How to build a local CKB full node and connect miner for mining

If the mining pool is no longer available, how can I simply build a local CKB full node and connect my own miner(for example, todek CH1, CK-Box, CK5) for mining?

Deploy a local copy of btcpool may be the fastest way. However the project is abandoned for a while, it may not work well with recent miners.

CKB node provides get_block_template for work distribution but it’s not widely supported by miners. To make it work with miners a stratum v1 adaptor is probably required.

I noticed that there is a Nervos mining pool solution implemented by Insight ( Insight - Automated Stratum V2 mining pool for Nervos - English / Grants - Nervos Talk), which upgrades the btcpool code( btcpool-docker-compose/nodebridge at master · insight-nervos/btcpool-docker-compose), although it has not been updated for a long time, maybe this code can be modified to support ckb v0.100.

Hey orange-xc, were you ever able to connect a miner to a CKB Pool? I’m interested in doing this but get errors when running the Insight stuff. Imaging there have been changes in CKB that make it obsolete. Anyway, any help is appreciated!