POW - Climate and Electricity consumption

As Bitcoin rises in Value, just like in 2017 we are seeing articles pouring in, outlining the huge electricity consumption by Proof of Work chains and their ultimate impact on the climate, despite serving just a fraction of the total population with actual utility. As Nervos is one of the few coins lately implementing pow for its consensus model (and of course it makes sense as pos is still too young and not bullet proven), i would like the engineers to chime in and examine their view, as those articles will ultimately will be used against Nervos as well at some point. How to justify the design choice when the world starts looking more and more into more energy efficient choices (POS)
Even if we assume that most of the datacenters running the miners use renewable energy, the miners itself produce massive amounts of heat and CO2.


@P.J totally agree, we should be prepared for this new wave of attack on PoW.

I talked on this topic on many occasions before, however my own ability is limited, inaccurate and incorrect information is still circulating everywhere. As a community I believe we can do much better! We could make use of abundant existing resources to help people understand the value of PoW. Just spread the information will be very useful.

Here’s a small list of them:

Satoshi made good points 10 years ago. Here’s a later development on heat reuse. I’ll worry more about the electric car industry if there’s any valid proof of “PoW emits massive amounts of CO2”.


Hi, I did a bit of research about PoW & PoS discussion in history and made a list, there are some blogs and Twitter threads about energy consumption, hope it could be helpful

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