[DIS] Omiga Inscription Protocol Sponsorship Proposal|Omiga CKB铭文协议赞助提案

Our proposal has entered the voting stage. Please proceed to vote:https://dao.ckb.community/thread/vot-omiga-inscription-protocol-sponsorship-proposal-omiga-ckb-48580


Dear Nervos Community Members,

We are excited to introduce Omiga, an innovative inscription protocol based on the CKB (Common Knowledge Base) blockchain. Omiga aims to break with tradition, providing users with a fairer and more efficient inscription minting and management experience. We have now released a test version of Omiga on dev.omiga.io

Who are we?

We are members of the Nervos community, following CKB since its genesis, and are passionate about designing a CKB-specific application to promote its greater utilization. Our motivation is not solely driven by the grant, but rather by our enthusiasm and love for the project. However, due to certain legal risks, we have decided to remain anonymous for the time being.

Why are we building Omiga?

CKB has faced criticism for the lack of native token assets on the chain over the past few years. The creation of native assets can act as a leverage and accelerator for the emergence of applications on L1, similar to how asset creation was a prerequisite for the explosion of the Ethereum ecosystem with the ICO of Ethereum.
The CKB community is not lacking in consensus, and perhaps we can gather the entire community’s consensus to promote the formation of even one asset and attract more people to join. The creation of consensus requires fairness, and with the current trend of BTC inscriptions, as a public chain that continues the Vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, it would be appropriate to start with inscriptions distributed fairly as an asset creation mechanism.

What’s the significance of Omiga for CKB?

Omiga’s significance for CKB lies in driving more usage of L1 on-chain states, which will lock in more CKB. Omiga will exist as an open protocol rather than a closed one, and we hope that more teams will use Omiga for their own projects. We will not prevent others from using the Omiga protocol, and we hope that the Omiga inscription can serve as a starting point for the formation of an ecosystem. At the same time, we will maintain close cooperation with other CKB L1 protocols.

Why are we doing this project now?

2024 is a very important year for CKB and a very suitable year for developers to build. The reasons are:

  • It has just experienced the first halving, and the inflation rate has been greatly reduced;
  • Developer tools are basically perfect: lumos, kuai, spore, JoyID, and a whole set of developer tools can be used.
  • There are very few applications on Nerovs L1, and there are many opportunities;
  • This year, inscriptions led by ORDI have received a lot of attention in the industry, and people are paying more and more attention to UTXO applications.

Overall, we believe that we need to vigorously develop applications now to increase the demand for CKB. After our research, we believe that the timing is just right to develop inscriptions based on the Cell model now, and we have the opportunity to showcase CKB’s features to more users.

Omiga’s challenges

Omiga’s main challenge lies in the extensive development of CKB scripts. Due to the flexibility and uniqueness of the Cell model, we cannot find code and designs that can be replicated elsewhere. Here are some of the key features of Omiga:

  • Basic Inscription Issuance: Our design avoids any potential state contention issues with the Cell model, allowing us to fully utilize CKB’s high TPS.
  • Order Book Market: We will implement an easy-to-use order book market that supports partial transactions and is completely decentralized and non-custodial.
  • Blind Box Inscription: We will design and implement blind box inscriptions that introduce more gameplay through randomness, and the blind box inscriptions can also be integrated with NFT.
  • PoW Mining-Based Inscription: We will design a one-click PoW token issuance function on CKB, which will support halving mechanisms and difficulty adjustments. If you are familiar with Atomicals, we hope to implement a more complex and user-friendly PoW inscription protocol than Atomicals.

All CKB scripts will need to be independently designed and implemented from scratch. Additionally, we have invested a lot of effort in UI design and front-end and back-end development to provide a better user experience. Therefore, Omiga is not a small project that can be completed by one or two people in a week or two. Our Grant application will be made according to the roadmap’s progress, and we will receive the corresponding GRANT based on the product we deliver.

What is our budget application and why is it reasonable?

Our budget is $65,000, with the CKB price at the time of the proposal initiation being 1CKB = $0.003459, which equates to a total of 18,791,558 CKB. It will be used for the following:

  • Server rental
  • Smart contract development
  • Product design, UI design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • SDK development
  • Mainnet contract deployment costs
  • Document and tutorial production
  • Community building
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Feature iteration and continuous development

We believe that this budget is reasonable because it will support all aspects of our project, including development, design, user support, and continuous improvement.

We will introduce our milestone plan in the following sections. We can only claim the corresponding grants after we have completed the respective milestones.

How do we plan to work? What are the milestones?

Our milestones include:

1. Project Launch (October 2023)

2. Testnet Launch (January 3, 2024) - 15% = 9750 USD (2818733.73807459CKB)

This milestone checks Omiga’s basic inscription support for users to log in with JoyID, deploy, mint, close, rebase omiga inscriptions, and view the inscription list. We’re now here.

3. Mainnet Launch (expected mid-January) - 15% = 9750 USD (2818733.73807459CKB)

This milestone supports users to log in with JoyID, deploy, mint, close, rebase inscriptions, and view the inscription list.

4. MetaMask Support (expected end of January) - 3% = 1950 USD (563746.747614918CKB)

This milestone supports MetaMask users to access Omiga, participate in inscriptions’ deployment, minting, closing, rebasing, and view their inscription list.

5. Unisat Wallet Support (expected February) - 4% = 2600 USD (751662.330153224 CKB)

This milestone supports Unisat users to access Omiga, participate in inscriptions’ deployment, minting, closing, rebasing, and view their inscription list.

6. OrderBook Marketplace (expected March) - 25% = 16250 USD (4697889.56345765CKB)

We will implement an easy-to-use order book market that supports partial transactions and is completely decentralized and non-custodial.

7. Omiga Blind Box Inscription (Q2) - 10% = 6500USD (1879155.82538306CKB)

We will design and implement blind box inscriptions that introduce more gameplay through randomness. The blind box inscriptions can also be integrated with NFT.

8. Omiga PoW Inscription (Q2) - 28% = 18200 (5261636.31107257CKB)

We will design a one-click PoW token issuance function on CKB, which will support halving mechanisms and difficulty adjustments. If you are familiar with Atomicals, we aim to implement a more complex and user-friendly PoW inscription protocol than Atomicals. Besides the contract part, we also need to develop a Miner.

We will gradually advance the project according to these milestones and maintain close communication with the community at each stage.

Thank you note

As we launch our testnet version, we would like to express our gratitude to some individuals who have helped us achieve this milestone so quickly. We would like to thank multiple Nervos developers for reviewing our contract code; we would also like to thank the JoyID team for their great assistance during our development integration process. We have been dedicated to development, and we are grateful to the community members who have actively answered user questions. Finally, we would like to thank every person who has been following the growth of the Omiga project.

We hope that the Nervos community can support our Omiga project, which will bring a innovative inscription protocol to CKB and provide users with a fairer and more efficient experience for inscription casting and management. We will maintain close communication with the community to promote the development of this project together. If you are interested in our proposal, please like it below to help us pass the discussion stage. We look forward to your support and feedback!


我们非常高兴在此向您介绍Omiga,这是一个基于CKB(Common Knowledge Base)区块链的创新铭文协议。Omiga的目标是打破传统,为用户提供更公平、更高效的铭文铸造和管理体验。我们已将Omiga的测试版本发布在 dev.omiga.io


我们是从Nervos CKB创世以来持续关注 Nervos 的社区成员,为了推动CKB更高的利用而想要自己设计一个专属于CKB的应用,我们满怀热情与爱,绝非仅为了Grant,但出于某些法律方面的风险考虑,我们将暂时保持匿名状态。


CKB广为诟病的一点是,数年以来,链上并没有出现原生代币资产沉淀,而原生资产的产生是推动L1上应用涌现的杠杆与加速器,就像当年的以太坊 ICO 是以太坊生态爆发的前置条件,唯先有资产的创造方能激发生态之繁荣。


Omiga 将推动更多的L1链上状态使用,而这将锁定更多的CKB。



  • 她刚刚经历第一次减半,通胀率大大降低;

  • 开发者工具已基本完善:lumos、kuai、spore、JoyID等一整套开发者工具可以使用。

  • Nerovs L1上的应用极少,机会很多;

  • 今年ORDI铭文备受业内关注,人们越来越关注UTXO类应用




  • 基础铭文发行:我们的设计规避了Cell模型可能的状态争用问题,从而可以充分利用CKB的高TPS.
  • 订单簿市场:我们将实现易用的订单簿市场,其支持部分成交,并且完全是去中心化非托管的。
  • 基于盲盒的铭文:我们将设计并实现基手盲盒的铭文,通过随机性引入更多的玩法,同时盲盒铭文也可以对接NFT。


我们的预算是 $65000,以提案发起时的CKB价格1CKB = $0.003459,共计折合CKB数量为18791558CKB。这些费用将用于以下方面:

  • 服务器租赁
  • 智能合约开发
  • 产品设计、UI设计
  • 前端开发
  • 后端开发
  • SDK开发
  • 主网合约部署费用
  • 文档和教程制作
  • 社区建设
  • 监控和维护
  • 功能迭代和持续发展




1. 项目启动 (2023年10月)

2. 测试网上线(2024年1月3日)-15% = 9750 USD(2818733.73807459CKB)


3.主网上线(预计一月中旬)-15% = 9750 USD(2818733.73807459CKB)


4.MetaMask 支持(预计一月底)3% = 1950 USD(563746.747614918CKB)

该里程碑支持 MetaMask 用户接入 Omiga,参与铭文的deploy、mint、close、rebase,并查看其铭文列表。

5. Unisat 钱包支持(预计2月份)4% = 2600 USD (751662.330153224 CKB)

该里程碑支持 Unisat 用户接入 Omiga,参与铭文的deploy、mint、close、rebase,并查看其铭文列表。

6. OrderBook Marketplace (预计3月份)- 25% = 16250 USD(4697889.56345765CKB)


7. Omiga 盲盒铭文(Q2) 10% = 6500USD (1879155.82538306CKB)


8. Omiga PoW 铭文(Q2) 28%= 18200(5261636.31107257CKB)




在我们推出了测试网版本之际,我们想感谢一些人,如果没有你们的帮助,我们很难这么快达成这项里程碑。感谢Nervos多位开发人员帮我们review合约代码;感谢JoyID团队在我们开发集成过程中提供的大力帮助;我们一直致力于开发上,感谢社区里的小伙伴积极地回答用户的问题;最后感谢每一位关注 Omiga 项目成长的人。

我们希望Nervos社区能支持我们的 Omiga 项目,这将为CKB带来一个创新的铭文协议,为用户提供更公平、更高效的铭文铸造和管理体验。我们将与社区保持紧密沟通,共同推动这个项目的发展。如果您对我们的提案感兴趣,请在本帖下方点赞,以帮助我们通过讨论阶段。我们期待您的支持和反馈!



感谢这个小伙伴对社区的关心,不过你可能对Community Fund DAO有些误解?坦率地说,Omiga 项目是一个有利于扩大CKB影响力的 L1 项目,而根据Community Fund DAO的规则,任何有利于扩大CKB影响力的L1项目,都可以来申请赞助来启动项目。同时,我们也不能因为一个项目在未来可能有其商业模式,就让其自生自灭,这种处理方式非常不利于生态的发展,因为爱心发电总有停电的时候,人必须要先解决温饱问题,才能追求其他的,我们能不能在它成长起来之前扶他一把?日后如果能有更好的发展,那对CKB 也是一个利好,对吧?

我们之前在L1上面有过类似的惨痛教训,NexisDAO、Kollect 先后关停,犹在眼前记忆如新。所以,对于开发者,我们应保持开放,鼓励尝试,激励付出,生态方能做大做强。



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Thanks for your proposal and desire to help grow the CKB ecosystem. I love the website and how it integrates JoyID

A few questions:

  1. What applications or products do you envisage building on top of this inscription infrastructure? It would be helpful if the plans here could be elaborated further

  2. Could you provide more info on the team behind project?

  3. The amount asked for is 65,000U - forgive my ignorance, is this in USD?

Many thanks



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CKB 不能再错过铭文这一波了。





Thank you, Neon, for your question. The extensive support for this project voiced in the community has overshadowed my independent judgment, and I am grateful to Neon for prompting me to rethink this proposal thoroughly. Additionally, I request the administrators to withdraw my support for this proposal, thank you.

I have some questions I would like to ask:

  1. The success of inscription projects is not linked to the ability to create inscriptions. Reflecting on successful inscription projects, it’s evident that market operation capabilities are the absolute core, not the production of inscriptions. There is no discussion of this in the proposal. This core issue is also central to the ongoing operational failures of CKB ecosystem projects. Can this be addressed?
  2. If it’s just an inscription minting platform, I’ve specifically looked at other Drc20 and Brc20 projects’ inscription minting platforms, which are quite impressive. Yixiu’s red packet scheme, for instance, is well-executed with only a tenth of your cost. Where do the technical challenges lie in your project to justify the much higher budget?
  3. Is it possible to make payments in stages according to the implementation progress? It doesn’t seem logical to start proposing when the basic functionality was still error-prone 36 hours ago.
  4. May I inquire if there are any affiliations between your team and CKBI?

Thank you very much.

hi Woodbury- appreciate your consideration of the proposal.

In order to withdraw support, please remove the like (heart) on the original post.

I see this project as the perfect example of devs seeing a narrative in crypto and saying ‘not only can CKB do this, but it can do it better than anywhere else.’

This is what building on CKB should be all about and we need to support these projects fully, otherwise what are we even waiting for here?


Thank you for your interest in our proposal and for raising these questions.

Regarding the products and plans you mentioned,

  • Omiga is a CKB inscription protocol and we will deploy the type script of the Omiga protocol on the mainnet. CKB browser/JoyID will support the inscriptions minted by the Omiga protocol.
  • Additionally, we will open our OpenAPI interface, which allows any third party to develop Omiga inscriptions based on these interfaces.
  • Omiga will also launch its own marketplace to meet users’ transactional needs for inscriptions.
  • Finally, we will continue to explore innovative ways to use different inscriptions (such as SporeNFT, PoW) and integrate them into the Omiga protocol.
    These are our plans, and we welcome the community to provide more suggestions and opinions to help us better plan and build a better Omiga.

We understand your concerns, but you know, due to different regulations in various regions, we are unable to disclose information about our team and past project experiences. We hope that community members can understand our predicament and allow us to move forward.

Regarding the budget amount, our budget is 65,000 USD, which will be paid in the form of CKB. We will provide some details later. We hope this answer can resolve your doubts. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.



  • 首先,Omiga是一套CKB铭文协议,我们将在主网上部署Omiga协议的Type Script合约,CKB浏览器/JoyID都会支持由Omiga 协议Mint出来的铭文。
  • 其次,我们会开放我们的OpenAPI接口,任何第三方均可以基于这些接口来对Omiga铭文进行二次开发。
  • 再次,Omiga 会推出自己的Marketplace,用于满足用户对铭文的交易需求。
  • 最后,我们会继续探索各种不同铭文的创新玩法(比如SporeNFT、PoW),并融入到Omiga协议中。


关于预算金额,我们确实希望是65000U,折算成 CKB 的形式进行支付,我们将在稍后列出详细的细节。我们希望这个回答能够解决您的疑惑,如果您还有其他问题,请随时联系我们。





Please answer my previous question first, thank you!

In response to your answer to Neon’s question:
‘We understand your concerns, but you know, due to different regulations in various regions, we are unable to disclose information about our team and past project experiences. We hope that community members can understand our predicament and allow us to move forward.’

If I am to understand your predicament, then the total budget and specific items should be detailed and implemented progressively, to ensure the safety of the DAO funds. My concerns are deepening.

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Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions. I completely agree with your point that the success of the Omiga project is not solely dependent on the ability to create inscriptions. The core of a successful inscriptions project lies in the marketing and operational capabilities, which unfortunately was not discussed in the proposal. This is also a key issue in the continuous operation failure of CKB ecological projects. We will work on addressing this issue by implementing various measures, including launching a trading market, releasing media news, creating video and text tutorials, promoting Omiga within inscriptions organizations, and supporting Unisat wallet users to log in to Omiga. We believe that these measures will help to increase the project’s visibility and attract more participants.

是的,Omiga 目前还处于婴儿期,我们需要不断学习别人做的好的方面来加强自己完善自己,并且不断优化以获得更好的用户体验。但是不同链的开发难度是不一样的,CKB是一套完全不同的系统,我们需要自己用Rust和c语言来实现自己的智能合约代码,这两个语言都是比较底层的语言,对开发者的技能要求较高,同时也只有对CKB的底层充分了解,才能写出恰当的智能合约;UTXO编程的难度很大,你需要处理不同的type_script,根据不同的交易类型拼交易,该如何拼输入,输出是什么等等。 相同的功能,不同链的开发成本没有可比性。

JoyGift确实做得很好,我们也认同他们做的工作,我们也争取能做到和他们一样级别的用户体验效果。不过我理解 JoyGift 没有涉及到智能合约这部分,抢红包只是普通的转账交易,这里没有诋毁 JoyGift 的意思,只是说 Omiga 的复杂度要高很多,要花钱的地方也会更多。另外,为了Omiga在正式上线的时候用户体验更好,预算里包含了Omiga服务器的费用(database、api service)。同时,我们的一部分预算会用于社区建设方面,比如邀请一些愿意与我们长期成长的社区成员加入我们,帮我们建设社区,同时我们给他们一定的CKB激励。

Regarding the budget, we understand that other Drc20 and Brc20 projects have also developed inscriptions platforms with good features. However, the development difficulty varies depending on the blockchain. CKB is a completely different system, and we need to use Rust and C language to implement our smart contract code, which requires a high level of developer skills. In addition, UTXO programming is very difficult, and we need to handle different type scripts, combine transactions based on different transaction types, and choose inputs and outputs. Therefore, the development cost of similar functions on different blockchains cannot be compared.

We also appreciate the work done by JoyGift, but their project did not involve smart contracts. We are dealing with a much more complex project, and there will be more areas where we need to spend money. Our budget also includes the cost of Omiga servers (database, API service) and community building, such as inviting long-term community members to join us and giving them CKB incentives.


为了能让社区用户尽早地看到我们,我们不得不快速地推出我们的beta版本,是的,我们beta测试版本确实遇到一个iOS用户无法弹出签名框的问题(原因是,苹果默认限制了代码自动唤起popup弹窗),团队紧急与 JoyID 团队密切沟通解决方案,我们修改了产品的交互,增加了一个签名的交互页面,最终解决了该问题,之后,我们在社区里(推特、telegram)发布了更新信息:。在确保该问题已经得到修复之后,我们才将该提案提交到社区。

Regarding the payment of fees, we will refine the milestones and provide more detailed explanations. We understand that there were some basic functionality errors during the beta testing phase, but we had to quickly release the beta version to allow the community to see our progress. We encountered an issue with an iOS user not being able to pop up the signature box, but we worked closely with JoyID to find a solution and ultimately resolved the issue. We then updated the community through Twitter and Telegram. We only submitted the proposal to the community after ensuring that the issue had been fixed.

我们不认识 CKBI 团队。他们的实现方式是往CKBI开发者的一个固定地址里发消息,没有type_script、lock_script来限制,可能是因为合约开发难度较高的原因,他们不得不这样来简单实验了一下。虽然我们不认同 CKBI 的实现方式,不过我们还是感谢社区里有人愿意来尝试CKB的开发,培养更多的CKB开发者,这对于CKB社区来说是好事。


We have no affiliation with the CKBI team. Their implementation method involves sending messages to a fixed address of the CKBI developer without type script or lock script restrictions. This may be due to the difficulty of contract development. Although we do not agree with their implementation method, we appreciate that there are people in the community who are willing to try CKB development and cultivate more CKB developers, which is good for the CKB community.

Thanks for your time and for giving reasonable suggestions.

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I can’t remove it myself; the system has blocked my actions.

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Firstly, it should be noted that I was the first to test and identify the ‘error message’ bug in the basic functionality, which I reported to the test group. This can be proven with Telegram records. Of course, other errors I reported have not yet been confirmed as resolved. Therefore, when Neon raised his concerns, I realized that I had been too trusting of the community’s positive promotion about you and had chosen to follow blindly, losing my free and independent thought.

There’s no response addressing the core issue; there is no proof of the capability to successfully promote inscriptions. Early participants might profit, but without the core focus of inscription promotion and operational capabilities, it’s likely to repeat past mistakes. I’ve been listening to various promotions in the inscription community recently, and I believe that most of the budget should be allocated to building the inscription community and focusing on the exposure of targeted inscriptions. Otherwise, with so many inscription platforms, how many can truly succeed?



Community development requires a more detailed plan. In my view, for the inscription sector, community development is far more important than platform development.

I hope your team can demonstrate stronger capabilities to instill greater confidence in us, the retail investors.

作为CKB支持者,以及被深度套牢散户,我当然希望有更多更好的CKB生态项目。但是CKB之前太多的生态Grand失败项目,以及我十几年前做过几年IT预算专项审核累计审核过几个亿人民币的IT预算,大量经验告诉我,在没有足够文本以及实例支撑的情况下,预算要分步一步一步发放。虽然目前 CKB社区太盼望铭文项目了,但是要考虑到CKB生态项目失败次数的太多,不能再轻易失败了。借用电影“投名状”里的一幕,掌管仅剩下1500战士的将军死活不参加战斗,直到确定这场战役可以赢。“我们太需要一场胜利了”。

As a CKB supporter and a retail investor deeply trapped in losses, I naturally hope for more and better CKB ecosystem projects. However, given the numerous failed projects in the CKB ecosystem before, and drawing from my experience of several years in IT budget special audit, having audited several hundred million RMB in IT budgets, my extensive experience tells me that the budget should be released step by step, especially when there is insufficient textual support and examples. Although the CKB community is currently very eager for inscription projects, considering the numerous failures in CKB ecosystem projects, we cannot afford another easy failure.Drawing an analogy from a scene in the movie ‘The Warlords’, where a general in charge of only 1500 soldiers refuses to join the battle until he is sure it can be won, as ‘We desperately need a victory’.

Every community member has a duty to protect the community funds. Treating every project equally is essential to ensure the survival of CKB.

Based on this, I suggest that your project team could request a budget of less than 20,000 USD for the first phase (less than a third of the total project amount). After delivering this phase, you could then apply for the budget for the second and third phases, to ensure the overall stability and controllability of the project.

补充一点: Spore Protocol这个项目只要了51万个CKB吧 这个要1800万个CKB 横向对标又是一个不平等项目 如果这个预算金额通过 Spore项目组开发的兄弟们怎么看?人家还露脸了。 [DIS] Spore Protocol Mainnet Launch Sponsorship Proposal | Spore Protocol 上主网赞助提案

PS: The Spore Protocol project only requested 510,000 CKB, while this one is asking for 18 million CKB. This presents an unequal comparison when benchmarked horizontally. How would the developers of the Spore project, who have even shown their faces, view this if such a budget is approved?


xudt倒是急需在CKB 上有成功案例。