Unable to retrieve my Nervos CKB coins fron ledger nano X hardware

I save my CKB Nervos file in Json format on my computer offline. I stake my CKB in DAO Neuron with Ledger Nano X. Now I’m trying to import Json file but its says “Invalid JSON file, please check your file integrity”. Last time I was login December 2021.
Even when I connect my Ledger Nano X only it doesn’t show my CKB coins. Nor its importing Json file.
Its showing different address. My transaction still showing in Nervos Explorer and I have the proof I sent token from crypto.com.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Its so frustrating investing for so long and can’t access my coins.


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I would say that you have a prehardfork version of Neuron

A) Update to the latest version of Neuron

B) Sync 100%

C) Clear cache

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I did that and using 0.114.2 latest version.


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I’m pretty sure you can’t backup a Ledger wallet with a Json file, that seems to defeat the whole purpose of a hardware wallet, so that Json would be for another wallet.

Like Alejandro said, make sure you are synced 100%. If you are using the light client, then you need to make sure you synced from the blocks before you first transaction using that wallet.

Also, are you sure you weren’t using a Passphrase on your Nano?

Yes I use passphrase on Nano X Wallet in Neuron. But I reinstall windows and logged in with my Ledger nano X and it did not asked me for the password. I also saved Json file with password which I can open with password but it does not showed my coins. In fact in output its shows two different addresses. In Ledger Nano X its shows nothing and totally different receiving address. Neuron screwed me up because of the price of CKB is going up?

I just want to make sure we are on the same page, a Ledger passphrase is different to your seedphrase, do you remember creating a second type of seed phrase in the Ledger?

Also, have you synced a full node or a light node?

Yes the ledger passphrase was different and I have a Json file which can only be imported with password. I has only two accounts. One with Ledger and one with passphrase.

I think you cannot put password on Ledger hardware wallet can you. I did bot full and light Node. Now I clear the cache and connect my ledger nano X with sign in contract off, mainnet On and signing hash On in the ledger. so far 39% sync but its still not showing Ledger receiving address and saying address not found.

I spent whole week try to get my coins and my hands and finger are swore. I know its a crypto world and you can lose everything and I did lost BNB from watch only wallet from Trust Wallet with Nano S and I don’t trust Ledger company but all my coins are still in Nano X even I found my Neo3 which is similar to Nervos CKB system in ledger.

Do you know any other Nervos walet that you can import Json file which allows staking as my coins are in DAO Staking in Neuron.

But I have all stuff offline and transaction still showing in the Nervos explorer couldn’t get my coins.


This may be correct, because Nervos CKB have changed the serialized format of addresses in 2022.[1]

:point_right: Take it easy, let figure out it through the following steps:

  • Go to Nervos Explorer, search the old address, then search the new address.
  • Compare their transactions, if both of them have same transactions, that means they are the same one.

As you said, I guess your JSON file have been imported to Neuron successfully in the past.

:point_right: So, can you just download an old version of Neuron which you used in Dec, 2021 and import your JSON file again to verify the JSON file.

You don’t have to sync the mainnet’s data, it just wants to make sure your file integrity is fine.

:warning: Please use another machine, so that to avoid overriding your current Neuron’s data, since sync mainnet is so slow.

update: You can try Neuron 0.100.0 (2021-09-25), it could be downloaded from their GitHub release.

I’m sorry to say that, the truth is, if your JSON file is corrupted, it’s a very high probability that you lost all CKB coins.

If your JSON file is NOT corrupted, I couldn’t promise, but I think you must be able to get all your CKB coins back.

So, check your JSON file’s integrity first, let’s figure out whether it’s corrupted.

Once your JSON file was imported into the old version of Neuron successfully, you should better to go to their Discord channel to ask the developers of Neuron directly.

I wish you got everything back at last.

  1. CKB RFC21: propose a new full address format ↩︎


OK forget what I said about Passphrase, I think I’m just confusing things.

And if you definately remember depositing into the DAO using your Ledger then also forget about the JSON file, that is only for the original wallet non-Ledger wallet you created in Neuron.

Is the 39% sync for Full node or Light node?

If it’s a full node, then your CKB will show in your account when the Sync is finished.

If you are using the Light Node, then you need to either Sync from the start or sync from before the block of your first transaction using you Ledger. (maybe go 1000 blocks or so before)

But try not to panic, if you deposited into the DAO with your Ledger and you still have access to your Ledger with the same seedphrase, then you will still have access to your CKB. Neuron has some quirks which can sometime make things seem like they are missing, a lot of us have been there and the panic is real haha.

Wait untill you have 100% sync and I’m sure you will see them.

Also, make sure your Ledger is up to date with the latest firmware etc, you can do this in Ledger Live.

Thanks i will try that.

Its in Full internal Node is only 47% and nothing showing and still in address not found mode.
Will update once its done.



This is an known issue[1], and the message is incorrect.
That means there is a very high probability that your JSON file is not corrupted, just a wrong message.

I asked the developers of Neuron in Discord and they replied me that.[2]

  1. Misleading error message was shown when a watching wallet is imported repeatedly. · Issue #380 · Magickbase/neuron-public-issues · GitHub ↩︎

  2. Discord ↩︎

Hi @cashngrab

I’m a developer of Neuron to support.

After reading the thread I got the following messages

  1. There are two accounts/wallets, one of Ledger and one of Keystore(JSON File);
  2. Importing JSON file leads to an error “Invalid JSON file, please check your file integrity”;
  3. Ledger was connected but an unfamiliar address was displayed;

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Those (underlying) errors may be revealed in Neuron’s log file, which can be exported as a Zip file by Menu => Help => Export debug information, please send it to [email protected] so we can figure it out.

Hope it helps.

  1. There are two accounts/wallets, one of Ledger and one of Keystore(JSON File);
  2. Importing JSON file leads to an error “Invalid JSON file, please check your file integrity”;
    Yes. One file is imported successfully and showing two transactions. Only one transaction is visible in Neuron with small amount of ckb.
  3. Ledger was connected but an unfamiliar address was displayed;
    Yes. That waste my two much time. May be its a ledger who screwed me up or Nervos hard fork.

Its 55% synced right now both hardware and passphrase connected. Its showing two transactions output .Small amount is showing in Neuron but there is another large amount showing in Nervos explorer in second output but not showing in Neuron? in keystore wallet. but nothing in hardware wallet even receive address not available or not found yet.

Hi @cashngrab

The sync progress is 55% so your transactions are listed partially because Neuron is a full-node wallet and it loads transactions block by block. Your transaction will be revealed when the block that includes the transaction is downloaded/synced.

Can you send the log file to [email protected] so we can have a debug?

The steps of how to export it was mentioned above Unable to retrieve my Nervos CKB coins fron ledger nano X hardware - #13 by keith

Besides, the address of your ledger and the unfamiliar address could be sent together so we can verify if they are the same one but only in different display formats.


You may find that the log file is huge when you send it via e-mail. It’s a known issue and will be fixed in the next release.

Now you can delete the original logs by following steps, and then keep Neuron running for a while to generate the new log to send.

How to delete the original logs:

  1. Windows
    • Keep Neuron off;
    • Open the file explorer, and visit %AppData%/Neuron/logs;
    • Delete light_client_mainnet.log;
    • Restart Neuron to generate new logs.
  2. MacOS
    • Keep Neuron off;
    • Open Finder.app, press cmd + shift + g to open navigator
    • Type /Users/Your_Username/Library/Logs/Neuron and press Enter to go
    • Some log files should be listed, delete the light_client_mainnet.log
    • Restart Neuron

Thanks. Do I need to send log when its 100% synced? I have Ledger Nano X, Ledger Nano S and two seed phrases. I had done it separately. But the moment I logged into Neuron its shows the same address throughout and no new address added or my previous address never came back on any of these wallets.
I have now 80% and added one address and deleted others when it was almost 40%.
If nothing show on this after 100%, I will delete the Neuron log and add my four addresses same time and than wait again for the sync?
I usually do full node, does it effect if you only do light client. My computer take 3 to 4 days to sync.


You won’t need to sync again when using Full Node, once it is fully synced you can add/remove accounts whenever you like without having to start again.

Light Client is a lot faster, but you need to sync every address seperately.

Nervos Neuron wallet is a big scam so does CKB in my expereince with them. All I can tell its scammed me 100%. You will only get to know when it happened to you.
My investment is gone even I had it stored in hardware wallet. CKB Nervos developer un willing to help except keep saying complete syncing which waste my time only.

So you have completed the Full Node sync 100%?

It’s extremely unlikely that this is a Ledger/Neuron issue. You said yourself you havn’t used your CKB/Neuron for 2 and a half years. You probably wrote off your CKB as dead, which is a common way to forget the things you did and how you did them. I know I do these this with assets I think are now just worthless and can’t even remember what wallet/seedphrase I had them connected to.

I think the most likely explanations here is that you:

(1) You have forgotten which seed phrase you were using when you connected your Ledger to Neuron.

(2) Were using a Passphrase on top of your Seed Phrase in Ledger and have forgotten you did this.

(3) You didn’t use your Ledger at all and have forgotten your Neuron Seedphrase.

If I was you, I’d be having a very hard think about the process you used back then and see if you can remember if you used a different method to manage your CKB.