Nervos CKB Mining Competition Final Round Stage One: Earn 12,000,000 CKB here!

Nervos CKB testnet will release new version every two weeks(more detail please check GitHub Release), the final round of mining competition will have several stages regarding to the release, with no break during this round.

Nervos CKB Testnet Mining Competition Final Round, Stage One

Total Reward:9,000,000 CKB(Mainnet Token)
Version: v0.22.0
Start: 2019.10.05 6:00 (UTC) UNIX Timestamp:1570255200
End:2019.10.19 6:00 (UTC) UNIX Timestamp:1571464800
(Two weeks)

Please carefully read the rules below

How to participate:

We will release v0.22.0 in our GitHub one hour before the competition(i.e. 5:00 UTC), all participants can download the latest version. ONLY using this testnet version can participate in mining competition. At 6:00(UTC) we will announce info about how to generate genesis block (in GitHub). Also release a version with the right genesis block.

Now Nervos CKB already gets supports from mining pools and mining OSs. You can check here to find the links to those parties.

Also you can check our docs and miners to participate.

Reward Rules

  • The final result will count all the main chain block during the competition period. Our consensus design uses two-step confirmation, thus block reward will have several blocks’ delay. We will count all the main chain blocks’ reward, no need to consider the delay.
  • In CKB, the block reward contains four parts, only base reward will be calculated during the competition, to guarantee the fairness. In our consensus design, there are four parts of block reward: base reward,secondary reward,commit reward and proposal reward. As secondary reward is related to state occupation, commit reward and proposal reward are related to transation, those reward could be manipulated. Thus transations,secondary reward,commit reward and proposal reward will not be counted in competition. ONLY base reward will contribute to competition. For more detail you can check our consensus RFC.
  • Addresses must have al least 1000 testnet token’s base reward to get mainnet token as reward. The native token CKByte represents state storage space on the Common Knowledge Base blockchain. A cell is the basic data structure in the blockchain, and you can put any arbitrary data in a cell. It requires 60 CKBytes to create a cell, thus one must have more than 60 CKB mainnet token as reward, or we can not sent the reward.
  • CKB tokens rewards will be sent to the corresponding address in the genesis block when mainnet launches(No lockup). Addresses for the same private key might be different on testnet and on mainnet due to difference in algorithm. Participants only need to hold on to their private key to be able to claim rewards, so please keep it safe . Once mainnet launches, you can import private key to CKB wallet and claim the reward.
  • Due to uncertainties during our testnet, the final result will be calculated according to the propotion of base reward each address mined. For example, during the competition if there’s totally 10M tokens’ base reward, Alice’s address get 1M tokens via base reward, then Alice can get 1/10 of the total mainnet token reward.
  • During the competition, you can check CKB explorer for information like difficulty, transactions, hash rate, balance, etc. CKB-Mine-Lord website created by our community member to show the rank of all the addresses, you can check it to get your real-time rank, here is the code of this website for your reference. CKB explorer will be ready two hours after competition start.
  • After the competition, we will organize the data and update the result to this website as soon as possible. The results are subject to the final data published on this website.

Other relative links you might need: Nervos CKB hash function Eaglesong RFC and explanation, CKB Miners, CKB Explorer, Testnet Faucet, Docs, Wallet & FAQ, Publisc Sale, Miners Hub - Nervos Talk.

If you want to know more detail about our Nervos CKB project, our consensus and crypto economics design, you can check our positioning paper, consensus RFC and crypto-economics RFC.

If you have any question, you are welcomed to post on Nervos Talk.

Things to Note

  • This is the stage one of final round competition in a series. We may have future stages and may change the rules.

  • In the previous round, some rewards are distributed to null address, which may caused by entering the wrong Lock Args. So please make sure everything is right when you are configuring.

  • CKB tokens rewards will be sent to the corresponding address when mainnet launches. Please keep your privkey safe to get the reward.

  • Addresses for the same private key might be different on testnet and on mainnet due to difference in algorithm. Participants only need to hold on to their private key to be able to claim rewards.

  • Participation in this event means that you have read and understood the competition terms. You can check mining competition website for detail.