Obsidian Labs - CKB Studio

Team Background

Obsidian Labs is a Silicon Valley based startup focused on blockchain technology. Our founders were YC alumni and have been working together on blockchain for more than two years.

Project Justification

CKB Studio is an IDE to develop CKB scripts on the Nervos blockchain. It currently support

  • CKB Script Editor - code CKB scripts and use the integrated compiler and debugger
  • CKB Keypair Manager - create and manage CKB keypairs
  • CKB Node Manager - run CKB node and miner; switch between local, Aggron testnet and the CKB mainnet
  • CKB Explorer - view account information and transaction history
  • CKB Transaction Constructor - generate CKB transactions conveniently

This proposal outlines the future plan for CKB Studio feature updates. With this proposal, CKB Studio will support more platforms and provide developers with more user-friendly features.

Technical Spec & Implementation


Milestone 1

  • Support Windows operating system
    • Will support all current and upcoming features of CKB Studio
  • Integrate Capsule
    • Support Rust language in the code editor
    • Use Capsule to create project, compile, test, debug & deploy
  • Configurable CKB nodes
    • Modify configurations of CKB node instances
    • Connect to external CKB nodes
    • Genesis script to initialize a newly created CKB instance
  • Run CKB node and CKB compiler on the cloud such as AWS AMI
    • A preparation for CKB Studio webapp in milestone 3
    • Will be able to use in CKB Studio desktop

Milestone 2

  • Integrate lumos
    • Pools for pending transactions
    • Template of frontend project
  • An extensible library to generate CKB transactions
    • Generate CKB transactions from descriptive instructions, such as “Send 10 UDT from A to B”, or “Create a new cell with data XXX” (CKB Studio is currently use a basic version of it to generate transactions)
    • Only based on ckb-sdk-js, ckb-js-toolkit and lumos (or less), so that developers can use in their dApps without CKB Studio
  • Scriptable tx constructor
    • An api to visualize CKB transactions generated from other SDKs / libraries
    • Generate mock transactions for the debugger
  • More support for UDT
    • Display UDT information in the explorer, transaction history, and tx constructor

Milestone 3

  • Run CKB Studio as a webapp (will start in milestone 1 and finish in milestone 3)
    • Signup
    • Save projects on the cloud
    • Support other features in CKB Studio desktop version
  • Integrate polyjuice
    • Support account modal
    • Send account-modal based transactions
  • Signing
    • A process to generate and include general witnesses
    • Support signing using 3rd party wallet or hardware wallet
  • More CKB-specific support in the code editor
    • Support C, JavaScript, Rust
    • CKB syntax highlight
    • Auto-complete
    • Hover on CKB items to show information and refer to docs
    • Show build errors inline


We plan to work on the project in a 6 months based schedule

  • Milestone 1 - 2 months (July - August)
  • Milestone 2 - 2 months (September - Octobor)
  • Milestone 3 - 2 months (November - December)


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