Nervos CKB Mining Competition Round 4 has ended

With the fourth round of the Nervos CKB mining competition completed, we want to express our sincere gratitude to the community, especially all those mining pools and mining OS that support us during our testnet.

During this round, we have support from(listed in no particular order):

During this round we have 9 M CKB mainnet token reward, and thousands of miners participated in the competition. If you want to know the final result, please check our website.

Please note:

  • Please keep your private key safe (keep the file named privkey). Your private key is the only way to get your tokens after mainnet is launched.
  • Mainnet addresses will be different from testnet addresses. But you can use command lines to look for your mainnet address using your privkey.
  • In CKB consensus design, there are four parts of block reward: Base reward,secondary reward,commit reward and proposal reward. As secondary reward is related to state occupation, commit reward and proposal reward are related to transation, those reward could be manipulated. Thus transations,secondary reward,commit reward and proposal reward will not be counted in competition. ONLY base reward will contribute to competition.
  • In our consensus design, transaction confirmation will be delayed. As we only count the block reward,we do not need to consider the transaction delay.
  • For more detail you can check our consensus RFC.

Some link might be useful to you: