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what is this in reference to?

@IntesaSanpaolo10 please advise. It’s not right to make inflammatory accusations and then ignore follow-up questions

@IntesaSanpaolo10 @totop

Nervos Talk is a public forum, please mind your manners and be nice.

Nervos Talk 是一个公共论坛,请保持平和,注意发言措辞。

there was no offence in the post I wrote:

Friariell bell’ e papà, par e pall cu sta cazz e lengua. Nun capisc’ manc che cazz e scritt. Ma nu cazz e ingles’ rint’o paes vostr’ nun se studia?

This means only I could not understand the critics in my native language.







It was with love and peace that I wrote my last text

Avete messo così in imbarazzo gli italiani da non rendervi conto che tutti hanno visto la vostra performance incredibilmente stupida e scadente?

Torna a giocherellare con lo smalto.

Riesci a capirlo da solo senza l’aiuto di tua madre?


It’s actually another blessing, but you have to put your heart into it to feel it

I do not speak this language man…do they teach english in your country or it’s just for rich people?

@IntesaSanpaolo10 You were warned, very close to closing this topic.

There is a translation button below posts that are written in other languages.

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there are several offences in italian there…I’m sure you can read that translating with the button…this is funny really…

I’ll help you…
with this important tool you can translate those sign in a proper language:

don’t thank me, I feel sorry for your very poor english skills, don’t worry you’ll survive

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