(DIS)CKB Community DAO Proposal

For clarity William is applying as a community member to be funded through the DAO to grow the project as he sees fit

There’s no official stamp of approval from anyone , just an endorsement of confidence from a community of his peers and the fuel to execute on what he sees as needed


Apologies and agreed


Did you see this post William?

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Yes my apologies, it was all pretty long winded really and unnecessary. Both sides are as bad as each other . It’s an irony lost and why people shouldn’t be trying to be overly moralistic on the left/right paradigm. Ultimately the world suffers from both ‘moral’ delusions. The Statement has been retracted to tidy up the thread

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I gave an average cost in case event plans were adjusted. But I can make a change today for exact numbers.

I was just worried that sone of these tickets cost a lot, sone in the 3-600’s for tickets and ever more for blockchain events in general.

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I like the detail of the proposal. As a long time investor in Nervos/CKB I personally like the hands on approach.

I believe that what you have proposed can be and will be useful in spreading the word of the project, engaging more people to invest and building important relationships that could lead to valuable partnerships.

As some of the earlier comments mentioned other gatherings, in addition to what you listed, you could incorporate is valuable feedback to strengthen your overall position.

I look forward to seeing this proposal being able to be executed. Best of luck.


so nice to see you again Elizabeth!


My idea was to give an average cost and pay the difference out of pocket in case plans had to change and it wasn’t the event originally planned for.

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Thanks. Good to be seen. Just been quietly watching and still championing the project.


First of all, I don’t understand who you are representing at this conference. Are you representing Nervos, yourself, or someone else?

Secondly, what is your goal in attending these conferences? Is it to chat and make friends, do business development and establish partnerships, or to help develop Nervos’ business model? The core relationships of Nervos should be left to the marketing department. How deep is your understanding of Nervos’ core development? If you don’t have a deep enough understanding of development, how do you know that the ideas you hear at the exhibition can be implemented in actual development?

Thirdly, what can you do by attending this conference? Can you deeply understand the combination of the theme and development level of these conferences? Do you know about development? What can you contribute?

Fourthly, I don’t know what benefits your attendance at the conferences can bring to the DAO. Since you cannot represent Nervos and cannot integrate products, business, and development, it would be better for the team to attend. Your attendance will only increase your personal value, and the messages you convey at the conference may not be fair and unbiased. Your understanding and abilities cannot represent Nervos or our community. In that case, it would be more accurate to buy conference videos or rely on official written reports.

I have personally attended many forums just like Affiliate Summit West in Vegas on behalf of myself where I could make decisions on-site such as purchasing advertising or becoming an agent for certain institutions. My friend acted as an agent directly exhibiting their clients there too.

In summary,your attendance at exhibitions is just being an observer or reporter which does not add much value compared with leaving budget for Nervos’ own marketing/product/development personnel participation instead,or simply buying video/texts from conferences.

Finally, considering your support for Tanner’s proposal, “I stand by Tanner’s proposal,” I don’t think your understanding can represent mine. Therefore, even if you attend these conferences, I don’t believe you can convey the correct values to the community. So, I strongly do not support your proposal.


Now you’re just on some sort of personal crusade. Plenty of people supported my proposal. In fact @matt.bit was the one in telegram to suggest I do the textbook. Does this mean you are now against the foundation as well?

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Hey, thank you for your feedback.

First of all, I don’t understand who you are representing at this conference. Are you representing Nervos, yourself, or someone else?

read the proposal before commenting please. This question is answered in the first sentence of the “how” section.

How I’ll do this:

“Representing Nervos”.

You are really only damaging your own credibility by not reading what you’re trying to pontificate on if I can be frank. Everyone can observe you here.

At these meetups I will be representing Nervos. For clarification, I am only there to promote the Nervos network. I’m using my sales experience and through understanding of blockchain principles and Nervos as well. I have a strong grasp of where Nervos is at and their history as I have followed and contributed articles to the project since before the genesis block.

“How deep is your understanding of Nervos core development?”

Deep enough for Jan, the chief blockchain engineer and architect at Nervos, to directly endorse my proposal. As well as Matt, and the majority of the community.

I am representing it for the community hence the community DAO proposal. Nervos is open sourced decentralized, and I can help alleviate other foundation members and increase our reach with my comprehensive understanding.

The marketing department was somewhat dissolved so we are missing much of the marketing and sales angle. I too have gone to many crypto meetups and I find it quite possible, arguably simple to make deals and partnerships once the proper pitch is given, which the community can attest to.

I look forward to discussing this at length.


edit: I think there may be a language gap or you are struggling to read the proposal. Some of your statements show a lack of basic understanding. Please read the proposal before commenting.

wow … we should start closing these topics after 1 week

some points to clarify:

  1. @Vesper “the marketing department was dissolved” - while we do not have a “head of marketing” there are still content and events working groups, we are far from a situation in which marketing was dissolved

  2. @woodbury.bit “the core relationships of Nervos should be left to the marketing department.” - a decentralized thing doesn’t grow by clenching it’s grip

  3. @woodbury.bit “If you don’t have a deep enough understanding of development, how do you know that the ideas you hear at the exhibition can be implemented in actual development?” - a great deal of effort has been expended to lower the barrier to entry for developers. William has far more than the requisite understanding to increase awareness and interest in building on CKB.

  4. @woodbury.bit “It would be better for the team to attend” - again, a decentralized thing doesn’t grow by someone clenching its grip on it. Foundation personnel can’t be everywhere at all times and there is an opportunity cost (in terms of scarce time, human capacity and strategic foresight) to attending events. Increasing the breadth of who is out there IRL increasing awareness and possibility is beneficial in this respect.

  5. @woodbury.bit “your understanding and abilities cannot represent Nervos or our community.” - everyone is entitled to their opinion. Overall I think you are attributing to much to “Nervos” or “our community”. We’re a community of individuals that choose to collaborate and the foundation exists to facilitate that rather than be something “official” and domineering in and of itself.

  6. @woodbury.bit “leaving budget for Nervos’ own marketing/product/development personnel participation…” - the CKB Community Fund DAO is here specifically to facilitate people taking a lead in pushing CKB.

  7. @tannr I suggested writing “Mastering CKB” with a chapter list example I provided here. The idea is a crowd-sourced reference intended solely to facilitate understanding of CKB and building on it- you can check out “Mastering Bitcoin” (or Ethereum/Lighting) for reference to what I was thinking.
    While your textbook would be an inspiring read and immense contribution to our field (and increase visibility and soundness of the CKB narrative), in my opinion it overall skews a bit tangential to my suggestion.


Okay, I really don’t dare to oppose the foundation. Can you reveal some details about the book with “matt.bit”? I’m a small retail investor and I don’t know much about the Nervos Foundation. Who has the final say in the foundation?

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you say all that stuff about me not understanding the protocol, yet you don’t know much about the foundation? do you know who I am or are you just trying to blast people who want to improve the ecosystem?

(hint: I founded the community)

I think you’ve been a bit presumptuous so far.

“your understanding and abilities cannot represent Nervos or our community

I think these statements hurt your credibility because Matt is in charge of foundation and he says I do understand it just fine. It really seems like you’re just trying to make these arguments in bad faith. You clearly don’t know me or my understanding.

Have a nice day

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I was making a point based on what you said in your comment. You said that @Vesper cannot be relied upon as an agent of Nervos because he agreed with my proposal. So I was asking if you would make that sort of generalization toward the foundation as well.

I wasn’t saying you CANT do that; plenty of people oppose the foundation regularly. I was merely asking a question to establish how broadly you apply this generalization, because your answer would open the door for me to make my next point. But I guess I didn’t expect you to avoid the question

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But it is clear you belong to a little group of crusaders; you all go around insulting the same people and make sure to throw “likes” at your other members’ posts to show support. It’s very obviously a coalition of toxicity. It’s a shame too. Because in my last reply to you in my proposal thread, I attempted to build a bridge (so to speak) where we could meet in the middle with mutual understanding. It’s not clear to me that will not happen, because you have no interest in turning this into something productive

Refrain from personal attacks please.


We should all agree to refrain from such attacks.

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