[DIS] Infinity Wallet Nervos Integration

this thread is definitely growing the user base of the forum!

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Cost seems reasonable and it’s always good to get more ecosystem support and expansion. Would like to see eventually Godwoken support and possibly the upcoming Axon to take benefit of all your features


Hi @InfinityWallet, I downloaded the application and tried it out. The UI is very well done and it is very easy to use. Your MAU metrics are also impressive. I have a few questions about it.

  • How is the functionality of the Swap, DEX, and Fiat on-ramp handled on the back end?
  • What are the most successful ways that your product has gained users?
  • Grants aside, how does your product make money?

Looks visually really good. When will your mobile version release?




There are 7 hours left and the topic has 25 likes, I’m going to assert this right now: It is concerning how many new accounts have liked the post.


As a user of Infinity Wallet I have been waiting for this a long time. Been following up with the Infinity support team for 6-7 months now about adding CKB so this is fantastic if it happens.


Am I not allowed to like with a new account? sorry as not sure of the rules. I only became aware of this forum as was asking the Infinity support about CKB if it will ever happen and they said they had applied here to possibly integrate.

If new accounts not allowed to like I will remove mine

no it’s fine just making note of it


2003年的时候,网络赚钱行业产生初期,也就是互联网营销行业行成初期,有一个很牛逼的行业叫"Emulator",简称EMU。时隔20年,我在CKB FUND DAO里面又看到了 :)

can anyone make a proposal here or is it limited to big projects?

edit: never mind found some information here CKB Community Fund DAO Rules and Process


Good project I like. Please look my project maybe you like it also (DIS) Mass market campaign in Nagpur India

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I don’t believe you can propose Godwoken developments to the CKB Community Fund.

@InfinityWallet I like the interface of your wallet it looks very intuitive and friendly. I also like how you provide everything in one platform, it’s a big advantage that no other platform I know of provides.

I have a few questions if you don’t mind answering:

1- When did you establish the project?
2- Have you raised funding or investments?
3- When are you planning to launch the mobile you mention as its a little vague with “late 2023 to early 2024”, does this mean something like December-January?


@crookednervosness yeah, I’m not so sure about some of these post.

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Request that the Infinity team comment on the number of new accounts that liked the post

There are quite a few new users (from ~ id 3057). You can’t prevent real and legitimate users from creating an account there to vote. But obviously this can easily be manipulated by creating multiple accounts.

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Hi @matt.bit, not sure what you are requesting, although if there are more new accounts than normal, some may be those that our support team has followed up with that had previously contacted requesting our support for Nervos.

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