(Idea discussion) Marketing DAO?

Dear all,

A common topic of discussion in the community is ways Nervos and its community can raise its profile in the crypto space and insert itself into the wider narrative which it sometimes finds itself excluded from.

In my opinion, the strategy for the growth of Nervos must be multifaceted, and various strategies should be employed for different time horizons. Below are my thoughts on what these strategies are.

Application growth (Nervos as infrastructure)

I strongly believe that a catalyst for Nervos’ growth will be the maturation of tooling and ease of development for builders new to the ecosystem, as well as the development of pioneer applications which demonstrate the unique strengths and use-cases of Nervos as a platform. In this context, users are onboarded through the success of the apps building on Nervos; Dotbit is the prime example in this regard.

Once builders can take inspiration from successful pioneer applications, it will make Nervos a more attractive proposition for prospective projects. “Build it and they will come” - Advancements in user experience and technological capabilities will naturally attract users, especially when these applications can leverage the abstractive and agnostic nature of Nervos.

This accumulation of value at the application level stands to benefit Nervos, in particular thanks to the cell model and its value capture mechanism, thereby putting it outside of the “fat protocol” vs “fat application” paradigm.

If you compare Nervos to vital public infrastructure or resources (roads, railway, arable land), it seems unusual to think that this itself should be marketed. Rather it’s the resultant cars, business, or produce that is marketed. After that, the protocol really “sells itself.”

For a long term time horizon, I believe this is the way to successful growth.

Community activism

A key ingredient in the successful growth of a project or protocol is a vibrant and flourishing community. This is what we have been working on with Nervos Nation - a grassroots community of supporters that has been involved in education and activism across social media over the past few years. We plan to continue this work and scale up operations to increase our reach and influence in the wider crypto/web3 community (a seperate proposal on this will be forthcoming). On our part strategy involves

  1. Content creation (videos, infographics) to better educate existing and future community members about the merits of Nervos Network;
  2. Mobilising community members for activism and education across social media
  3. Creating and supporting avenues and platforms for community creativity (e.g. NFTnation)

Similar efforts can be seen across other language communities. The community fund DAO highlights the spirit of decentralisation and the necessity of the wider community to take greater responsibility in shaping the future of Nervos.

So what’s the problem?

The above factors are ongoing endeavours. Many of our community activists will agree that, outside of price speculation, it is still a challenge to get bigger personalities and key opinion leaders to seriously consider Nervos in even the more technical discussions. A second problem is, that because crypto communities are still very much siloed and tribal, it can be difficult to get our message across in a way that people will want to listen.

I believe that, outside of the strategies mentioned above, there are other steps we can consider to raise our profile and become a bigger part of the conversation.

Marketing DAO

The idea here is a group of known and trusted community members come together to push forward a new marketing initiative for Nervos. It would be the responsibility of this group (or DAO) to find, shortlist and select a credible marketing agency - with a strategy that aligns with our values and who have a track record of success in this niche - that could help improve the visibility of Nervos. The DAO would negotiate a fee with the agency for a short term contract (for example 3 months), and decide on the metrics to determine success. This would then be presented here as a funding proposal for consideration from the community.

What would such marketing involve? I have no idea. What I do know however, is that every field has its specialists; and if there’s an area (in any walk of life) that needs attention and you desire the best outcome, you should consult the specialists.

The overall goal here is community growth - getting more people interested in Nervos as an idea and as a credible platform in today’s congested web3 space.

Does PR (public relations) / marketing even work? An example I think about is the currently-stalled Cardano bridge. Time and time again, I hear from people that they heard about Nervos through news of the Cardano bridge. In fact, some who joined us at that time have now come key community members. Although the bridge has not materialised, it was excellent PR, and it got many outsiders talking about Nervos. That was enough of a spark to bring people into the community.

Yes, not all marketing works, and there are many examples of marketing ventures that yielded very little results. But this to me goes back to finding experts who actually have a track record of success and leaning on their expertise. I don’t have paid ads or the like in mind, I feel it involves something akin to more visibility in crypto press, and more exposure to KOLs or popular platforms/channels to help inject ourselves into the conversation.

In conclusion I believe the general trajectory is still the same, but that action taken can steepen or flatten that trajectory curve. I would love to hear from people what their thoughts are.


社区中一个常见的讨论话题是 Nervos 及其社区如何提高其在加密货币领域的知名度,并将自己融入到有时被排除在外的更广泛的叙述中。

在我看来,Nervos 的成长策略一定是多方面的,不同的时间跨度应该采用不同的策略。 以下是我对这些策略的看法。

应用增长(Nervos 作为基础设施)

我坚信,Nervos 增长的催化剂将是工具的成熟和生态系统新手开发的便利性,以及先锋应用程序的开发,这些应用程序展示了 Nervos 作为平台的独特优势和用例。 在这种情况下,用户是通过在 Nervos 上构建的应用程序的成功而入职的; Dotbit 是这方面的主要例子。

一旦建设者能够从成功的先驱应用中获得灵感,这将使 Nervos 成为对未来项目更具吸引力的提议。 “Build it and they will come”——用户体验和技术能力的进步自然会吸引用户,尤其是当这些应用程序可以利用 Nervos 的抽象性和不可知性时。

这种在应用程序级别的价值积累有利于 Nervos,特别是由于细胞模型及其价值捕获机制,从而将其置于“胖协议”与“胖应用程序”范式之外。

如果将 Nervos 与重要的公共基础设施或资源(公路、铁路、耕地)进行比较,那么认为 Nervos 本身应该进行营销似乎是不寻常的。 相反,销售的是由此产生的汽车、企业或产品。 之后,该协议真正“推销自己”。



一个项目或协议成功发展的关键因素是一个充满活力和繁荣的社区。 这就是我们一直在与 Nervos Nation 合作的目标——Nervos Nation 是一个基层支持者社区,在过去几年中一直参与跨社交媒体的教育和行动主义。 我们计划继续这项工作并扩大运营规模,以增加我们在更广泛的 crypto/web3 社区中的影响力和影响力(即将提出关于此的单独提案)。 就我们而言,战略涉及

创建内容(视频、信息图表)以更好地教育现有和未来的社区成员了解 Nervos Network 的优点;
创建和支持社区创造力的途径和平台(例如 NFTnation)
在其他语言社区中也可以看到类似的努力。 社区基金 DAO 强调了去中心化的精神,以及更广泛的社区在塑造 Nervos 的未来方面承担更大责任的必要性。


上述因素是持续的努力。 我们的许多社区活动家都会同意,除了价格投机之外,让更大的人物和关键意见领袖在更技术性的讨论中认真考虑 Nervos 仍然是一个挑战。 第二个问题是,由于加密社区仍然非常孤立和部落化,因此很难以人们愿意倾听的方式传达我们的信息。



这里的想法是一群知名且值得信赖的社区成员聚集在一起,为 Nervos 推进一项新的营销计划。 这个小组(或 DAO)有责任寻找、入围和选择一个可靠的营销机构——其战略符合我们的价值观,并且在这个利基市场有成功的记录——这可以帮助提高知名度 神经质。 DAO 将与该机构就短期合同(例如 3 个月)协商费用,并决定衡量成功的指标。 然后,这将作为资助提案在此处呈现,供社群考虑。

这种营销涉及什么? 我不知道。 但是,我所知道的是,每个领域都有其专家。 如果有一个领域(在各行各业)需要注意并且您希望获得最佳结果,则应该咨询专家。

这里的总体目标是社区发展——让更多人对 Nervos 感兴趣,将其作为当今拥挤的 web3 空间中的一个想法和一个可靠的平台。

PR(公共关系)/营销是否有效? 我想到的一个例子是目前停滞不前的卡尔达诺桥。 一次又一次,我从人们那里听到他们通过卡尔达诺桥的消息听说了 Nervos。 事实上,当时加入我们的一些人现在已经成为重要的社区成员。 虽然这座桥还没有实现,但它是一个很好的公关,它让很多局外人都在谈论 Nervos。这足以将人们带入社区。

是的,并不是所有的营销都有效,而且有很多营销活动收效甚微的例子。 但这对我来说可以追溯到寻找真正拥有成功记录并依靠他们的专业知识的专家。 我没有考虑付费广告之类的东西,我觉得它涉及类似于在加密媒体中提高知名度的东西,以及更多地接触 KOL 或流行的平台/渠道,以帮助我们融入对话。

总之,我认为总体轨迹仍然相同,但所采取的行动可以使轨迹曲线变陡或变平。 我很想听听人们的想法。


Being invested in Nervos for 2 years I am still not very clear of Nervos’ unique selling point. Mainly because new features and tooling is being built.

I had one clear message from Nervos when I first invested. That is, it was able to connect blockchains and allow easy interoperability. I have not seen this feature come to light.

I think if we want more developers and users, we need to have more infographics or articles or tweets portraying Nervos’ current features (that are advantages over other blockchains). It also needs to be in simple language


Thanks for your input @Andrew_Tran - as a community we have been working on concise explainer videos for the core aspects of Nervos (see below). It’s an ongoing process and the main Twitter account is currently posting some great infographic content so I’d recommend following that.

Here are the explainer videos


This a forward thinking initiative to get Nervos out to the people. A strong proactive community is all it takes to carry this idea.

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As an early investor in ETH, I disagree for needing of the Marketing DAO. Instead, we need to support the developers to prosper the infrastructure for the potential developers to join the community for the longrun.

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ClearThePath, [21 Jan 2023 at 17:12:33 (21 Jan 2023 at 17:24:13)]:
We need an strategic approach to this. The first question to ask is what is the end goal?

If the end goal is to get more developers on board building projects then the marketing will be different then if the end goal is about getting people investing.

Regardless, we need as many touch points as possible to get people thinking about Nervos. This varies by industry but we want people to ‘constantly’ see and hear about the Nervos ecosystem. This requires a consistent ‘no holds barred’ approach. We need a platform where the cost to do this is as cheap as possible but has maximum visibility. We need to track and monitor.

We also need to allocate a budget to this because that will determine the approach we take.

Running a continuous campaign for 6 months or longer (tweaking it as we do) will ensure a great deal of visibility about the project. You can spend as little as £5-15/day on a Facebook engagement campaign. It’s been a while since I last ran a campaign but I found £5/day applied consistently over long periods of time helped increase the visibility massively. We choose one or several such strategies and once we have tweaked it and set up a system to monitor it, we forget about it. It runs according to the system.

We also need to funnel any user clicks to the exact places we want them to go. For instance if they are investors, they go to this website/video/tutorial etc. If they are developers they are taken somewhere else. At the moment, this is haphazard, there is no structure. Same with search engine results. When people search under specific terms we want them to click on specific videos/articles.

We need to take customers on a user journey from hearing about Nervos to commiting to Nervos. We sit down and discuss each part of the experience and decide as a community how we are going to implement each aspect.

When we have created a plan, we find out the cost that each part of the plan will involve together with the total ‘investment’ needed.

One thing to note, if our ecosystem is not ready for example: bad manuals, bad explainer videos, tools and tutorials then our marketing won’t help. We need all of that ready. However, we can start visibility campaigns before they are fully ready as I think they can run for about 2/3 months before we start seeing their fruits.

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And the end result? What is the point of having MarketingDAO? Forgotten in the end. Imagine destroying the good project by spending funds on meaningless “marketing”/“promotion” money grab schemes.

Appreciate your input @DaGeneral @ClearThePath @Early_eTH_investor

I’m not saying there’s a right opinion, just that it’s important enough to discuss and debate

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Sure. However, I saw many projects’ Marketing group/DAO money-grabbing without any significant achievement since the early days of crypto. Let the devs work on their job first.

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Let me add some thoughts. The example you gave of Ethereum’s marketing DAO. By late 2019/early 2020, when that DAO was proposed, Ethereum was already very popular and well known. Vitalik always featured prominently in the crypto community. Even by 2015/16, Ethereum was pretty well known from the sources I’ve read.

Ethereum didn’t have a problem with visibility. Nervos is in a different context, I would say most of the crypto space is still unaware of Nervos. That is the challenge we are trying to overcome. So your example is comparing apples with oranges.

Secondly, I don’t agree that all marketing is useless. Most projects understand the need for outreach, profile-raising, visibility etc. Even Nervos. “Let the devs build” is a big part of the equation imo, but not all of it. Building a strong, growing community will make Nervos a more attractive place for developers too.


Hey Neon!

While I’d definitely be on board to vote for some sort of community marketing DAO proposal, especially if it was integrated with Nervos Nation, I personally don’t really like the idea of hiring a marketing firm.

I do agree that sometimes you just need to let the experts do their thing, but I also think that it would be very hard in this case to not only get our money’s worth, but also to measure the success of any sort of marketing campaign.

I would prefer to see members of the community come up with their own ideas and put them forward as proposals inside of the Marketing DAO, where we all then vote on which one/s to go with.

But I admit, I don’t have any idea how much it costs to engage one of these companies, so maybe after a proposal is put forward I might change my position.


Thanks for your input @Yeti, we do have an upcoming Nervos Nation proposal that would see us expanding the educator programme that’s been used so far, plus funding for some new explainer videos

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We should have something like this for the growth. Who We Support | Ethereum Foundation ESP


That Ethereum grants program seems to be exactly what I think Nervos is trying to achieve here, except here the grants are decided by the community, rather than the Foundation. So I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to point out?

Also, the whole first section of the recent Ethereum grants are all community event type projects, exactly like the one that’s up for discussion at the moment.

I am just giving a successful example of what can be done right? Somehow you sound butthurted LMAO.

It’s absolutely insane why we would encourage building a ghost city without any inhabitants. The ecosystem comes as the community gets bigger.
Devs wont want to build without a bustling ecosystem to make a business from.
It’s far easier to convince and galvanise investors in the future of the project and teach them patience than it is to encourage devs to have a business in there which will instantly become a slow drip to failure.
Many other networks like Cardano have done this so far with only NFT’s being the MAIN bridge to crypto, and yet their community is gagging now for real-life usage but they’ll attract big business in the future. Nervos has no community of note to feed these developers…yet!!! We are still a baby


Around 50k and onwards for some, the way I’ve seen these projects work is most of that is feeding the influencers and paid trending.

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Same thought. Any funding for marketing sounds dumb at this point of the project progression. There’s no proper usecase for the Nervos yet except for money-grabbing NFT bullshit created by uniswap-forked Yokaiswap.

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That’s not what I was saying. The ghost city is advertising to devs to build without any community around. Communities arrive through clever marketing and networking. If we only build bad businesses, we do not build custom to help them shine. Marketing attracts customers and highlights potential.