[DIS] CKB Textbook: Computing Common Knowledge Community Grants Proposal

I see your comments stating that Matt agrees with this proposal and that opposing the proposal is equivalent to opposing Matt and the foundation. Can you please explain what you mean?

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Incorrect assessment of the situation yet again. The concern was that proposal wasn’t aligned with the foundation so Tanner made a rhetorical point that it was in favor with Matt, so the concerned person was going against their own logic.

Try harder if you want to play politics

By the way, addressing your deleted post even further, I don’t see us as American vs Chinese. I see us all as one community. It really sounds like you are the one with the problem here.

If I’m not particularly stupid to the point of misunderstanding his intent, I think he’s making an analogy that you or tannr think opposing the proposal equals opposing Matt equals opposing the foundation, which is like you not caring about his loss equals not caring about the Chinese community. He’s not accusing you of creating racial antagonism, although you do have a relevant and unsavory history.

“He’s not accusing you of creating racial antagonism”

You must have missed his deleted comment where he said exactly that.

I can see the revision history, and I can see the marks of your repeated revisions to a paragraph. But I really think you misunderstood him. Maybe you should be sarcastic before you really understand someone.

By that logic he’s saying his own point about me not caring about his buy price is equivalent to not liking the Chinese community is a moot point

I don’t think I misunderstood I am taking his words at face value. He deleted it because it’s an absurd jump in logic

Well, I’m just expressing my opinion, I hope you can continue the discussion and have a good day.

Appreciate your input, welcome to the community

I think the amount Tannr was asking for was probably too much for the DAO to afford at this point, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fair amount for his time and expertise. If the DAO had $100 million dollars in the treasury, then we would probably think it was a great deal.

But the possible future price of CKB really can’t be considered by the proposer, they can only go by what the price is at this moment. Not sure whether you read above, but he was also open to being paid out over the term of the project so that the DAO could get the advantage of any possible price increase.


B.) nobody cares what your investment cost was. That’s not how the math works.

I understand what you’re saying. First, you mentioned that you are a leader of the community, protecting the interests of the community. However, you also said that you don’t care about retail investors’ investments. Are retail investors not considered community members? Who do you represent? Where do your interests come from? Based on your personal conduct, I don’t acknowledge you as a leader of the Nervos community.


Well I’m sorry the way that I said it. I meant to I say that it was not relevant to the situation we’re in.

(Again I think this is a language barrier issue more than anything, I’m happy to clarify things to find common ground. I did not mean to insult investors

I didn’t mean to say nobody cares in general about investments. I was specifying this space and time as an instance where it was not relevant.

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding I hope you can accept the apology

There is no leader of Nervos Nation. It’s owned by Neon, run and up-kept by the admin and I. There are just people that have big personalities that dwell within.

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He is a big man.

I’m trying to reach out an olive branch and make amends as we are all on the same network

As the originator discontinued pursuit of this, discussion is closed on this proposal.

I’ll be quicker in closing the next time this happens