[DIS] Telmo Talks - A Nervos Talk Show - Proposal

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If the community passes your budget then I will still support your efforts to the best of my ability, but I am voting against the current proposal.

You talk about this “vision” you have, but you have failed to convey it in any meaningful way to justify this budget.

I have had two professional streamers look at your equipment list and they both believe it is far in excess of what is needed and justified at this stage.

Not only is most of the equipment overkill, some of it is completely unnecessary.

  • A €450 wireless Lavalier mic is not needed except in in-person interviews, which you already said you would not do right now.
  • A €230 stream deck is unnecessary, and you don’t need the single most expensive one on the market.
  • €500 for sound isolation is likely unnecessary and even if you did need it there are plenty of kits for $50 or less.
  • €200 for a storage cabinet? This is just silly.

Your proposed equipment setup is more expensive than professionals who have produced thousands more videos than you have. This is excessive and wasteful.


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The proposal doesn’t talk about how many episodes are included in this budget, which is problematic. The milestone only talks about the procurement part, and if that’s all, as @jm9k said, the proposal doesn’t make sense because the community doesn’t see the end goal (how many episodes of talks are aired).

So, I suggest @T_Silva clarify how many episodes of talks will be aired for this cost in the proposal as soon as possible. Thank you.

提案里没有谈到这个预算是包含多少期访谈,这是有问题的。里程碑里只说了采购这部分,如果仅此而已,正如 @jm9k 所言,这个提案是不合理的,因为社区没有看到最终的目标(播出多少集采访)。我建议 @T_Silva 尽快在提案里明确这笔费用播出多少集访谈。


Hello Neon and thank you for your most valuable feedback, it is much appreciated. At this time, the proposal will no longer be edited, to avoid causing further coonfusion. Regarding the equipment, it remains as listed in the initial proposal:

Make and Model – 2x Canon EOS R50
Make and Model – 2x Shure SM7B
Make and Model – RØDE O Wireless PRO
Lighting Equipment:
LED strips + LED profiles and connections: Make and Model: generic.
Key light. Make and Model: 2x Elgato KEY LIGHT MK.2
Streaming assistance:
Stream Deck: Make and Model: Elgato STREAM DECK PLUS
Setup Customization:
Acoustic isolation. Acoustic foam and cork.
Storage cabinet.
Custom neon signs for Telmo Talks and Nervos.
Other promotional elements to establish a branded and visually appealing backdrop.
Total budget for the above mentioned elements: If you notice, the initial proposal details €5418, however, the total sum amounts to €5648, as can be verified in the original proposal. (My mistake).
In USD it totals 6,100, roughly. I also added a marketing component, hence the final value of 7500 USD. This latter amount will be used for promotional activities to promote the show as well as for personalized giveaways for the viewers.

I hope this information is helpful. If you have any additional questions or feedback, feel free to ask, i am usually around, (maybe not on sundays :slight_smile: . I also appreciate your input on the remaining parameters. I fully agree that there is a lot to be gained from this experience with this process, and I welcome viewing my mistakes as an opportunity for improvement.

HI Jacky, I truly appreciate your input, and I will definitely be viewing the overall experience as a valuable opportunity for learning and growth.

Hello Jordan, and thank you for your feedback. It is valued, appreciated, and taken into consideration. Regarding the microphones you mentioned, they will serve multiple purposes, one of which is conducting in-person interviews. I did mention that I wouldn’t do it for now due to budgetary reasons because, as you can see, I’m not requesting a budget to travel and interview people in their countries. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen, and I do have plans for the first interview to be conducted in person already in May, so I do consider it necessary. As for the remaining items if they weren’t necessary, I wouldn’t include. Thanks once again for your feedback.

Hello Yixiu, and thank you for your feedback. The proposal, in general, aims to create a setup, an environment, and an image that inclusively showcases various personalities on the Nervos network. This includes individuals from the foundation, L1 and L2 projects, NFT artists, programmers, community members, and anyone else who has had an impact (current or past) on matters related to the Nervos network.

I attempted to outline a number of episodes, but the estimate would likely be unrealistic. What I can tell you is that once everything is ready and the lineup is aligned, we can expect at least one episode per week whenever there are guests and topics.
Hope the above help get some clarification on the topic. Thank you once again fo the feedback and the support.




Voting for the proposal is now live on the Metaforo platform. To ensure full comprehension and participation from our Chinese-speaking community, I am offering a Chinese translation of the original English proposal found on Metaforo. This effort is aimed at empowering our Chinese community members with all the necessary information to engage in the voting process effectively on the Metaforo platform.

这份提案的投票目前正在 Metaforo 平台进行当中。为了确保我们中文社区的小伙伴能够充分理解并参与投票,我根据 Metaforo 上的英文提案翻译了一个中文版本。希望能为中文社区的小伙伴们提供必要的信息,以便大家前往 Metaforo 平台参与投票。

Metaforo 上的投票链接:[VOT] Telmo Talks - A Nervos Talk Show

Nervos 访谈节目 Telmo Talks 的赞助提案

平台: Youtube,X,Spotify

主持人: Telmo

X: https://twitter.com/tecmeup

Telegram: @telmobit

联合主持人: Albert Tang

X: https://twitter.com/apltang

Telegram: @apltang

大家好,我叫 Telmo,是 Nervos Network 的长期支持者。我一直积极参与社区活动,特别是那些涉及 NFT、社区建设及促进交流的活动。2023 年,我构思了 Telmo Talks 这档视频访谈节目,并成功举办了一次试播,获得了社区的热烈反响。尽管如此,受到资源限制和设备不足的影响,后续节目不得不延期。

观看访谈 57U 的试播节目: https://www.youtube.com/live/4eHjExt4rpg?si=Z6E7b7kNVXLfLZQo

在过去的几个月里,我看到 Nervos 社区的凝聚力和团结精神在显著增强。我有幸与两位极具热情的小伙伴合作,他们不仅是我的同事,更是朋友。社区对我的付出给予了积极反馈,这进一步坚定了我继续推进 Telmo Talks 视频访谈节目的决心。因此,我起草了这份提案,希望能得到大家的支持,用更专业的设备弥补以往的不足,以新的活力重新启动这档视频访谈节目。


我提议重启 Telmo Talks 这档视频访谈节目,并在 YouTube、X 和 Spotify 等多平台播出。我计划从三月起,每周播出一期。初期将采用在线访谈的模式,未来计划安排面对面的访谈。这档节目旨在成为分享 Nervos 相关新闻、进展、活动和见解的平台,让更多的人(包括 Nervos 生态中的新用户)了解 Nervos。

在此过程中,我将会得到 Albert Tang 和 Vivek Iyer 的帮助,他们都是社区的资深成员。Albert 将担任联合主持人,参与脚本、指南和视频制作。Vivek 也将参与这些工作。



Telmo Talks 这档视频访谈节目的核心内容,是与社区里的不同人士互动,包括开发人员、基金会成员、社区管理员、有影响力的社区成员,以及聚焦项目和 NFT 的艺术家。我们的目标是避免使用过多的专业术语,将重点放在使话题通俗易懂上,从而制作出能引起广泛共鸣的节目。


在节目时长上,我们的目标是每期节目控制在 30~45 分钟,具体时长将根据涵盖话题的深度和数量灵活调整。我们的终极追求是确保每一期节目都简洁精悍,内容引人入胜且充满趣味性。


到目前为止,我们已经与众多嘉宾取得了联系,其中包括 Matt Quinn、Tannr、57U、Neon(NFT Nation)、Rabbit、Jordan Mack、Nevdex、Nervapes 的 Rory 以及多位 NFT 艺术家。他们都是大家所熟知、喜爱和尊敬的 Nervos 社区成员。话题将覆盖嘉宾介绍、项目讨论、个人经历、行业见解及社区探索等。每期节目都将精心准备,确保内容连贯、引人入胜。



  1. 专业的相机: 用于远程或面对面采访。
  2. 专业的麦克风: 录音室级麦克风,以及用于现场采访的无线领夹式麦克风。
  3. 灯光设备: 对于提升视频质量和营造专业氛围至关重要。
  4. Stream Deck: 用于直播的控制台。
  5. 耳机: 确保通信清晰无误。
  6. 场景布置: 包括隔音处理、储物柜、印有 Telmo Talks 和 Nervos 标志的霓虹灯以及其他品牌推广元素。
  7. 赠品: 比如印有 Telmo Talks 和 Nervos 标志的小礼品。



  1. 装备购买和设备调试:
    • 包括购买所有必要设备和材料,如相机、麦克风、灯光设备、Stream Deck、耳机以及场景布置所需的物品,比如隔音装置和灯具。
    • 这一里程碑的预算:3500 美元
  2. 场景布置:
    • 包括完成工作室环境布置,安装灯光设备、配置视听设备,以及定制物品的布置。
    • 这一里程碑的预算:2000 美元
  3. 开始直播:
    • 标志着节目正式启动,预算将用于在 YouTube、X 和 Spotify 等平台播出的费用,宣传、市场推广和赠品相关开销。
    • 这一里程碑的预算:2000 美元


  • 提案批准日期: 2024 年 2 月 24 日(项目开始日期)
  • 设备和其他购买物品的安装完成日期: 2024 年 3 月 2 日
  • 第一期节目的上线日期: 2024 年 3 月 17 日

鉴于资金需求迫切,我们建议一次性拨付整个预算,但最终决定权归 DAO 委员会。


关于我们为 Telmo Talks 所做工作的报酬问题,我们不会要求社区提供任何报酬。我们将竭尽全力为社区服务,只要这档节目保持其相关性并受并广受欢迎,我们便会持续不懈地支持。


就项目的长期可持续性而言,我们的目标是通过 YouTube、Spotify 和 X 创作者计划所产生的收入,加上 Telmo Talks 相关产品的广告收入,来确保这档节目的可持续发展。我们通过建立专业的组织架构和频繁更新内容,期望吸引与我们愿景和价值观相契合的广告商、赞助商和捐赠者。

对于 Telmo Talks,我们的远景是参与各种加密货币会议并进行现场采访。然而,必须强调的是,这是一个长期目标,它的实现依赖于我们从访谈中获得可观的经济回报,这意味着它可能不会像我们希望的那样很快就实现。



谢谢你,Jacky。毫无疑问,你的翻译比在线翻译工具更准确。Thank you!

Updates (Feb 29, 2024)

Hi @T_Silva , the budget for this proposal has been fully paid :point_down:



Hi @JackyLHH,I confirm it has been made. Time to get to work. Thanks :blush:



I made an application to Nervos grants and after submitting I received a message to expect a response within one week

I applied last week and I thought to ask here to know about the current status of my application

Thank you

Hi @BaaniBenjamin , I am not in charge of Nervos grants. As far as I know, Nervos grants have been suspended. There are currently 2 channels to apply for sponsorship:

If the budget is not particularly large (e.g. less than $500k), I would suggest you apply for funding from the CKB Community Fund DAO. Thanks.


Update: The CKB Eco Fund website is live :point_right: https://ckbeco.fund

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Oh okay
So my first application doesn’t hold anymore?
I will apply to the CKB Community Fund DAO
Thank you sir

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hi @T_Silva - it has been 2+ months since grant disbursal, can you please provide an update on funds utilization and Telmo Talks?


Hi @T_Silva
In the spirit of transparency and good faith I believe it would be prudent to show receipts of purchase of the equipment that the grant money was to be used for. Can you produce these documents and attach please. Other proposals that have been passed have shown documentation exactly where the CKB went to.


Update on the Talk Show/Podcast

I would like to start this message by expressing my sincere gratitude to the Nervos Network and the entire community for their support and feedback. I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding regarding the delay in providing a more detailed and significant update. Personal and logistical issues involving the members giving face for the show contributed to this delay.

a bit of context: A few months ago, I submitted an application to a Nervos Network fund, which was approved, allowing us to acquire the necessary equipment to start a talk show/podcast. This milestone has now been complete and the equipment has been set up in two distinct setups: mine and Albert’s.

If you’re curious about the type of equipment we acquired, please refer to the list below (also mentioned in the proposal):

  • High-quality cameras.
  • Professional studio microphones, and a wireless lavalier microphone set.
  • Lighting equipment.
  • A stream deck.
  • Headphones.
  • Setup customization items such as acoustic isolation and a custom neon sign.

Setup Status

Although my final setup is only expected to be completed by the end of this year due to ongoing construction works , the current setup is already operational. It misses mounting the neon sign allusive to the talk show and will also count with a few props allusive to different projects. Even in its development phase, the environment is prepared to provide a professional visual experience.

Initial Episodes and Learnings

So far, we have recorded an episode with James, the community manager of Nervape. This recording was a valuable experience, allowing us to learn and resolve sound and image issues that arose. We are happy to report that these issues have been overcome, and the technical quality of our episodes is assured.

Note :
The software we’re currently using only allows us to record in 720p, which may compromise quality. This limitation is due to our current license, and we are considering an upgrade to ensure 1080p, 2k, and 4k recording capabilities.

Recording and Publishing Plan

In this initial phase, we have chosen to record, edit, and subsequently publish the episodes. This approach aims to gain experience and provide a margin of error for both us and our interviewees. Other methods of conducting interviews, such as livestreams, are also being considered.

Talk Show Objectives and Content

Our talk show’s main objective is to engage the community and highlight projects developed on the Nervos Network. However, we are not limited to this blockchain alone. We intend to interview individuals from other blockchains and people of general interest who can bring value and diversity to our content and to Nervos in general.

Our commitment is to conduct regular conversations. We will introduce later this week a roadmap and a calendar featuring the next interviewees as well as a plan to build community which, with everyone’s help, will hopefully grow substantially.

Final Thanks

Once again, thanks to Nervos and the entire community for their ongoing support and feedback. We are excited about the future of the talk show and committed to delivering relevant and quality content as well as with your engagement.


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