[DIS] Build and Distribute Efficient Network Nodes

My name Phillip Dos Santos, I have been an active Nervos community member, a telegram moderator and a tinkerer/builder for several years. I have been building Nervos related electronic paraphernalia for fun for the majority of that time. I have participated in several CKB hackathons and have intention to continue working in and around Nervos for the foreseable future.

I propose to build and distribute 50 small, efficient, cost effective CKB nodes in order to aid network decentralisation. Per the CKB node probe there are anywhere from 270-350 nodes online at any one time. An addition of 50 nodes would make a 15-18% increase in our regular node count. These prospective nodes are self contained with both WiFi and LAN options and an inbuilt display and consume an average of 4W at 240VAC. Even in the most expensive country in the world, Denmark, these machines would cost the operator $20 USD a year to operate 24/7. Significantly less than a standard personal computer.

Over some months I have been assessing suitability of several different, ARM CPU based (S)ingle (B)oard (C)omputers for the task and have developed a couple of working prototypes. The devices are aesthetically pleasing and make great promotional material for social media. I have taken feedback from the Nervos Nation Telegram community on the nodes appearance and have opted to make them “skinnable” via interchangeable panels and intend to distribute them with several different skins for the operator.

In order to determine distribution of the nodes I suggest giving previously voted, CKB community DAO members first opportunity to receive and run the nodes if they wish to participate. While there is no contractual obligation to run them I would hope only those with the genuine intent to operate the machines on a mostly continuous basis, would apply to receive them.

The SBC’s I’ve chosen to utilise for the proposed nodes is the Orange Pi 3b.


I have decided on this board over other, more well known boards such as the Raspberry Pi 4b mostly due to their superior on-board IO and cost:performance ratio. I propose to utilise the eMMC storage option on these boards and ship them configured with a Linux based, graphical/desktop, operating system. All boards will be both passively and actively cooled via heatsinks an integral fan. They will also ship with a 5” LCD display and a 3A, 5V switchable USB-C power supply.

I believe I can have each unit build and delivered for approximately $165 USD per unit globally(certain countries excluded due to freight restrictions). I am not asking for compensation for my time only materials/freight and electricity to assemble and 3d print the cases.

Unit Cost 165

Quantity 50

Total USD 8250

CKBUSDT 0.003655

Total CKB 2,257,182

I estimate a time frame of 6-8 weeks to acquire, assemble, print and distribute the nodes with outgoing freight time varying country to country originating in Australia.

I am happy to answer any questions people may have. Thanks for your time. Merry Christmas.

我叫 Phillip Dos Santos,多年来我一直是一名活跃的 Nervos 社区成员、电报版主和修补者/构建者。大部分时间我都在制作 Nervos 相关的电子设备来娱乐。我参加过几次 CKB 黑客马拉松,并打算在可预见的未来继续在 Nervos 及其周围工作。

我建议构建和分发 50 个小型、高效、具有成本效益的 CKB 节点,以帮助网络去中心化。根据 CKB 节点探测,任何时候都有 270-350 个节点在线。添加 50 个节点将使我们的常规节点数量增加 15-18%。这些预期节点是独立的,具有 WiFi 和 LAN 选项以及内置显示器,在 240VAC 时平均功耗为 4W。即使在世界上最昂贵的国家丹麦,这些机器每年 24/7 的运行也会花费运营商 20 美元。明显小于标准个人计算机。

几个月来,我一直在评估几种不同的基于 ARM CPU 的(S)单(B)板(C)计算机是否适合该任务,并开发了几个工作原型。这些设备美观大方,是社交媒体的绝佳宣传材料。我从 Nervos Nation Telegram 社区获取了关于节点外观的反馈,并选择将它们设置为“可换肤”,并打算为操作员分发几种不同的皮肤。

为了确定节点的分配,我建议给予之前投票的 CKB 社区 DAO 成员如果愿意参与的话首先有机会接收和运行节点。虽然没有运行它们的合同义务,但我希望只有那些真正打算在基本连续的基础上操作机器的人才会申请接收它们。

我选择用于建议节点的 SBC 是 Orange Pi 3b。


我决定选择该板而不是其他更知名的板(例如 Raspberry Pi 4b),主要是因为它们具有卓越的板载 IO 和后续的性能/稳定性。我建议在这些主板上使用 eMMC 存储选项,并为它们配置基于 Linux 的图形/桌面操作系统。所有主板都将通过散热器和集成风扇进行被动和主动冷却。它们还将配备 5 英寸 LCD 显示屏和 3A、5V 可切换 USB-C 电源。

我相信我可以在全球范围内以每单位约 165 美元的价格建造和交付每个单位(由于货运限制,某些国家/地区不包括在内)。我并不要求赔偿我组装和 3D 打印箱子所需的材料/运费和电力费用。

单位成本 165

数量 50

总计 8250 美元

CKBUSDT 0.003655

总计 CKB 2,257,182

我估计需要 6-8 周的时间来获取、组装、打印和分发节点,从澳大利亚出发的各个国家的发货时间各不相同。



Per recommendation the modified coatings are as follows

Unit Cost 180

Quantity 30

Total USD 5400

CKBUSDT 0.003655

Total CKB 1,477,429



单位成本 180

数量 30

总计 5400 美元

CKBUSDT 0.003655

总计 CKB 1,477,429

This proposal has now reached the voting stage: https://dao.ckb.community/thread/48231


I love the initiative, thank you for the time and effort you put into this as well as your presence in the community generally


Great idea!This means a lot to our decentralized network.


My only feedback would be you should add a little bit to compensate for your time. This work takes a great deal of time


This is going to be a lot of work for assembly. I suggest a slightly higher cost per node, but also a lower node count. Perhaps $180 per node for 30 nodes? This will still increase the node count by about 10%, and it reduces the commitment if there are hiccups in production.


Great job Phil.

Lots of us have seen you working on this for a long time now and it’s obviously something you love doing. But this is also adds a huge amount of immeasurable value to CKB, so I think you deserve to be compensated for your work, even though it is only a hobby.

I don’t know how we put a value on the time you’ve put into this already, not to mention the work that’s ahead of you for this proposal but you’d probably clear out the whole DAO fund if we paid you by the hour :sweat_smile:

So I think you need to either add some more CKB to the amount for yourself, or go with Jordan’s idea of less nodes, but higher cost per node.


I appreciate the feedback so far. I can certainly make the change to a lower number of units at a slightly higher cost. The 50 units is a somewhat arbitrary number.


Looks great! Love the aesthetics. Definitely will order one once it’s ready :wink:


Exciting project, fully support it!


Great initiative :)!




With this in mind, how do I go about amending my proposal? Given like garnered this far are for the numbers initially specified. Do I make a new post?


With this in mind, how do I go about amending my proposal? Given like garnered this far are for the numbers initially specified. Do I make a new post?

I think it’s fair to amend the original post and add a section at the bottom that describes the changes. These changes will be reflected once they go to Metaforo for the official vote.


Phil, I’ve watched your passion grow for this project over the last two years and wow man, you are a bad mamma jamma bro. I agree, you need something for your time sir. Thanks for your hard innovative work!


I’m all for it!


This vote is now live on Metaforo



Interesting project, worthy of support!

Updates (January 9, 2024):

Hi @wyltek, the funds requested for this proposal have been paid and the payment link is as follows:


Thank you for your efforts and look forward to seeing more CKB nodes go live.

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All received, time to get this show on the road​:tada:


To claim a node please go to nervosnodes.bit.cc and click the link. Submit your details in the form. As mentioned previous DAO voters will be prioritised.