imKey - hardware digital wallet Grant proposal

Team Background

The team members of the imKey hardware wallet are security and hardware solution professionals served for the People’s Bank of China Software Development Center, FEITIAN Technologies Co., Ltd.–listed company that focuses on security hardware, and the industry’s well-known blockchain security team Slowmist. Strategically invested by one of the most-used crypto wallet – imToken, the team shares the huge userbase and powerful networks of imToken. imKey team has in-depth understanding and experience of banking security solutions and blockchain security. The team is committed to creating a safe and easy-to-use hardware wallet, providing the essential security infrastructure and professional asset security solutions for the blockchain industry.


  • Xuebo Liu, Senior Expert of People’s Bank of China Software Development Center, Technical Expert of National Internet Finance Association of China
  • Yong Wang, Senior Architect of People’s Bank of China Software Development Center
  • ISME, Co-founder of Slowmist, blockchain security expert

Official Website:

Project and justification

imKey is a reliable hardware wallet that is safe and easy to use with built-in military-grade CC EAL6 + security chip, offline storage of private keys and offline transaction signatures. imKey provides a smooth user experience, connecting to imToken wallet easily via Bluetooth and supporting transactions through imToken. The imKey hardware wallet will give the CKB token holders the most secure choice to store their assets since the security of assets is the basic requirement for token holders.

Technical specification and implementation

  1. imKey Ecological Architecture

  2. imKey-core is a cross-platform SDK developed based on the rust language. It supports integration with mobile applications, PC applications, and web pages, and can be well integrated with the imKey hardware.

  3. imKey cos provides algorithm support of Keccak256, ecdsa (secp256k1), and ed25519, and has launched a firmware upgrade function to better support new algorithms and new services.

  4. imKey applet, used to parse the incoming data of SDK, verify the validity of the data, assemble the signature serialized data and execute the signature, can be updated in a dynamic way to facilitate new features and fix bugs.

  5. imKey-core is for open source. According to the plan, imKey will open source its imKey-core and applet in the near future, leveraging on the power of community to continuously improve the product to better serve the entire ecosystem.

Additional information:

  1. SDK: add CKB signature, address and other functions. Involves data verification, serialization of signature data, etc.
  2. Applet: add support for CKB.


  1. At present, imKey hardware already supports the algorithms of Keccak256, ecdsa (secp256k1), and ed25519. New algorithms can be added through cos upgrade.
  2. imkey-core sdk that we have begun research and development is expected to be completed by the end of March.
  3. SDK and applet can support CKB, which will take about 2 months to complete.