[Updated to block 2205457] Speed Up your CKB node/Neuron Wallet syncing with compressed block data

Hi! I have wrapped all the block data before height 2205457 in a file. It is recommended touse it to speed up CKB node/Neuron Wallet syncing especially if you are syncing from a very early epoch. On average this should save you several hours depending on your network.

Download Link:


  1. Download the file
  2. Shutdown CKB node or Neuron if you are running them
  3. Uncompresss the files to CKB node data folder and
    on Windows: %AppData%\Neuron\chains\mainnet\data
    on Mac:~Library/Application Support/Neuron/chains/mainnet/data
    make sure you choose “Copy and Replace” if you are asked
  4. Launch the node or Neuron

Please note that Neuron will still need 30- 60 minutes to index all the blocks on the first-time launch.