(Idea discussion) Marketing DAO?

Bad documentation and tooling is nothing to do with marketing to grow the community. It does depend on what you think the community is. I do not see the community that we need to grow would be developers, especially as you’ve said if layer1 isn’t ready yet or tooling is missing. Then yes it’s a waste of money. I have viewed this DAO proposal as building a community to rally around future projects being built and other initiatives proposed by others. Not for attracting devs.

It’s interesting you mention Cardano. For years they were derided as a ghostchain as they had a lot of users, but very few applications. All they could do was stake.

A lot of the community came on board during their 2018 50x run, and decided it was worthwhile to stick around. So they came in initially for financial reasons, and what convinced them to stay was the promise of exciting and innovative tech. Since then they built a strong grassroots movement and social media presence and, like you say, a huge demand for financial services. And developers are receptive to that demand. Incidentally, Cardano outsourced their marketing to McCann (a professional marketing agency) end of 2019. Food for thought.


Community building takes patience for sure. Many that build projects don’t have this skill set (or so I’ve noticed) yet should always be in mind to have one of these people on their team. I totally get people wanna just code but where will the users be? lol. The ‘spirit’ of customers, user and community appeal to feed these dApps have disappeared in crypto nowadays (I feel It appears to be an afterthought when releasing a project), and people seem to want to build to fail. Cardano did a very good job of convincing people of their future through clever marketing, they managed to build and support some big accounts on that journey, especially on Twitter (Home of crypto…for now). I’m sure all the people with a big history of crypto that are in these high positions understand that and try to prioritise and strategise around that mantra. It’s basic common knowledge for crypto. The only things that have changed slightly are investors tend to not want to do core advertising for free, why should they? They probably think the company/project they’re invested in (in the sandbox stage of decentralisation) should be making those efforts themselves to stay afloat to give investor confidence in their ability to control large amounts of money. Something Cardano also seemed to do well.

Having said that even the myth of ‘We need one killer dApp’ won’t be good enough, especially if the mainstream can’t use the tech yet. People aren’t going to wake up one day and start using blockchain because of a killer dApp, but they are within the layers of communities around blockchain…for now. They’re who we should be marketing too. Whilst others market from other angles.


You gave an example of the exact thing that is trying to be built here, I was just wondering what your point was? This DAO has only be running for a week, give it a chance :rofl:


I agree with what you wrote.
Especially the part of “Application growth (Nervos as infrastructure)”.
But for different target audience, the display content is not so clear (Landing page/Front Page/APP/Twitter). And I think the core display content of marketing must be the bright future of “.bit” “Joyid” or “Nervos” but not CKB token price.
It also requires making long-term plan very carefully, rather than doing it on a whim. In the case of insufficient resources, effective exposure is better than random exposure.