(DIS)CKB Community DAO Proposal

Nervos Network Community DAO Proposal by William Glynn


I first would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read this. These proposals are very sacred to the mission of properly governing and decentralizing Nervos CKB. My name is William Glynn. A lot of you already know me. You might know that I’ve been here since the genesis block, written numerous articles over the year, started the first community run channel that evolved into the Nervos Nation we see today.
We the community, all want the same thing: to see Nervos as a protocol to change the world for the better. I want to help Nervos succeed in finding the right projects, lead the curve in Defi, selling the product and advising on what products consumers are looking for, and I also want to spread the Nervos message by word of mouth at meetups and events. The current community manager, Leigh, has stated that word of mouth is the best strategy, and I am reciprocating with the following proposal structure. I also know the Nervos whitepaper inside and out, and I have excellent salesmanship.

Why I’m here:

Blockchain; and I am passionate about Nervos as a technology and as a socioeconomic tool for positive change. I’ve been committed to Nervos for half a decade, and I have spent hundreds of hours making dialogue with members of the community so that they understand the project. I don’t see myself anywhere else because this passion was born out of my understanding of cryptoeconomics, so if my thesis is correct, Nervos is the only project with the capabilities of being a sustainable base layer. I can’t therefore, in good faith advocate for anything other than Nervos for this task of the base layer. I’m here to review and propose ideas and features for the protocol to see mass adoption and composability between applications, synergetic design within the apps, as well as general increased awareness.

How I’ll do this:

Representing Nervos at blockchain, financial cryptography, and other major technology based meetups and events, but predominantly blockchain. (The KPI is 2-4 meetups per month)

Make connections with projects and base a KPI around the connections/partnerships acquired. I will speak with other projects and become mutuals on social and then follow up with the discussion on partnering/integrating.

Will also keep the community in the loop (CITL) on non-NDA related ongoings in the foundation meetings for increased transparency, essentially whatever can be discussed as far as progress and the future will be discussed after every meeting attended as well as written summaries for the community.

Will write 2 (1500+ word) articles per month expanding on my thesis for the project around much needed topics like Defi, capital efficiency, impermanent loss and mercenary liquidity. I will not only demonstrate an understanding of these topics but also outline well-known solutions to all the major problems currently faced in blockchain usability. This will help the community and the broader crypto population understand key innovations in the space. Either the DAO or a board of community members should approve the quality of these articles each month.

Will also complete a Defi deck in the first month regarding what a functional ecosystem would need to thrive and compete with top projects.

Remain active all day on Nervos Nation educating and answering questions

Achievements to date (Nervos):

Started the first community based channel for Nervos, which sprung into a pretty significant movement where there was great culture and synergy among members. I demonstrated consistent growth in size and message volume over the first few years. I produced memes, giveaways, and contests There was great friendly meme competitions and a healthy discourse about the future of the project

Helped organize and run the largest social media campaign we ever had, with zero cost, just motivated community members and a goal to spread Nervos wisdom around reddit. We were the top discussed coin on r/cryptocurrency for almost 3 weeks, and consequently, token volume doubled during that awareness campaign. It was one of the most successful campaigns we did, and we did it without any money.

Have written several articles as a core contributor since 2018, on social scalability and blockchain technology, common knowledge, and stores of value.

Developed high level relationships with other project teams such as Ampleforth, Ethereum, Ocean Protocol, District0x, Chainlink, Near and more. (My skill of establishing contacts can be leveraged for the basis of partnerships and integrations)


I’m trying to remain moderate with this aspect because I want to show things can be done under budget. What I need is compensation for time and work monthly. The total timeline proposed is 3months. I would propose a review after 2 months for the opportunity of renewal for the next 3 months.

Compensation: $15k

Edit: it was suggested to lower the timeline to 3 months in order to let the community see results and success before considering a larger amount. This would put the Compensation at $15K. Let me know in the comments if you agree with this change

Events: 2-4 per month. The average entry is $300.

Edit: Event count was suggested to be lowered. let me know in the comments if you would agree with this.

Travel: Airfare/Mileage/lodging

                               Local 2-day event projection: $400 
		 2 day event requiring Air      : $1,000 

Total (Updated): $25k or about 8,000,000 CKB at the time of writing

Edit: With the reduced timeline option and reduced travel, the total would be closer to $25k or about 8,000,000 CKB

Events to attend:



3XP Los Angeles- June 8-9

FX summit - June 10-11

ChainScience -June 15, Boston


Mining Disrupt July 25, Miami FL

ETHSeattle -July 7, Seattle


DESCI summit - August 10-11, NY

Defi Con- August 11, NY (1 travel expense for 2 events)

Eth Toronto -Aug 13-16, 2023, Toronto Canada

Science of Blockchain -August 28 , Stanford


Permissionless- September 11, Austin TX

Mainnet - September 20, New York


Coin Agenda Global - October 3-6, Santa Monica, CA

Metaverse Summit- October 11, LA

ETHMiami - October 27, Miami FL


Texas Blockchain Summit-November 15
Decentral Miami- November 28-29 2022


Crypto Agenda December 11, Puerto Rico


Quantum Miami- January 24, 2024


Hi William - I’m glad to see you take this step acting on your enthusiasm for CKB in a more structured way. Generating this kind of situation is what we have all been working toward for what is quickly becoming several years.

Overall I think you would be a great advocate in the field for the project and I would be excited to see you draw in potential new contributors and partners.

I think for this point: “non-NDA related ongoings in the foundation meetings for increased transparency, essentially whatever can be discussed as far as progress and the future will be discussed after every meeting attended as well as written summaries for the community.” – some clarification- this would be meetings related to projects integrating?

What stands out to my critical eye most about the proposal is the variance in quality and audiences in the conferences you’ve outlined here.

It seems like these are intended to be tent poles while you find other events (to fill in the 2-4 a month), but I do think there’s an argument for eliminating some of these and focusing on content (or just resting and following up with people… that can fall by the wayside with a busy schedule) from both a time/energy and financial standpoint.

I’ve attended alot of blockchain events with the goal of making meaningful connections for the project and I do feel that there is a certain tier of event required to have conversations that can show Nervos in a good light. More surface-level conversations don’t really get to the core of what makes the project appealing.

From personal experience I would question Decentral Miami and Quantum Miami, and I haven’t attended 3XP, FX Summit, Coin Agenda and Metaverse Summit, but I would question those as well.

I do think you’ve outlined some great opportunities and look forward to seeing the discourse here about the proposal.

Re: 6 months period- the top line number is a little high, the Nervos Nation grant was 10M CKB. You might consider putting milestones in here so there’s a lower initial commitment and the community can see the great work you do before making a decision on the full amount :fist:


Thank you for taking the time.

-The non-NDA ongoings: The idea is actually to bring a community member into team meetings and relay any information about progress that isn’t tied by an NDA. Bringing the community into the loop as well as be advocated for (similar to a representative democracy

-Variance in Quality of audiences in conferences: if you have any suggestions I will substitute my current offerings with whatever the community/team would like to see. if there’s any concerns about particular events, I’d like people to bring them up so I can re-evalaute. It was difficult to find blockchain conferences to fill the goal entirely in the US. I could also look for local meetups which are generally smaller than conferences but of higher quality, and that way there are fewer travel expenses as well.

-Tent poles: some months have 1 or 2 while others have 4. I’m not worried about having the energy to complete these but I am open to eliminate some of them and increase the content load if that’s what potential voters want to see happen.

-Meaningful connections: I will attempt to sell them on a connection to discuss partnerships or other forms of cooperation between projects (whether it be an investment fund, chain, dapp etc.) I know this can seem hard but when you have sales experience as I have, it is much more systematic and effective. This is a different ball game with actual sales experience.

-6 Months: I think I should take your advice and cut the time to 3 months but that’s probably as low as I’ll go because I need to know what im doing for the next few months for stability.


I like the idea and would be happy with the 6 month timeframe.

I think 3 months is too short to make a judgement on the success or failure of something like this, so I think if we’re going to give you a shot, then you should be given a fair opportunity to prove yourself without the pressure of having to get results straight out of the gate.


Thanks for voicing you’re support. I think there’s a lot more to do, but this seemed like a good start. 6 months should be plenty of time to prove the worth of the proposal. So I do agree that it would be better than 3. I’ll just wait and hear what others think. My hope is that by fulfilling the KPIs from growing our connections to other projects and investors, that this proposal should be able to get value into the project, so that it pays for itself over time.

I think even just a few partnerships and investment funds would make it pay for itself and then some. . I will be at each conference for the full time of operation .


This is a very good proposal and coming from someone that knows a lot about nervos means a lot.

6 months is good time frame but i propose monthly or bi-monthly community updates, just for the community to know the state of things.


Thank you for voicing your support and confidence in my knowledge of CKB. I fully agree with you about having monthly community updates so that I can be held accountable on a more granular level. I will add this to the proposal so that the community and DAO can oversee each step


Thanks for the proposal William. It’s clear that you have put a lot of thought into this and your passion for Nervos over the years is undeniable.

A few thoughts and clarification requests

Regarding KPIs, I can see it’s difficult sometimes to nail down specific metrics because of the nature of talking to people and trying to build momentum. What I would suggest, is a daily calendar (Notion for example) with tasks or things that are ongoing, so that contributions are more ‘measurable’ if that makes sense? We did a similar thing with our team of educators, we have a daily calendar with tasks to be completed. And perhaps, following an event, a written report on meetings, leads generated etc

Regarding length of time for the grant, it’s a tricky one. I am leaning towards 3 months because it increases the likelihood of your proposal being accepted if the community gets a taster of your performance after which it can be decided to roll on.

About the funding amount of $25k (assuming 3 months), I understand that 15k would be your personal compensation. The remainder, could you break that down a little more with regards to expected travel, accommodation costs, event tickets etc (I know it is hard to give exact figures due to estimating etc but more info would be helpful)


Actually, scratch the last request, I can see your expenses breakdown adds up to 19-20k over 6 months, so half of that aligns with your request


Thank you for taking the time to respond earnestly and provide constructive criticism/advice

KPIs- I do agree that the progress needs to be trackable for the DAO and community. I have used Notion before so that would be a great fit. I can list all of the contacts that I made and the nature of the contact, as well as what I plan to do with them. I can certainly add reports after every event, I think that’s a good suggestion. Some of these things as such were implied but I will make explicit references to them for detail and clarity

Grant Length- I really am leaning towards 3 months as well. It was suggested that I update and review with the community monthly also, and I am leaning in that direction. So I think the sentiment is moving towards 3 months, which I’d be perfectly fine with to make it more accountable on a granular level.

Costs- I will update it today with specific costs of each travel event over the first 3 months, I was averaging it out at first so people had a ballpark estimate but for accounting purposes I am all for getting into the specifics.

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I like the proposal and agree word of mouth is the best approach.

My only comment would be to approach marketing on Reddit different then what is used on other social media. Approaching reddit with a typical marketing strategy doesn’t net good results. Previously when that approach was taken, and I do not know if this is the same campaign you mentioned in your post, Nervos was blacklisted from r/cryptocurrency for awhile, some community members were banned, and I have been shadow banned ever since simply because I moderate the Nervos sub. Regardless of the fact that I was not even a part of the community group that caused the blacklisting at the time.

While being part of the trailblazer program last year I was trying to gain traction again across Reddit but was repeatedly told by the managing staff that I need to shill more and replicate the strategy that was seen on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. I explained those same tactics didn’t work on Reddit but my feedback was ignored, and as you can probably see from being more on the inside, the Reddit numbers aren’t that great. Ultimately I stopped being a part of the program, due to college taking priority in my time management but a large part because of how I was being pushed by the management, to blatantly shill in a very direct manner.

Reddit is a forum based social media platform, the users tend to go there and join subs because they want to gain knowledge or information about specific subjects. The absolute best approach is to generate posts that do nothing more then educate and inform the sub followers about Nervos. You can highlight features that make Nervos great but I would avoid using it a means to show why it’s better then X coin or will make it replace Y coin. Once the follower is curious about Nervos they can head on over to our sub where they can reach out or join the other various Nervos channels.

I have some outlines and previous work that I can show you if you’d like to talk directly. Right now I think the best approach to help Nervos on r/cryptocurrency without creating a large number of posts would be to join their moon campaign and purchase an ad spot on the sub banner. That itself might need to be a different proposal though.


Update: I have changed the timeline to 3 months.

Thank you for sharing your support. I love the work you have done for the community.

Regarding the Blacklisting. What happened was a lone actor was taking part and receiving moon tokens at the same time. They saw the campaign as manipulation to acquire these tokens, although nobody else was doing that. I believe there was a strong misunderstanding on their side, and really the campaign was 100% educational content about nervos. Most replies are typically botted, and ours was organic education. Still, I believe that a key going forward with this is to not share links in chat because that is what will set them off.

I would love to talk directly, you can message me with the outlines. I agree that ad spot would be a different proposal, however I am all for it as I believe this is desperately needed.

Dear William (the most respected and loved person),

Firstly, I really very much appreciate your dedication and passion for Nervous as a technology and its potential for positive change. Your commitment to the project and your extensive involvement within the community over the years is evident.

Overall, I support your dedication and willingness to contribute to Nervos CKB’s success. Your past accomplishments demonstrate your ability to drive engagement and awareness within the community. Simply outstanding.If anyone that knows very well about the CKB is you.

I trust that your proposal will be getting careful consideration, taking into account the community’s perspectives and the project’s overall goals.

Thank you once again for your valuable contributions and your continued support of Nervos CKB.Peace bro.
Never forget your help.!


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The only thing I wonder is when you attend those events. Have you taken into account the price of the tickets within your budget? Or is this something that the foundation will pay for? Or you’ll pay for yourself?

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I appreciate your concerns about my previous behavior. Truthfully it was what made me hesitant to throw my hat back in the ring.

The statements you refer to were done in jest but nevertheless I have deep regret for my behavior. What you perceived were hyperbolic and banter. I am disgusted with my old ways and have since abandoned them.

The girl who cried, Shannon looked down upon the community, overall a very bad fit for Nervos, and she was not representing the community.

You can try to dig up the past. Just as anyone could dig up anyone else’s past, but I chose to instead battle the merit of ideas. I believe the goal is to move on and make Nervos great again. I’m sorry that you feel that people can’t change but I have faith, as most people don’t believe in cancel culture. And I have been removed from nervos for quite some time. I think that this is a consequence that’s enough. The CEO and chief architect both support the proposal.

Finally, I care about Nervos succeeding. That is the priority. I’m not going to focus too heavily on the past as I am a forward looking individual


Well at the end of the day, it’s a majority wallet vote you need. Not a couple of aggrieved peoples viewpoints on the past


First off I didn’t call everyone in Nervos Nation racist, I pointed out one person who was spouting heavy right wing rhetoric during a political discussion and made the suggestion that you should remove the person or political talk. Politics only leads to discourse amongst people as we all have our different opinions and doesn’t lead to a welcoming environment. That conversation devolved into me being told it’s ok cause everyone in the US is a Nazi so what’s the big deal. I have the proof of that conversation to back me up, I WAS asked to shill and I have the proof of that as well.

I’m not placing blame on anyone about the r/crypto issue, I simply pointed out that the way things were done before led to a bad result. I understand that I was caught up due to association which is why I mentioned the ban for nothing more then being the sub mod.

I mentioned the issues with Reddit because William is talking about increasing the marketing presence of Nervos, that should include engagement across Reddit, which William has said he’s helped run a campaign on. You’re right though everything you brought up doesn’t belong on his post and should’ve been a direct message between me and you if you had an issue with it.

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@plurBUDDHA @crookednervosness please don’t deviate discourse from the proposal at hand

@0xRumble welcome anon. Appreciate your input but please refrain from responding further about William’s past. Your points have been received and I want to get ahead of this descending into something that is better discussed in another forum.