Nervos CKB wallet - Neuron FAQ

Nervos CKB wallet - Neuron FAQ

Does Nervos CKB have a wallet?

Yes.Neuron is a cross-platform desktop wallet for Windows、macOS and Linux, developed by Nervos CKB Toolchain team.It holds your keys, can create and broadcast transactions on your behalf.

Neuron is downloadable here . Runing a CKB node locally if you would like to experience Neuron.

How to create a wallet

  • Open and click on “Create a Wallet
  • Your new mnemonic seed has been generated which is a group of 12 random English words.
  • Input your wallet seed again, give your new wallet a name, create a strong password to protect your wallet.
  • Now you have successfully created your own Neuron wallet. Congratulations!

And please don’t forget to run a CKB node to sync block.

Create Neuron on macOS as an example

Meet the problem 「Connect ECONNREFUSED」

Please run a CKB node on your machine.

How do I back up my wallet?

  • There are two ways to back up your wallet:
    • Write down your wallet mnemonic seed and save it in a safe place.
    • Click on “Back up Current Wallet”, save the wallet’s keystore in a safe place.
      • Note that if someone did get ahold of your mnemonic seed or keystore, it is equivalent to taking control of your wallet, so you need to pay attention to the following points:
        • After having created a wallet , please back up wallet seed or keystore immediately.
        • When backing up mnemonic seed, you should use physical media, such as copying on a piece of paper. To keep your assets safe, do not screenshot
        • Be sure to take care of your mnemonic seed and keystore you have backed up.
  • In case a wallet recovery is needed,you can click on “Import Mnemonic seed”or “Import from keystore” and input the back-up wallet seed or wallet keystore.

Where do I check my miner info?

Go to ‘Preferences’( / ‘Settings’ on Windows/Linux) - Wallets, and you can find miner info under each wallet.

Can I import a wallet created by ckb_cli into neuron wallet? I need a mainnet address for Mine pool.

You can import the keystore file, but the neuron wallet won’t show the address from cli. cli derives address directly from private keys. Neuron follows BIP-32, BIP-39, BIP-43 and BIP-44 and uses xpub (extended public key)to derive address.

We recommend using neuron wallet’s address for Mine pool for best future compatibility.

How to develop on Neuron

Please refer to README and Neuron: Get Started on Windows .