Nervos Nation grant update thread

Dear all

I will be using this thread to post occasional updates as to the status of the Community fund DAO grant.

Addresses to note:

Nation CKB L1 address (30%)

Nation multisig address (70%)

Currently, we are preparing written terms & conditions for the educator scheme, setting up a Notion calendar to coordinate activities, and writing scripts for the next batch of videos. The planned handover of the existing educator scheme from the Foundation to Nation is end of this month (31st March), so we will commence grant activities as a whole from that date onwards.


Update 13/05/23

Management of funds

Addresses for funds are above. We kept funds on the multisig in ETH instead of USDC as originally planned due to the prevailing uncertainty surrounding USDC at the time and its subsequent depegging. Following price appreciation of ETH, some of it was converted to USDC which gave us a slight operating surplus.


  1. Educator scheme started in April, Notion calendar has been set up. A code of conduct for educators has been written, a public application campaign was conducted in the community and applicants were shortlisted and selected based on follower count. Selected educators have now been onboarded and progress monitored through tiles on the calendar.

Payments made according to the attached schedule and as per the proposal document. Those who did not meet the minimum 50 tweet requirement were paid a reduced rate proportional to their activity. The top performers were paid tier A rate. Performance was measured by how many tiles on Notion had been completed. We are gathering information on effectiveness / engagement of the social media activity with LunarCrush and I’ll post that information when I can.

Payments breakdown: attached

Tx hash:

  1. Video script for CKBVM explainer is written and in production. Expected length 10.5 mins, at a cost of $6700 USD (= £5350 GBP). Plus my invoice of $300 = $7000. This is over budget but as it is an explainer for core L1 architecture, I think it’s worthwhile. The next video I’m writing the script for, as decided by a community telegram poll, is a “Why CKB - the ultimate elevator pitch” video - which by its nature should be much shorter at around 2-3 minutes so should balance things out.

Invoice: attached

Tx hash:

  1. As part of our growth strategy we decided to accelerate efforts to establish our own web presence (Nervos Nation website). This will be a community hub that contains all of the content we have created so far (videos, AMAs), ecosystem listings similar to, events calendar, and purchasable ad space. The latter is important for the community to find its own various revenue streams and ultimately become financially independent. After a shortlisting process we have asked rabbitt.bit, an established member of the community and web dev, to build this for us at a total cost of $2000. A 50% downpayment has been made, the remainder will be processed on completion

Tx hash

  1. Google ads (Youtube) hasn’t been set up yet. I initially considered using ads solely for the new batch of videos which are currently in development, but I think the best solution is to apply ad campaigns for a mix of old and new. So I will set this up in the next week or two.

Update 12/08/23


thanks @Neon for the thorough explanation of all of the grant activities and all of your leadership in Nervos Nation and the Nervos community.

I’m glad the social media campaign drove a noticeable increase in CKB related social media activity in the community. Excited to see the new videos, we’re all here to support you if you need anything!