(DIS) AMA on r/Cryptocurrency subreddit

Quick summary

Proposal to conduct an AMA on r/Cryptocurrency with the Nervos Network team

Burning of 1800-1900 MOONs. Price of 1 MOON at time of writing = $0.27. Expected total cost = $518 (= 107,917 CKB with CKB at 0.0048)


r/Cryptocurrency is the most popular subreddit for the discussion of cryptocurrencies - and perhaps the most popular platform outside of Twitter

Since last year they have been offering services to outside projects such as enabling AMA events, providing giveaways, hosting project banners for the sub header, and other such things.

You can read about their services here:

events - CryptoCurrency (reddit.com)

These services usually require the purchase and burning of MOONs, which is their bespoke currency and way of creating value for users.

My proposal is that the Nervos team conducts an AMA on the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit so that their users can ask questions and find out more about Nervos Network.

The MOON requirement is slightly unclear. On the above-linked page it says 1800. On the calculator linked in the application form, it says 1920. Assuming it is 1920 MOONs, the total cost for this AMA would be $518. (I think that’s pretty good value)

Assuming a successful vote, funds would be transferred to whoever runs the u/-nervos- account (I believe that’s the official Nervos account?) so that they can complete the application process as necessary.


提议与Nervos Network团队一起对r/加密货币进行AMA

燃烧1800-1900个月亮。撰写本文时 1 个月的价格 = 0.27 美元。预期总成本 = 518 美元(= 107,917 CKB,CKB 为 0.0048)


r/Cryptocurrency 是讨论加密货币最受欢迎的subreddit,也许是Twitter之外最受欢迎的平台

自去年以来,他们一直在为外部项目提供服务,例如启用 AMA 活动、提供赠品、为子标题托管项目横幅等。




我的建议是,Nervos团队在(r/Cryptocurrency subreddit)上进行AMA,以便他们的用户可以提出问题并了解有关Nervos Network的更多信息

月亮要求略显不清楚。在上面链接的页面上,它说1800。在申请表中链接的[计算器](Community Engagement Pricing Calculator - Google 試算表 1920 个月亮,这个 AMA 的总成本将是 518 美元。(我认为这是相当不错的价值)



Great idea!


Superbe initiative

I think this would be a cost effective way to add high quality content to reddit which future potential users can reference.


Update: Poll for this is now live


I have updated the figures in the polls to reflect more up to date prices (the amount of ckb requested is pretty much the same)

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Updates (May 6, 2023):

Payment for this proposal has been made​:point_down:


这份提案的款项已支付 :point_down:


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This AMA is now confirmed on R/Cryptocurrency for Tuesday 10th October 2023 (time to be confirmed)

The number of MOONs the R/CC moderator team requested for burning (300) was significantly less than what they have publicly stated (as above). I have been advised in future they will request 600.

As such there is a surplus which I propose is reserved for future AMAs with flagship ecosystem projects Dotbit and JoyID (if they are interested). Alternatively it can be sold and returned to the DAO.


:+1: I personally would also recommend keeping it for future AMAs.


this will be awesome the cryptocurrency reddit is like the biggest crypto reddit with 6.8 million members :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

How long will the AMA be and when will it be?

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The AMA on Reddit has now concluded and can be viewed here


Many thanks to @jm9k and @matt.bit for taking the time to do this. I have to say, the responses to all of the questions were of a very high calibre: exceptionally thorough and thoughtful.

I think the AMA overall made a positive impact and was a very worthwhile endeavour - higher numbers of interactions would have been the icing on the cake but I think that’s the reality of low social media activity in a bear market. This thread and the responses will be a great resource for users and researchers on that sub and elsewhere

As mentioned earlier, the remainder of the MOONs from this proposal will be held in reserve for projects like JoyID or DIDbased (dotbit) if they wish to hold an AMA on that sub


I agree, all the answers from Jordan and Matt were absolute quality, they did CKB proud.

A Joyid AMA would be great, it’s the perfect time with Passkey and AA wallets starting to get a lot of attention.