[DIS] Infinity Wallet Nervos Integration

Project name:
Infinity Wallet & Web3 Browser

Project description
Infinity Wallet is a decentralized all-in-one non-custodial wallet ecosystem and Web3 browser, that provides a one-stop solution for all a user’s decentralized needs (a Wallet and Web3 browser Super App). We are not a browser extension, but a standalone application, enabling seamless onboarding and easy access and use of crypto, cross-border payments, DeFi, NFTs and Web3, all within a single unique platform on desktop since our launch in 2020, supporting around 48,000 MAU (with mobile version to launch later this year that aims to redefine the entire crypto and Web3 mobile experience).

Additionally, users can also benefit from easy access to Web3 and DApps, via our unique Web3 browser and DApp store. Which is basically a browser built with enhanced Web3 capability, including an in-built app store to discover decentralized applications, providing a far superior, safer and more natural user experience, with a range of unique advantages for users, DApps, and chains alike, enabling easier usage and adoption of Web3. What this does is remove the need to use basic and unfriendly browser extensions with limited UX and features to access Web3, which would otherwise be required in today’s Web3 ecosystem. Which generally browser extension wallets are built more for the current user base of mostly tech-savvy developers, rather than for mass adoption by less tech-savvy users.

Through the Infinity Wallet we are opening up ease of access to the decentralized world for less tech-savvy users and existing users in the space, removing some of the barriers that exist today to provide a more enhanced and curated in-wallet user experience with a flawless user interface and a one-stop hub. To make it as easy as possible for everyone to onboard into the decentralized space and Web3, as it is with the Web2 space today.

A further introduction can also be found in our information deck https://infinitywallet.io/docs/Infinity%20Wallet%20Deck.pdf

Below are some of the many infrastructure and features/services of the Infinity Wallet:

For a detailed look over our many other features/services and future development roadmap please see our information deck available at https://infinitywallet.io/docs/Infinity%20Wallet%20Deck.pdf

We also look to launch our highly anticipated mobile release later this year on Android and iOS, a sneak peak can be found here

Infinity Wallet - Mobile Android & iOS

Project Metrics:
In-terms of Metrics we have:

  • 48,000 MAU;
  • Over $600,000,000 TVH;
  • 110,000+ users subscribed to be notified of our mobile release;

Project Links:

Team information:
We are an already launched project supporting hundreds of thousands of users globally. Built from the ground up and providing free to use infrastructure as a one-stop wallet/Web3 ecosystem.

Additionally, our team members have between 5-10 years of experience within the space (as investors, miners and developers), so we have a vast amount of experience and understanding of major shortcomings in the market, along with what is needed to enable mass adoption.

Further information on the team can be found at the following link Infinity Wallet Core Team Information - Google 文件

Grant Proposal & Amount
We are requesting a grant for (9,800,000 CKB) , split between 2 milestones:

Milestone 1 (3,379,040 CKB) -
Integrate Nervos chain with native support in the Infinity Wallet with core chain functionality support, enabling users to store, send, receive, create/restore, track balances, and other core Nervos (CKB) functionality.

Milestone 2 (6,420,960 CKB) -

  1. Integrate and build out required infrastructure to support complete Nervos transaction history with advanced in-wallet information (fiat value at time, fiat value now, balance movement, performance charts and etc.);

  2. Integrate and develop portfolio & analytics management for CKB;

  3. Support Nervos CKB with cross-chain swap/bridge support. Allowing users to directly onboard to Nervos from other chains (BTC, ETH, BSC, and etc.) within a single click.

  4. Implement Nervos support into remaining secondary features such as Contact/Address book, Payment requests, Desktop drag and drop QR scan, Live Market stats, Price Alerts etc.

  5. Internal testing and auditing of the developments, infrastructure and integrations;

  6. Live release of the Nervos integration as a default native chain (providing on-going awareness and exposure to new users), announcements across all social channels, creation of a custom Nervos web page on the website, announcement in-wallet of the integration of Nervos, newsletter to over 110,000+ subscribers and future blog posts about Nervos to drive awareness and marketing to Nervos.

Ongoing Support
On completion and live launch of the deliverables as per the grant proposal, we look to continue to provide ongoing support and growth to Nervos and the Nervos ecosystem, including:

  • Expanding support for Nervos into our future mobile release for free;

  • Ongoing development support for Nervos within the Infinity Wallet into future available features/services on a case by case basis;

  • Supporting Nervos as a native chain default enabled within the Infinity Wallet for free, providing maximum visibility and awareness to new users, without our usual yearly fee;

  • Provide ongoing maintenance and live support for the Nervos chain;

Our development roadmap
We have a lot of developments planned over the next couple of years, however some of the developments planned over the next 6 months that could benefit Nervos on a case by case basis include:

  • UX focused Mobile Wallet release in late 2023 to early 2024 (redefining the entire DeFi & Web3 experience);

  • Social Wallet (will remove the need for a seed phrase and enabling users to create a Nervos wallet via social login, allowing for easier onboarding and usage of Nervos by the general Web2 user);

More on our overall roadmap that could benefit Nervos can be found on page 27, here: https://infinitywallet.io/docs/Infinity%20Wallet%20Deck.pdf


I like this proposal as a good UI friendly wallet is needed. Also I would really like to see you add Godwoken possibly as a add-on milestone 3 if you can?


I am impressed by this proposal, I think Nervos might also benefit interms of visibility in this new infinity community. The fact that the wallet infrastructure will natively support Nervos Network makes it more interesting. As for the social logins I think joyID is doing great on that end and I hope these two can find common ground to work in tandem. Above all IMO it’s fair offer.


Hi @rokad85794, appreciate your support of the proposal. In regards to supporting Godwoken L2, we were unsure if this would be the correct place to propose such support. Although if so we can possibly propose support in a separate proposal after completing this proposal if approved.

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Hi @DaGeneral, glad you like the proposal. In regards to the social wallet development we are working on, it will allow users to one-click onboard into the Web3 ecosystem via a range of social methods (eg. email, Google, Apple, and etc.), and gain access to all of the decentralized space via the Infinity Wallet and its wide range of features and services. This will enable a more seamless onboarding experience for less tech-savvy users that are familiar with existing Web2 platforms but that are not quite sure how to get started in the Web3 space.


Just ask 3 questions, 1. This wallet is compatible with ckb and does ckb still need to pay for it? 2. This wallet is compatible with other public chains and allows other public chains to pay? 3. How many users does this wallet have and how famous is it?

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Hi @hao_zhang, sorry but I am not quite sure what exactly you mean with point 1 and 2, CKB is not yet supported hence why we have made a proposal to develop out support for Nervos (CKB) as per the proposal. In regards to point 3, you can find in the proposal a section titled “Project Metrics” that lists some related information, however the Infinity Wallet currently supports around 48,000 monthly active users “MAU”.

Thanks for the detailed proposal. It seems like a solid wallet and appears to have numerous features. I have some questions if you could please advise:

  • What is the differentiating factor between this wallet and existing CKB non custodial wallets such as: CKBull, Imtoken, Safepal, and JoyID?

  • Has the wallet and in-app features been audited?

  • Could you provide some more details/specifications about the in-app DEX?




Hi, thanks for the proposal. After looking at the product you’re producing, and speaking to some of my community in Nervos Nation Tg, I’ve decided that this wallet doesn’t really use any unique properties of Nervos’s advanced account abstraction properties. It seems like it’s just another wallet and having it being a wallet coming in a centralised way I feel it would not be wise security-wise and/or go against our decentralised mantra (you’re not open-sourced code). We have a lot of wallets that do the same things such as Safepal etc.

When I talk about the usage of account abstraction I mean that JOYID (coming soon) for instance can produce a wallet just using your phone’s biometrics, doesn’t need any mnemonic passcode and can be retrieved at any time using those biometrics on another phone if lost. I feel at this time that this wallet adds nothing other than a good UI and is not a wallet we need to be going back to given that the JOYID wallet is releasing very soon. You can Scan your face and the wallet produces an address in 10 seconds. It will also be chain agnostic which means it can sign a TX on a whole range of crypto from BTC to Ethereum which is the USP of CKB Layer1. Our layer 1 can read any cryptographic primitive. So projects that innovate using our unique properties are better off using our DAO funds for other projects that can harness this feature. Unfortunately, this project will just be another wallet. So it’s a hard pass for me and a few I’ve spoken to about it.

We’ve also noticed that on Github you have been charging different amounts to other projects and not sure what those fees are for. If you want to list us on your wallet, then you should probably think about doing it for free as your business is adding tokens yourselves and we are a public blockchain where anyone can list us. A comparison for this open-sourced mantra (we noticed you aren’t open-sourced either which is a worry) would be that you have probably added BTC to your wallet already right? Did you message Satoshi himself to be able to list BTC on your wallet? The answer is probably no, so why not add other tokens for free to expand your reach in a more decentralised and gracious way? At the end of the day, coming to us from all these other projects you advertised, it seems that you don’t understand Nervos unique properties and have just been approaching as many projects as possible instead of actually being genuinely interested in ours.

The Dao funds aren’t unlimited and are mainly for the community to utilise or builders looking to innovate on our Layer 1. This is why we are more protective about the funds going to centralised wallets such as yours.

Thanks for showing us the product though. I will not be pressing the heart button for this or voting in stage two.

Good Luck with your proposal (Lovely UI)



Hello @neon.bit, we take security very seriously and as such every release is audited by our in-house team. In regards to the wallets you mentioned I would think the difference is clear, however to give a quick idea, none are a standalone desktop application or standalone web3 browser, they all provide the same basic and limited features/services, with cloned unfriendly user interfaces and poor user flows, and are overall not made for mass adoption or use by less tech-savvy users. Hence why the Infinity Wallet is growing at a rapid speed, with most users onboarding to us from browser extension wallets which are not user friendly and are unusable by most web2 users entering the space.

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Just checked this wallet out and its not centralized. Also it sounds a little like you are trying to promote JOYID so guessing your a team member or affiliate with it. A biometric wallet would be the most unsecure way to hold your funds so not a good idea.

Hello @crookednervosness, thanks for your comments, in regards to them:

1- Infinity Wallet is not centralized, it is a decentralized non-custodial wallet.

2- Nervos currently has no wallet or ecosystem platform like Infinity Wallet. In-comparison with SafePal that you mentioned, it provides an out-dated and non-user-friendly UI, with a poor user flow which is not made for mass adoption by less tech-savvy users, but more built for the current small percentage of tech-savvy users in the space. In addition it provides no standalone desktop platform, lacks heavily in features/services and does not provide a one-stop solution. Meaning what we are proposing is far from “just another wallet”.

3- Regarding Biometric login, we are also developing an alternative to having to backup seed phrases via our Social wallet login and other methods we are working on which would support Nervos if integrated.

4- As a free to use infrastructure, to provide all that was proposed on behalf of Nervos we would require a grant to help cover the initial costs of development/integration. While we would cover all the ongoing costs of supporting, such as ongoing maintenance, marketing, integration/development into mobile, future infrastructure and new feature developments.


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Why did your account get made 2 minutes after Infinity replied? You must be one of the team…

Thanks for the hasty reply!! I apologise if my message seemed ‘to the point’. No rudeness intended at all :wink:

Regarding no 1. How long will your team be connected to the wallet? When is the period when you leave it to work decentralised on its own? I saw that the code is closed, when will it be opensource for the community to be checking it, or giving them opportunities to fork it in a decentralised spirit?

Regarding no 2. I’ll let our partners Safepal know that’s how you feel, thanks. :slight_smile: With the ‘just another wallet comment’, it was regarding not using the potential of our tech to produce something unique to us/me. That uniqueness is more valuable to our USP. ‘Innovation’. There was no offence intended, just that wallets are generally wallets nowadays, no matter the features you mention. Just like a phone is just a phone, we’ve gone past the point of being able to create a phone thats that much different from all the rest. We feel that other products that are launching, encapsulate and embrace Nervos values. The wallet I mentioned was an example of what it can do to utilise our powers. It’s onboarding ease of usage for non crypto people and the hope is that attracts more users/noobs scared of getting involved . But I don’t need to sell a wallet to another wallet :wink: that’s like selling snow to an Eskimo so that wasn’t a shill. Just an example, the community are all fully aware of that particular product already.

Regarding no3- The nature is not actually the biometrics for the wallet to login, it’s the value that it can create a wallet in 10 seconds using that paradigm and validate on many chains due to the flexibility of our Layer 1, its a bench mark, its chain agnostic, a unicorn.

Regarding no4- Like I said, why don’t you foot the bill yourself to expand your reach for ambition or get a bank loan for your company? Outside projects that don’t live within the community and such have often failed, run with the money or simply had no intention of working within and amongst the community. It kind of looks like you’re posting on different Githubs as a centralised company and approaching everyone in a centralised way. BTW you never answered why all the other projects you visited had different prices? Totally appreciate the reply though!!!


We actually have the opposite view of “wallets are generally wallets nowadays”. As explained above, most wallets are not ready for mass adoption and are a roadblock to the adoption of a chain and its ecosystem. Which is why we are actively innovating to change that.

We are not looking to receive anything upfront, so there would be no risk regarding failure or “run with the money”. The cost to develop out and integrate a chain depends on many factors such as its codebase and existing infrastructure, and ultimately the manpower that would be necessary to develop out and complete it.


BTW It does not matter what a few of us say or agree with, the proposal is very detailed and professional, this is the first stage of a 2 stage DAO voting process. Many people with big wallets can/may vote for your proposal other than me. You might be able to do an AMA with the community and possibly might be a really good idea for you :wink: You can ask in the Nervos Nation community TG, the main TG is more of an official switchboard so it will not be held there, all the main community exists in the Nation chat. Pop in and ask for an AMA Telegram: Contact @NervosNation and then others might be interested to ask more questions etc. They even feel like you’re interested in what the community has to say other than just a straight off proposal :wink: @InfinityWallet


Just found this on Reddit (Reddit - Dive into anything) its definitely an interesting project. I really like the looks of the UI and will be trying you guys out.


can you add nervos l2 godwoken? then i will like this more


Why would a biometric wallet be insecure?