I trust this message finds you well and basks in the success of your growth. While the celebration is well-deserved, I believe there’s an even greater horizon of success waiting for your ecosystem. The vision behind your project is inspiring, and I am excited to present a content plan that can propel your growth to new heights.

Understanding that information is the key to a project’s growth, my proposal revolves around leveraging the vast audience on platforms such as Binance Feed and Coinmarketcap Community. With hundreds of thousands of crypto enthusiasts, including both seasoned investors and newbies, these platforms serve as crucial hubs for those exploring potential investments in the crypto landscape.

Here’s what I bring to the table:

  1. Global Reach on a Budget:
    My strategy ensures reaching a global audience without an exorbitant budget. Through strategic placement among Binance and CMC’s top articles, your project can garner maximum visibility.

  2. Organic Engagement:
    I pledge to fuel organic engagement through captivating, SEO-optimized content. This not only attracts attention but also positions your project favorably in search results.

My Expertise, Your Advantage:
As a seasoned Web3 and technical content strategist, I offer:

  • Compelling content that captures attention and drives engagement.
  • SEO mastery to propel your project to the top of search results.
  • A proven track record showcased in my portfolios:(, (Iustitia Coin – Medium).
  • A deep understanding of the crypto and blockchain community, staying abreast of trends.

Beyond Blogs:
This isn’t just about blog posts; it’s a comprehensive content strategy that includes:

  • Regularly updated news and community updates.
  • Social media campaigns designed to spark meaningful conversations.
  • Educational guides and articles to empower your audience.

I believe this proposition holds immense promise for your project’s growth. To delve deeper into the details and explore how we can synergize our efforts, I propose scheduling a call at your earliest convenience.

Best regards,

Hi Online_tycoon! Glad to hear of your interest in CKB

Here is the guide to the CKB Community Fund DAO!

Can you please prepare milestone descriptions and costs so the community can review the proposal?

Milestone 1: Content Strategy and Planning
Description: Define content goals, target audience, and content calendar for Binance Feed and CMC Community.

  • Tasks:
    conduct market research.
    Identify key topics and themes.
    Develop a content calendar.

Milestone 2: Content Creation
Description: Produce high-quality content for Binance Feed and the CMC Community based on the established strategy for your project

  • Tasks:
    Write articles, blog posts, and announcements.
    Create engaging visuals, infographics, and multimedia content.
    Ensure the content aligns with platform guidelines.

Milestone 4: Monitoring and Analytics

  • Description: Implement tools to monitor content performance and gather analytics and CR
  • Tasks:
    • Set up analytics and CR tracking.
    • Monitor engagement metrics.
    • Provide regular reports and insights.

Milestone 5: Optimization and Iteration

  • Description: Continuously optimize content strategy based on analytics and user feedback.
  • Tasks:
    • Implement improvements based on insights.
    • Stay updated on platform changes.

Milestone 6: Promotion and Marketing

  • Description: Promote content to increase visibility and reach a wider audience.
  • Tasks:
    • Develop a promotional plan.
    • Utilize social media and other marketing channels.
    • Collaborate with influencers and partners.
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That’s great! Please add costs and check out the guide for how to propose to the CKB Community Fund DAO.

I usually charge based on the article I work on and each article includes all of this milestones, so I charge $60 per article with all this steps which we can be posting two or three articles

How do I go about that because I couldn’t find any link to propose, or should I just reply to the link?

This is the link to the DAO rules and processes which will explain how you need to go about your proposal.

I think your cost per article is more than reasonable, but when submitting your proposal it might be best for you to first apply for a small block of funding for say 5 articles for $300.

Then after you complete those, you could apply for another block and we would have something to look at and be able to make a decision on whether it is worthwhile continuing.

That also sounds great, I’ll send the proposal now

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