何基于 Nervos 的项目站台,我们也不提供财务建议。我们的目标是通过 AMA 和文档提供必要信息,提高社区的参与度和项目的透明度。任何财务决策均由做出这个决策的个人全权负责。

4. 去中心化社区之路

社区驱动的基础设施的发展,是走向去中心化道路的必要步骤。它代表着 Nervos Network 发展的责任从基金会逐渐转移到更广泛的社区。这项提案为社区创造了一条继续其工作和扩大其运营规模的路径。提案通过后,Nervos Nation 在财务上自给自足,有可能以 DAO 的形式进一步分散化运营,资金可以直接分配给社区项目。


Nervos Nation 首先是一项社区运动。有一个核心团队来推动上述目标的实现。核心团队由成熟的社区成员和长期的 Nervos 推广者构成,他们大多数活跃在 Telegram 和 Twitter 上。

Neon - 内容创作者(设计图表和制作解说视频)。 Twitter

OGChris - Nervos Nation 电报群的管理员和 Twitter Space 主持人。Twitter

Kevin - Nervos Nation 电报群的管理员,AMA 问题收集者和主持人,Nervos Nation Twitter 账号的负责人。Twitter

Renny - Nervos Nation 电报群的管理员,AMA 问题收集者和主持人,以及负责外联和商务合作。Twitter

Crooked - Nervos Nation 电报群的管理员,科普教育项目负责人。Twitter

Stuart - 全栈开发者,平面设计师。Twitter


Nervos Nation 制作的解说视频

每个视频的平均成本为 5,500 美元(以前那些质量极佳的视频都是 BrightBulb Animation 制作的),预计每月输出 1 个视频。这些视频将介绍 Nervos 的各种基本要素。Neon 负责视频脚本的撰写、导演和 V/O。

找谷歌在 YouTube 中插入广告,推广视频的成本为 400 美元。

Nervos 生态项目 AMA

支付 250 美元给组织此活动的团队成员(估计每两周一次),工作包含联系 AMA 嘉宾、收集问题、宣传 AMA、举办 AMA 以及撰写回顾文章等。


每月在社交媒体上进行抽奖的预算为 100 美元。


A 级 - 从 Nervos 基金会转来的社区教育工作者

每人每月 400 美元,有固定的工作量和 KPI,通过 Notion 进行管理。估计最开始有 5 名固定的 A 级社区教育工作者,即每月 2000 美元。

B 级 - 新加入的社区教育工作者

每人每月 200 美元,有固定的工作量和 KPI,通过 Notion 进行管理。估计最开始有 15 名固定的 B 级社区教育工作者,即每月 3000 美元。


每人每月 250 美元,一共 4 人(OGChris, Kevin, Renny, Crooked)

(Neon 将停止领取 Trailblazer 的报酬($600),其报酬已包括在解说视频的支出里了。Stuart 将根据他的内容贡献而获得报酬。)

每月总费用:12,500 美元

3 个月的总费用:37,500 美元

撰写本文时等值的 CKB 数额:10,339,123


根据使命宣言,我们的目标是帮助、激励社区的持续发展和教育,并利用资金来实现这些目标。申请的资金,一部分将兑换成稳定币,以防止市场波动。这些资金将保存在一个多签钱包中(2 of 3)。在 L1 多签钱包创建之前,CKB 将保存在一个共享的 L1 账户中。稳定币与 CKB 的比例为 70:30。所有的钱包地址都将公开。

资金如有盈余,将做为储备金,在未来几个月用于增加内容或社区教育工作者的支出。3 个月的资助期结束时,将制作账本,以保证透明度和问责制。


Hi @neon.bit, just a friendly reminder, if you wish to continue to move the proposal forward, you can choose to create a poll on Metaforo . If you do, please follow the tutorial on CKB Community Fund DAO Rules and Process to submit a voting stage proposal, thanks.

Hi @neon.bit,友情提示,如果你希望继续推进提案,你可以选择在 Metaforo 上创建一个投票。 如果你这样做,请按照 CKB Community Fund DAO 规则和流程 中的教程,提交 voting stage 的提案,谢谢。

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Update: Voting is now live on



Just a quick note to say thank you to the community for your vote of confidence in us. It means a lot to us. :heart:

We’ll take the next 1-2 weeks to build up the list of educators. I will post monthly progress updates in a separate thread.


@neon.bit Congratulations! :tada:

The Funds Management Committee of CKB Community Fund DAO has paid the disbursement, transaction link​:point_down:


@neon.bit 恭喜!:tada:

CKB Community Fund DAO 资金管理委员会已支付拨款,付款链接 :point_down:


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@JackyLHH @plurBUDDHA Maybe we should track the 10M CKB fund given to this guy? Nothing happened after two months.

You can follow progress here:

Our educator scheme is currently live since the beginning of this month, and videos are in progress (in fact one was published yesterday if you paid attention). Anyone in the community can verify this.

I will not be responding any further to low-effort anonymous trolls who have no contributions to the community except bitterness.

Funny, low quality videos with bad narration plus education scheme no one barely heard about cost $40,000 - $80,000? Unbelievable. Absolutely fraudulent.

What are you talking about? If you was a proper Nervos Investor you’d know that Nervos Nation has been the main community in the west for over a year and you would have seen the videos that have been produced. The TG isn’t new lol the videos pumping out soon though will justify the money. Educators are already creating engagement on Twitter. Again you’d know all this if you were part of the community :slight_smile:

Why don’t you guys post proof for the payment? (Receipts, bills for the video production)

Again, they will talk about privacy etc, because they can’t prove the cost of making the video.

The invoices paid out will be documented of course. You want us to publish invoices before we’ve paid people? :joy:

Also we are all well known within the community and within Nervos Foundation :wink: and attend regular meet ups and fly to other countries with the team to seminars and other such official stuff :wink:

One of our team works at the foundation :metal:t2: