[Updated to block 1811018] Speed Up your CKB node/Neuron Wallet syncing with compressed block data

Hi! I have wrapped all the block data before height 1811018 in a 7zip file. One can use it to speed up CKB node/Neuron Wallet syncing especially if you are syncing from a very early epoch. On average this should save you 30 - 120 minutes depending on your network.

Download Link:


  1. Download the file
  2. Shutdown CKB node or Neuron if you are running them
  3. Uncompresss the files to CKB node data folder or %AppData%\Neuron\chains\mainnet\data if you are using Neuron on Windows, make sure you choose “Copy and Replace” if you are asked
  4. Launch the node or Neuron

Please notice Neuron will still need 30- 60 minutes to index all the blocks on the first-time launch.