[CKB v0.100.0_Updated to block 5662203] Speed Up your CKB node/Neuron Wallet syncing with compressed block data

Hi all, I have wrapped the ckb block data before height 5662203 based on ckb v0.100.0 in a zip file. Usually it’s not recommended to use it for the sake of security. This data backup is just for emergency use to speed up CKB node/Neuron Wallet syncing especially if you are syncing from a very early epoch. On average this should save you several hours depending on your network.

Before download the file, firstly please make sure that your CKB node’s version is or above [v0.100.0](https://github.com/nervosnetwork/ckb/releases/tag/v0.100.0) which has been bundled in Neuron v0.100.2 or later version.

Download Link:


  1. Download the file
  2. Shutdown CKB node or Neuron( is or above v0.100.2) if you are running them
  3. Uncompresss the files to CKB node data folder and
    on Windows: %AppData%\Neuron\chains\mainnet\data
    on Mac:~Library/Application\ Support/Neuron/chains/mainnet/data
    on Linux: .config/Neuron/chains/mainnet/data
    make sure you choose “Copy and Replace” if you are asked
  4. Launch the node or Neuron

Please note that Neuron will still need 30 - 60 minutes to index all the blocks on the first-time launch.

Hi Kelly, it is a good idea to be providing mainnet data like this? We have automatic bootstrap generation being done for the testnet on ckb.tools/bootstrap, but we omitted the mainnet because we thought it could be a minor security consideration. The risk is probably very small, but we wanted to encourage the best possible policy. What do you think about this?

Is there a way to do this in linux? i can’t find where the data is stored :confused:

updated. On linux it’s chains/mainnet/data

Yes I agree with you that for security reasons it’s not recommend to use this data backup. It’s just for emergency use.
I have updated the post.

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