Growing the Italian Ecosystem

Telegram: IntesaSanpaolo10
Twitter: Crypto Daddy IntesaSanpaolo.bit @CryptoDaddy1501

CKB Address: ckb1qzda0cr08m85hc8jlnfp3zer7xulejywt49kt2rr0vthywaa50xwsqtm2630rczd6ue65r5qjhgsq9szlqlvlmsxyxclr

Brief Description of My Proposal:
I propose to enhance the visibility and engagement of the Nervos ecosystem through regular technical posts in ITALIAN on my social media channels. My proposal includes posting 1 article per week in Italian, focusing on various aspects of blockchain development, including smart contracts programming, layer 2 scaling solutions, interoperability, and more. Additionally, I will translate and retweet relevant twitter posts from the Nervos community in Italian to broaden our reach and engage with Italian-speaking audiences.

By providing consistent and informative content, I aim to educate people and enthusiasts about the capabilities of the Nervos Network, foster community interaction, and contribute to the growth and adoption of the Nervos ecosystem.
I believe that transparent communication and knowledge sharing are essential for building a strong and vibrant blockchain community, and I am committed to supporting the Nervos Network in Italian in achieving its goals through my proposal.
I will also keep pushing the Italian community to it’s best getting in 12 months at the least 150 active users and over 1500 total users.

Who I am:
I am passionate about Nervos as a technology and I am a long standing fan of it. I am the community manager of the Nervos Italian Community Telegram: Contact @nervositalia with almost 600 users (there are bots but also very active people). My twitter account counts over 300 followers.

I need a compensation for time and work monthly. I am requesting a monthly budget of 1.5 millions CKB for my proposal, starting from March 2024. The total proposal timeline is for 6 months. I would propose a review after 3 months for the opportunity of renewal for the following 3 months. Those money are not for 1 person but for 4 persons to work for the proposal. The 4 most active people (including myself) in the italian community i manage will do the job.

How to do:
The first 3 months (until the 2st review) I will assemble the team, start writing articles, approaching more and more people to spread the good name of Nervos. I will have weekly review with the team and I will try to grow the Italian Ecosystem inside the Nervos Community. This proposal is like exploring a completely new market with a community already formed with good and passionate people willing to do the job. The proposal is a win-win situation for Nervos since in this way they could get info about how sensitive is the Italian Market for Nervos and eventually plan accordingly a long term vision for this country.

In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude for considering my proposal to enhance the visibility and engagement of the Nervos ecosystem mainly for Italian users. Along with the regular technical posts and translation efforts outlined in my proposal, I am open to discussing additional ways to support the growth and development of the Nervos Network. I am dedicated to contributing to the success of Nervos and look forward to the opportunity to work together towards our shared objectives.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


I’ve been supporting nervos ckb for 3 years now and been putting out educational content on x, linked in and tiktok and haven’t asked for anything, I’m passionate about this community and people who are building future tech on it, so when I see someone putting a proposal saying they’ve done the same but haven’t, and asking for massive amount of money (1.6 mill ckb 11000 CND per month todays price) for 6 months it definitely seems like a money grab! Most of your content is about other currencies on X as well.


Im totally with you bro and feel the same way!
1.5 million $CKB a month sound insane and for 6 months… wtf…


Develop something. Code something. Create useful dapp. Creat a layer two bitcoin solution. I appreciate the sentiment but this something that holders do for free.


I cant support this…

I will do what your proposal states for free, my passion for PoW and Nervos is regularly shared within the communities on X/discord/Telegram…

Your asking for 9 million $CKB in a 6 Month Period, that doesn’t seem feasible or realistic… I can totally understand getting paid for your time but asking for $46,000 USD in $CKB is more than i make in a year and your asking for that in a 6 month period… wtf…

Im done talking here and sorry if i come off as a Dick but i am a Dick and feel like your neglecting this privilege of CKB Community Fund DAO…


Those money are not for 1 person but for 4 persons to work for the proposal. The 4 most active people (including myself) in the italian community i manage will do the job.

Totally against this proposal. A ridiculous amount of money, for a profile with 300 followers in X, for work that should be free, for the love of the project. Make 300k followers then we can talk… ; )


With those words you are offending the italian community I represent and the voters who are voting right now this proposal. There is a community asking for a budget and I am just their voice. I don’t think I put something without any value on the table since no one is covering the Italian Market so far.
I do accept critics but this one is no constructive at all.

Ok, to put it constructively… find a way to build a bigger audience so that paying for the shilling, that everyone here does for free, makes sense. The fish is still in the sea, and you put the pan on the stove.

This excellent article can be of great help to you:

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are these people members of the forum? It would be feasible to tag them or share their social media handles in this communication

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just saw this question, my apologise for the late reply. I will show their contact once this phase is approved. We can even make a call if interested to learn about us. No one has the solutions for all the problems but I am putting my face in front of my community.

is it fair to assume that these people are not currently determined?

I got the ok from 2 out of 3 people contacted from the community. The last one got scared about the “grilling system” in Nervos Nations :rofl:

I have clear the idea of the people I would need to do the job and I think it’s an opportunity from Nervos to learn too.

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Thank you for your request. We are delighted to see someone interested in contributing to the CKB community.

However, I’d like to share an experience with you. In one of my previous roles, two competitors may have been more qualified than me in certain aspects. Nevertheless, my supervisor chose me in the end. It later transpired that the other two individuals frequently changed jobs. If the company had hired them, they might have left before creating any substantial value for the organization. This experience had a profound impact on me, emphasizing the importance of loyalty and stability in team members, not just capability.

Unfortunately, upon reviewing your Twitter history, I did not find the content I was hoping to see.


I personally never judged a book from the cover or a person without looking him at work. Peace and love my friend.


not a Dev…it’s arab to me…

è come se io ti parlassi in italiano non credo che capiresti senza un traduttore giusto? Non ho idea che vuoi dimostrare in quanto non conosco i codici o scrivo scripts

You dont have to be a Developer to understand that…

The above users were all created at one time, one after the other… like someone is trying to game the system for likes…


Nice Observation brother!

Seriously… I have no clue if the Degrees in your country are given as gift in the easter eggs or you have to properly work…I follow Nervos since 3 years but I have never registred here since the time I saw a Community Grant was given to a project basically to rug people…since then I didn’t even care to check here again…one of those users is me…I’m a “fresh” user but I follow nervos since ages…same for most of the italians in my community which registred all together as soon as I made this proposal public…I would love to hear more fantastic and interesting things from you but I have to polish my nails now…

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