(DIS) Mass market campaign in Nagpur India

Why do you want to do this? (Why?)
Want to raise awareness in Nagpur for more use CKB here, more shop, more holder, more service.

Why are you the right person to do it? (Why you?)
Have many experience and degrees in market, I know how to do it and I will do it with small budget.

Why do you want to do it now? (Why now?)
Now is the best time, why wait for tomorrow what can do today?

What is the budget you are applying for? Why is it reasonable? (Budget)
Apply for 25000 INR or 110321 CKB to do this. It is cost of just the printing of material for market, not expensive.

How do you plan to do the work? How many milestones are there, and what are they? (How?)
It is just one milestone. I design and print professional posters for advert CKB and place on walls and in shops for give out for free. Result is many more know about CKB in Nagpur, this is very big city in my country with many potential.


Hi sirs please like my post, I am very excited to start!

Thanks for the proposal! How many posters would you produce and what information would you plan to have on them?


For this I make 3000 graphic poster about CKB and small text from the website to attract awareness. With also link nervos.org to look at it more.

Supreme Security and Decentrali­zation
Unmatched Flexibility and Interopera­bility
Inventive Tokenomics
Modular Architecture

Excellent! Could you please show us 1 graphic poster as a demo?


Sounds interesting. How big will the posters be? It sounds quite cheap $0.1 a poster so I am guessing they wont be to big.

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