How to Get CKB Mainnet Token using ckb-cli (for Testnet Mining competition winners)

How to Get CKB Mainnet Token using ckb-cli (for Testnet Mining competition winners)

Please note the tutorial is for all the winners from our Testnet Mining Competitions (June 15th, 2019 to Nov 15th 2019 UTC), there are two ways to get CKB Mainnet Token:

  • If you used Neuron Wallet or Neuron Key Management to generate privkey and the miner block assembler, after you keep keystore file or a seed phrase, you can get the CKB Mainnet Token using the latest released Neuron Wallet. Please check the Neuron Wallet Guide for more details.
  • If you used ckb-cli to create privkey and miner block assembler, you will need to use ckb-cli to get CKB Mainnet Token and transfer to Neuron Wallet :
    • ckb-cli was used for testing purpose and does not meant to be used on mainnet
    • Neuron Wallet does not support privkey generated by ckb-cli, you will need to use ckb-cli and privkey to generate mainnet address in order to get CKB Mainnet Token from the genesis block,before you transfer them to Neuron Wallet

Run A CKB Mainnet Node

Please refer to「1.Run A CKB mainnet node」in Neuron Wallet Guide

Download and Run ckb-cli

Download and upzip the latest released ckb-cli , open up terminal or command line.



Generate Mainnet Address

Use util key-info to generate address

 util key-info --privkey-path `privkey-path created by ckb-cli`

Transfer Token

  1. wait for the synchronization to end, use wallet get capacity --address to check the balance, unit of measurement is shannon, 1 CKB = 1000,0000 shannon.
 wallet get-capacity --address `mainnet address`


  1. Download the latest release of Neuron Wallet, create a wallet, and back up your mnemonics.

  1. use wallet transfer to transfer tokens, please note the transfer amount and transaction fee are measured by CKB not by shannon. E.g. if you want to make a 100 CKB tranfer with 0.01 CKB as transaction fees.
$ wallet transfer --privkey-path `privkey path generated by ckb-cli` --to-address `Neuron Wallet address`
 --capacity `transfer amount` --tx-fee `transaction fee`

4. Check the transaction hash in blockchain explorer to confirm whether the transaction is on the chain.

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