The Grants Program is Now Open-----Nervos Bi-weekly Report #27


  • Nervos launched a $30 million public grant fund to sponsor external developers building out the core infrastructure and tooling.

  • This first stage category is now open, focused mainly on dev infrastructure. We invite you to submit a proposal for funding and join us in building out the Nervos Ecosystem and Common Knowledge Base (CKB).

  • As of now, the number of CKBytes deposited in the Nervos DAO is over 2.2 billion, from over 1200 addresses (more than 17% of the current circulating supply!) Learn about Nervos DAO or see the Nervos DAO Explained.


  • CKB v0.27.0 has been released.

  • Neuron wallet v0.26.3 has been released. It has a new look, and there’re many improvements to the Nervos DAO feature.

  • CKB explorer has added more visual data to the Nervos DAO page.

  • The team is currently working on Animagus — an AST contract framework, Randao — a random number generator and Godwoken — a layer 1.5 framework for Optimistic Rollup or Zk Rollup.

  • For more details, please review the latest development update.


Upcoming events

  • Jan 28th, Nervos will host a meetup with and Polkadot in San Francisco.

  • Feb 5th, Matt Quinn has been invited to Blockchain Meetup Saxony. He will give a technical overview of Nervos and discuss some possible use cases.

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In 2019, the Nervos team visited more than 10 counties and 20 cities, where we hosted over 70 meetups. We now have local communities in China, Korea, Japan, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Spain, Israel, and the U.S.