[DIS] Palmyra: RWA Lending on Nervos

Palmyra: RWA Lending on Nervos

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This is a ZenGate proposal to the Community Fund DAO with a recommendation from Nervos Nation. This grant is intended to bring the Palmyra RWA and lending product to Nervos CKB.

Activities funded:

  1. Build on top of DID (.bit) to provide a reputation system and KYC-based approval for its producer and consumer clients.
  2. Build an RWA-oriented lending platform on Nervos CKB, allowing users to participate in lending with real-world commodity producers.

ETA to completion: Q4 2024

Grant amount: $100,000 (CKB price: 0.016759, CKB requested: 5,966,943.14)

CKB Address (ZenGate wallet): ckb1qrgqep8saj8agswr30pls73hra28ry8jlnlc3ejzh3dl2ju7xxpjxqgqqypfwp7kz5cf5ygymvcn025x4fema5qutusr8y0c


The tokenization of real-world assets (RWA) is poised to become a cornerstone of the future blockchain industry, offering unparalleled opportunities for growth and innovation. ZenGate is developing Palmyra, an RWA commodities trading platform recently launched on Cardano and Ergo, both of which are members of the UTXO Alliance with Nervos. This proposal aims to establish a strategic partnership between ZenGate and Nervos Nation to bring Palmyra to the Nervos CKB platform, and mutually engage in promotional activities.

Palmyra is a product that utilizes blockchain technology to solve many of the current problems in the global supply chain.

  • Supply Chain Inefficiency: The presence of multiple layers of middlemen drives up costs and reduces profits for producers and buyers. Palmyra streamlines the supply chain by enabling direct sales and on-chain direct payments which eliminate intermediaries to dramatically increase efficiency and profitability.

  • Logistical Challenges: Complicated and inefficient logistics hinder the process of getting products from producers to distributors. Palmyra uses batched shipments to simplify logistics and reduce costs while using on-chain tracking to enhance traceability.

  • Lack of Traceability: A lack of origin traceability leads to fraudulent products and masked production sources. Palmyra ensures full traceability from production to distribution by providing immutable on-chain records for every step of the fulfillment and manufacturing process to ensure product authenticity.

  • Predatory Loans: Producers are forced to borrow from loan sharks at 30%-50% APR due to the lack of proper financing options in third-world countries. Palmyra sources from a global DeFi pool to offer more competitive loans for borrowers and excellent returns for lenders.

  • Identity and Reputation: Disadvantaged regions often lack verifiable identities and reputations, hindering access to financial services. Palmyra is building an on-chain identification and reputation system that enables producers to establish a verifiable financial history which gives them access to better global financial services.

Current Status

Palmyra is operational and currently providing spot trading allowing early adopters to fulfill orders directly without additional intermediaries. Additional forms of trading, such as trade-financing, are in development with a target of a Q4 beta release. Logistical fulfillment is scaling up with new partnerships and traders coming online. Traceability is active on-chain utilizing Winter Protocol (see open-source docs here) with additional data visualizers planned for release in late 2024. Identity and reputation is in the R&D phase, with a target of Q4 release.

More information about Palmyra can be found on their website.

ZenGate Leadership Team

ZenGate’s leadership team is driven by seasoned professionals such as:

  • Dan Friedman (CEO): Dan is a seasoned technologist and was part of the founding team that launched the Cardano blockchain. He is also a strategic advisor for the Ergo Foundation and several other blockchain projects.

  • Sam Lambert (Chief Operations Officer): Sam is trained as an economist under Former Reserve Bank of Australian Board Member Bob Gregory. He previously worked as a management consultant at Oliver Wyman, focusing on topics across the financial services, insurance, and telecommunications sectors. His last role at Oliver Wyman was as the Chief of Staff for the Global Blockchain Practice where he helped incubate and set up several markets.

  • Nicholas Despopoulos (Chief Business Officer): Over 20+ years of experience working across cross-jurisdictional trade, asset management, and tax strategy. Serial business-owner, across coffee, tea, and wine retail and distribution. Niko currently leads the Sales and Business Development function of the Palmyra Platform.

  • Lamon Rutten (Advisor): Over four decades of experience in the commodities sector. Key roles include Former UN Chief of Commodities, CEO of the Indian Multi Commodities Exchange, and CEO of the Indonesian Commodity & Derivatives Exchange.

ZenGate Technical Leadership Team

ZenGate’s technical team is comprised of experienced professionals including:

  • Luca D’Angelo (Lead Blockchain Engineer): Co-lead developer of the Winter Protocol. Deep expertise in smart contract development including prior roles as the Founder / Lead Developer of GuapSwap, Founder of Lilium, Ergo Script Developer for ErgoPad (leading launchpad platform), Phoenix Finance, Blitz TCG, and EXLE. Background in Computer Science and Physics from McGill University.

  • Shishir Pai (Blockchain Developer): Co-lead developer of the Winter Protocol and has spear-headed the build on the Cardano side. He also has experience building the Alephium blockchain. Experienced back-end and smart contract developer with roles such as the Founder of Lilium and ErgoSapiens, and development support for Phoenix Finance and ErgoNames (decentralized DNS platform).

  • Jonathan Wynne (Senior Full Stack Developer): Jonathan has over 20 years of experience in technology working with leading financial institutions, fintechs, and Web3 companies. Some notable companies include Nomad (YC S21), Credit Suisse and Barclays.

  • Alexander Chepurnoy (Technical Advisor): Co-founder of the Ergo Blockchain and smartcontract.com (now Chainlink). One of the first employees at IOHK, as a researcher fellow and manager for the Scorex Project. Active in blockchain since 2011 and has 20+ academic papers contributed to the industry.

More information about the ZenGate team can be found on their website.

Key Benefits for Nervos

The partnership with ZenGate to bring Palmyra to the Nervos platform offers significant advantages for the Nervos ecosystem:

  • Reputation System Integration: Palmyra will build its reputation system on top of Nervos’ DID (DID-based, .bit) to enable KYC-verified digital identities. These identities will form the basis of trust for modern financial service offerings in these countries.

  • High APR Lending Opportunities: Palmyra’s on-chain RWA lending opportunities will attract capital and users to the Nervos chain using extremely competitive APRs for stablecoins, typically not accessible to retail.

  • DeFi Alignment: Palmyra’s lending opportunities will complement existing DeFi initiatives on Nervos, such as iCKB, RGB++, and Khalani, providing compelling use cases that are further benefitted by Nervos’ low transaction fees.

  • Utilization of Nervos DAO Liquidity: The partnership will create opportunities for the $200M of deposits in the Nervos DAO. These funds are currently illiquid but will gain mobility with the release of iCKB within the next few months.

  • Support for BTCKB Narrative: The project aligns perfectly with the BTCKB narrative. Bitcoin users will be able to access valuable lending opportunities in the future using DeFi marketplaces built on RGB++. The addition of Palmyra allows us to market RGB++ as a solution that is bringing RWA lending opportunities to Bitcoin.

The opportunity for blockchain to revolutionize the supply chain is one that has been repeatedly hailed by every publication about the true potential of this exotic technology. Fifteen years after Satoshi first introduced us, the technology is finally mature enough to take on this challenge. This initiative aligns perfectly with Nervos CKBs strengths and initiatives and will help it to continue its current momentum and trajectory while demonstrating the value of the UTXO Alliance in leveraging its strengths for global-scale products.

Technical Overview

The Palmyra platform leverages both on-chain and off-chain components on multiple chains. This section gives a high-level outline of the technical implementation of the DID+KYC system and the RWA lending platform which will be built on Nervos.

Implementation of DID+KYC

Palmyra will implement an identity system using DID’s .bit to enable decentralized KYC-verified digital identities (DID+KYC). Accredited partners manage the KYC verification process off-chain and Palmyra will issue on-chain verifiable DID+KYC credentials. Verified users will retain ownership of their DID+KYC and Palmyra will retain management rights through the DID smart contracts to ensure that KYC data is intact and revocable in the case of error or fraud. This on-chain process provides a transparent and publicly accessible basis for trust and financial inclusion while retaining the necessary KYC required for compliance.

Implementation of RWA Lending

The RWA lending platform on Palmyra facilitates loans backed by real-world assets. On-chain, smart contracts handle the issuance, repayment, and tracking of loans using Palmyra’s lending protocol. Off-chain trusted third parties will manage physical goods in transit and publish their verifiable tracking data on-chain as the product moves through the supply chain. The Palmyra platform will serve as the aggregation point for borrowers and lenders across all supported chains. Palmyra’s lending protocol incorporates verifiable on-chain DID+KYC identities and their history of sales and lending activity for risk assessment needed by lenders. Initially, loans will be fillable only through Palmyra, but the lending protocol is designed to be open in the future. This will allow for any complementary dApp or intent protocol to interface directly with the CKB loan contracts. This means Palmyra loans can be published and filled through permissionless global secondary markets and attract source liquidity from any blockchain connected through CKB.

Budget & Milestones

ZenGate is requesting a total grant of $100k. This grant will support the development and long-term support of Palmyra’s DID-based reputation system, on-chain lending module, and a joint marketing effort between ZenGate and Nervos Nation. An initial down payment of $10k is requested upon acceptance, followed by equal-sized 30% payments upon the completion of each milestone.

Milestone 1: Develop and Deploy DID-Based Reputation System

The first milestone involves the development and deployment of a decentralized identity (DID) based reputation system on Nervos. This system will enable KYC-verified digital identities, fostering trust and transparency within the ecosystem. This milestone will be worked on in parallel with Milestone 2.

Milestone 2: Finalize Technical Integration Plan

The second milestone focuses on finalizing the technical integration plan for Palmyra on Nervos. This will involve a comprehensive assessment of the platform to integrate the lending module, establish necessary payment rails for stablecoins and tokens, and incorporate CKB-based standards for future compatibility with protocols such as RGB++.

Milestone 3: Implement and Launch On-Chain RWA Lending Platform

The final milestone is the implementation and launch of the on-chain RWA lending platform on Nervos. This will include developing lending protocols, integrating with Nervos’ DeFi infrastructure, and creating user interfaces on Palmyra for borrowers and lenders.


Palmyra is the opposite of a meme coin. It is a project with strong utility that brings the benefits of blockchain into the real world in a profoundly meaningful way. By building on CKB, additional usage will be brought to the chain along with additional demand. The availability of RWA lending will create new DeFi use cases and exceptional opportunities for users. This brings an established team with a highly knowledgeable background into the CKB developer space, advances development on CKB with new identity and lending protocols, and sets the stage for more partnership and collaboration.

The community has called repeatedly for highly innovative projects to build on CKB, and this is a project of that caliber. This is an important stepping stone for cross-community collaborations with the UTXO Alliance and paves the way for more projects and communities to come to CKB. Nervos Nation is in full support of this proposal and committed to continued collaboration and growth of the CKB ecosystem.

Palmyra:Nervos 上的 RWA 借贷


这是 ZenGate 向 CKB Community Fund DAO 提交的一份提案,旨在将 Palmyra RWA 及其借贷产品引入 Nervos CKB。该提案得到了 Nervos Nation 的推荐。


  1. 在 DID(.bit)的基础上建立声誉系统和基于 KYC 的生产者、消费者客户审批系统。
  2. 在 Nervos CKB 上构建一个 RWA 借贷平台,让用户参与到现实世界商品生产商的借贷中。


资助金额:$100,000(CKB 的价格:0.016759,申请的 CKB 数量:5,966,943.14)

CKB 地址:待定


现实世界资产(RWA)的代币化有望成为未来区块链行业的基石,为增长和创新提供供史无前例的机会。 ZenGate 正在开发 Palmyra,这是最近在 Cardano 和 Ergo 上推出的 RWA 商品交易平台,Cardano、Ergo 和 Nervos 同属于 UTXO 联盟的成员。这份提案旨在推动 ZenGate 与 Nervos Nation 建立战略合作伙伴关系,将 Palmyra 引入到 Nervos CKB,并共同开展市场推广活动。

Palmyra 是一款利用区块链技术解决当前全球供应链诸多问题的产品。

  • 供应链效率低下: 中间商层出不穷,增加了生产者和买家的成本,降低了利润。Palmyra 通过直销和链上直接支付来简化供应链,消除中间商,从而大幅提高了效率和盈利能力。
  • 物流挑战: 复杂且低效的物流阻碍了产品从生产商到分销商的运输过程。 Palmyra 使用批量运输来简化物流并降低成本,同时利用链上跟踪来增强可追溯性。
  • 缺乏可追溯性:缺乏原产地的可追溯性会导致产品欺诈和生产来源被掩盖。Palmyra 通过为履行和制造过程的每个步骤提供不可更改的链上记录,确保从生产到销售的完全可追溯性,以确保产品的真实性。
  • 压榨性贷款: 由于第三世界国家缺乏适当的融资选项,生产商被迫以 30%-50% 年利率向高利贷者借款。Palmyra 从全球 DeFi 池中获取资源,为借款人提供更具竞争力的贷款选项,并为贷方带来优异的回报。
  • 身份和声誉:落后地区往往缺乏可验证的身份和声誉系统,这阻碍了他们获得金融服务的机会。Palmyra 正在建立一个链上身份和声誉系统,使生产者能够建立可验证的财务历史,从而使他们能够获得更好的全球金融服务。


Palmyra 已投入运营,目前提供现货交易,允许早期采用者直接完成订单,无需额外的中介。其他形式的交易(例如贸易融资)正在开发中,目标是在第四季度发布测试版。随着新的合作伙伴和贸易商的上线,物流也在进步。链上的追溯性正在使用 Winter Protocol 进行(点此阅读开源文档),并计划于 2024 年底发布其他数据可视化工具。身份和声誉正处于研发阶段,目标是在第四季度发布。

有关 Palmyra 的更多信息,请访问其网站

ZenGate 领导团队

ZenGate 领导团队由经验丰富的专业人士组成,包括:

  • Dan Friedman(首席执行官):Dan 是一位经验丰富的技术专家,也是推出 Cardano 区块链的创始团队成员。他还是 Ergo 基金会和其他几个区块链项目的战略顾问。
  • Sam Lambert(首席运营官):Sam 是一名经济学家,师从澳大利亚储备银行前董事会成员 Bob Gregory。他曾在 Oliver Wyman 担任管理顾问,专注于金融服务、保险和电信领域的课题。他在 Oliver Wyman 的最后一个职位是全球区块链业务的办公室主任,帮助孵化和建立了多个市场。
  • Nicholas Despopoulos(首席商务官):在跨辖区贸易、资产管理和税务策略方面拥有 20 多年的工作经验。他是咖啡、茶、葡萄酒零售和分销领域的连续创业者。Niko 目前领导 Palmyra 平台的销售和业务开发职能。
  • Lamon Rutten(顾问):在大宗商品领域拥有四十多年的经验。担任过的重要职务包括前联合国商品事务主管、印度多种商品交易所首席执行官以及印度尼西亚商品及衍生品交易所首席执行官。

有关 ZenGate 团队的更多信息,请访问其网站

ZenGate 技术领导团队

ZenGate 的技术团队由经验丰富的专业人员组成,其中包括:

  • Luca D’Angelo(首席区块链工程师): Winter Protocol 的首席开发者之一。在智能合约开发方面拥有深厚的专业知识,曾担任 GuapSwap 创始人/首席开发员、Lilium 创始人、ErgoPad(领先的 launchpad)、Phoenix Finance、Blitz TCG 和 EXLE 的 Ergo 脚本开发员。拥有 McGill University 计算机科学和物理学背景。
  • Shishir Pai(区块链开发者): Winter Protocol 的首席开发者之一,并率先构建在 Cardano 上。他还拥有构建 Alephium 区块链的经验。他是经验丰富的后端和智能合约开发人员,曾担任 Lilium 和 ErgoSapiens 的创始人,并为 Phoenix Finance 和 ErgoNames(去中心化 DNS 平台)提供开发支持。
  • Jonathan Wynne(高级全栈开发人员): Jonathan 拥有 20 多年的技术工作经验,曾与领先的金融机构、金融科技公司和 Web3 公司合作。一些著名的公司包括 Nomad(YC S21)、瑞士信贷和巴克莱银行。
  • Alexander Chepurnoy(技术顾问):Ergo 区块链和 smartcontract.com(现为 Chainlink)的联合创始人。作为研究员和 Scorex 项目的经理,他是 IOHK 的首批员工之一。自 2011 年以来一直活跃于区块链领域,为该行业撰写了 20 多篇学术论文。

有关 ZenGate 团队的更多信息,请访问其网站

对 Nervos 的主要好处

与 ZenGate 合作将 Palmyra 引入 Nervos,将为 Nervos 生态系统带来诸多优势:

  • 声誉系统集成:Palmyra 将在 Nervos 的 DID(基于 DID,.bit)之上构建其声誉系统,以实现 KYC 验证的数字身份。这些身份将构成这些国家现代金融服务产品的信任基础。
  • 高年利率贷款机会:Palmyra 的链上 RWA 借贷机会将使用极具竞争力的稳定币年利率吸引资本和用户到 Nervos 链上,而这通常是零售商无法获得的。
  • DeFi 联盟:Palmyra 的借贷机会将补充 Nervos 上现有的 DeFi 计划,例如 iCKB、RGB++ 和 Khalani,提供引人注目的用例,这些用例将进一步受益于 Nervos 的低交易费用。
  • Nervos DAO 流动性的利用: 此次合作将为 Nervos DAO 中的 2 亿美元存款创造机会。这些资金目前流动性较差,但随着 iCKB 在未来几个月内的发布,流动性将得到提高。
  • 支持 BTCKB 叙事: 该项目与 BTCKB 叙事完美契合。未来,比特币用户将能够使用基于 RGB++ 构建的 DeFi 市场获得宝贵的借贷机会。Palmyra 的加入使我们能够将 RGB++ 作为一种将 RWA 借贷机会引入比特币的解决方案进行推广。

区块链革新供应链的机会一直被每一篇关于这项前沿技术真正潜力的出版物所称赞。在中本聪首次向我们介绍区块链技术的十五年后,这项技术终于成熟到可以接受这一挑战。这一举措与 Nervos CKB 的优势和计划完美契合,将帮助它继续保持当前的发展势头和轨迹,同时展示 UTXO 联盟利用其优势为全球规模产品提供支持的价值。


Palmyra 平台利用链上和链下组件在多个区块链上运行。下面这部分提供了 DID+KYC 系统和将在 Nervos 上建立的 RWA 借贷平台的概述。


Palmyra 将使用 DID 的 .bit 实现一个身份系统,以启用去中心化的、经过 KYC 验证的数字身份(DID+KYC)。认证的合作伙伴将在链下管理 KYC 验证过程,Palmyra 将发行链上可验证的 DID+KYC 凭证。经过验证的用户将保留其 DID+KYC 的所有权,Palmyra 将通过 DID 智能合约保留管理权,以确保 KYC 数据完整且可在发生错误或欺诈时撤销。这个链上过程提供了一个透明、公开可访问的信任和金融包容性基础,同时保留了合规所需的 KYC。

RWA 借贷的实施

Palmyra 上的 RWA 借贷平台为以现实世界资产为支持的贷款提供便利。链上的智能合约使用 Palmyra 的借贷协议处理贷款的发放、偿还和跟踪。链外可信第三方将管理运输中的实物商品,并在商品通过供应链移动时在链上发布其可验证的追踪数据。Palmyra 平台将作为所有支持链上借贷双方的聚合点。Palmyra 的借贷协议纳入了可验证的链上 DID+KYC 身份及其销售和借贷活动历史记录,以便贷方进行必要的风险评估。最初,贷款只能通过 Palmyra 填写,但借贷协议设计为未来开放。这将允许任何互补的 dApp 或意向协议直接与 CKB 借贷合约对接。这意味着可以通过无许可的全球二级市场发布和填写 Palmyra 贷款,并吸引通过 CKB 连接的任何区块链的流动性来源。


ZenGate 请求总计 10 万美元的资助。这笔资金将支持 Palmyra 基于 DID 的声誉系统、链上借贷模块的开发和支持其长期发展,以及 ZenGate 和 Nervos Nation 之间的联合推广工作。 提案通过后,需首先支付 10,000 美元的付款,然后在完成每个里程碑后支付 30% 的资金。

里程碑 1:开发和部署基于 DID 的信誉系统

第一个里程碑涉及在 Nervos 上开发和部署基于去中心化身份(DID)的声誉系统。 该系统将实现经过 KYC 验证的数字身份,从而促进生态系统内的信任和透明度。这个里程碑将与里程碑 2 同时进行。

里程碑 2: 确定技术集成计划

第二个里程碑重点是最终确定 Palmyra 在 Nervos 上的技术集成计划。这将涉及对平台进行全面评估,以集成借贷模块,为稳定币和代币建立必要的支付渠道,并纳入基于 CKB 的标准,以便将来与 RGB++ 等协议兼容。

里程碑 3:实施并推出链上 RWA 借贷平台

最后一个里程碑是在 Nervos 上实施和推出链上 RWA 借贷平台。 这将包括开发借贷协议、与 Nervos 的 DeFi 基础设施集成,以及在 Palmyra 上为借款人和贷方创建用户界面。


Palmyra 与 Meme 币正好相反。这是一个具有强大实用性的项目,以一种意义深远的方式将区块链的好处带入现实世界。通过在 CKB 上构建,将为 CKB 区块链带来额外的使用和需求。RWA 借贷的推出将为用户创造新的 DeFi 使用案例和机会。这将一支具有丰富知识背景的成熟团队引入 CKB 开发者领域,通过新的身份和借贷协议推进 CKB 的开发,并为更多的合作伙伴关系和协作奠定基础。

社区多次呼吁在 CKB 上构建高度创新的项目,而 Palmyra 是一个符合这一标准的项目。这是 UTXO 联盟与跨社区合作的重要一步,为更多的项目和社区来到 CKB 铺平了道路。Nervos Nation 全力支持这一提案,并致力于 CKB 生态系统的持续合作和发展。


Seems like a cool concept. What’s the proposed idea for synchronicity between Palymra on the different platforms for both the PALM token which recently went on public sale and the represented RWA’s?


Glad to see this, overall, this proposal fosters growth and innovation within the Nervos network, enhances the utility of its technology, and brings benefits to all involved parties!


This is genius



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Thanks for the question! As for tooling for the platform, there is a way to leverage the best of the various ecosystem partners we have. We believe Nervos has some best in class tooling to integrate DIDs as well as build a lending platform focused on RWAs.

As for the PALM token, it will continue to interact with the Palmyra Platform. The PALM Economy will have their Public Round shortly and we will most likely leverage the Rosen Bridge to ensure there is interoperability. As such PALM will be available on Nervos as well as Cardano.


Thanks for the support Vesper. Really excited about the opportunity to build in this ecosystem.

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I support the ZenGate proposal to integrate Palmyra with Nervos CKB. The project offers significant benefits, such as enhanced supply chain efficiency, innovative financial services, and alignment with existing DeFi initiatives. The DID-based reputation system and RWA lending are particularly promising. This proposal can bring real-world utility to Nervos and drive adoption. Great job, ZenGate team!


I’m glad to see people getting behind the proposal. My personal opinion skews quite skeptical on RWA, but it remains to be seen what the transformational power of technology can do!

I do have some questions about milestone 2 though, has sufficient due diligence been done to scope out technical integration of a lending module? It seems odd for a later milestone to be related to planning (the old axiom measure twice, cut once) and I’m sure all are aware that UTXO’s can present some tricky corners when it comes to shared state.

I noticed stablecoins are mentioned, is there any information about how these rails are planned to look? Right now the only stablecoins on CKB are wrapped from Ethereum and would need to flow back across the bridge to be off-ramped on Ethereum.

Overall quite exciting that the Palmyra team has taken such a keen interest in CKB and Neon and the Nervos Nation guys feel strongly enough about this to express such strong support!


Great partnership

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for all the great questions. Will do my best to clarify each of these one by one:

Due Diligence and Scoping
Our development and engineering team are made up of experts from the UTXO space. Notably, we have some technical support from the Co-Founder of Ergo - Alex Chepurnoy (he also helped on the Scorex Project during his time as a researcher for Input Ouput HK). Daniel our Founder and CEO was also part of the founding team that launched Cardano. Further, our lead devs on the smart-contracts side have an array of experience building solutions on ergo, cardano and also alephium which are all UTXO systems. These solutions range from our traceability solution (Winter Protocol - live and open source on Cardano & Ergo), stablecoin solutions (Gluon), DeFi (HODLErg, HODLAlph, etc…) and naming services (ErgoNames) to name a few.

We believe we are extremely well equipped to deliver our solutions on Nervos and are getting more and more familiar with the technical requirements during our initial research phase before this proposal was submitted.

We have also had several calls with Mr. Jordan Mack from the Nervos team to learn more about Nervos Tech and integration solutions. He has been extremely in ensuring we are across the right systems, tooling and documentation.

Finally - as these are systems that will be designed to handle billions of dollars of trade in the future, we need to ensure our technical integration plans are extremely comprehensive. Ensuring success from the start if this process is done properly.

Question regarding stablecoins, rails and off-ramps
We have been looking into various solutions over the past couple of months and documented various trade-offs on how each system would work.

To highlight the problem statement we are looking to solve is; there are thousands and thousands of small-holders and actors in the commodity space who are looking for access to funding. If they are unable to secure it, they end up using working capital to fund deals and various business processes.

On the other hand; there is capital in the DeFi space looking for yielding opportunities. We believe that access to trade financing / private credit provides these yielding opportunities.

What needs to be finalized next is how we customize on-off ramps to ensure that those looking to borrow the money (and post their RWA as collateral) can ultimately receive their funds and have a way to pay it back. We have several partners we have spoken with already - some neobanking / on-offramp providers have been identified as potential solutions.

As for stablecoins - I believe that Nervos already has access to wrapped stablecoins from ETH. That can be used if required, however, we are looking into other solutions which might make the off-ramping process more straightforward.

Hope this answers some of your questions and the various trade-offs we are considering / researching. Please reach out if you have any follow up questions as all of this helps us communicate to the community and the Nervos ecosystem what we are working on in more detail than what is in the proposal.

Thanks again for the q’s Matt.


You got my vote​:v:


You’ve got my vote. Cook up some success y’all.


Could you share a link to your social media accounts for more information?

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It’s exciting to see new proposals in the community, the project sounds promising, but I have some questions to try to better understand the project.

Apart from lending, what more benefits can it bring to the ckb token? I assume that ckb can be used as a payment method on the commodity trading platform, but if you can pay with ada, ergo, palm token, why would anyone specifically want to use it with ckb?, and the same with lending, If I can stake with ckb or cardano for the same yield, most of the People will prefer cardano since it is more “secure” and less “volatile” supposedly.

Finally, how have you seen the reception of the project in the ergo and cardano networks, has it been better than expected and had a lot of use, or was it below expectations?

I hope that the project is finally developed satisfactorily and that it can grow together with the nervos ecosystem.


While this type of project doesn’t interest me personally and is probably something I would never use, I’m still open to supporting it because it seems like a quality project from a quality team and would be a good addition to the CKB ecosystem.

When it comes to something like this, I want to know what unique part of CKB will be used and I think the DID feature ticks that box.

The other thing I want to see and what I believe is very important to funded projects, is that the work we are paying for is, at least eventually, open source. So that regardless of the longterm success of the project, the work done and CKB specific issues solved along the way are available for future developers (not necessarily direct competitors) to learn from.

So my question is, will the team commit to making the CKB specific code open source?


Dear Nervos Community,

I vote for ZenGate’s proposal to integrate Palmyra on Nervos CKB. This initiative will increase the demand for CKB by stimulating economic activity on the chain, attracting new users and investors, and enhancing the reputation of our ecosystem.

Palmyra will generate more transactions, requiring the use of CKB for fees and storage, while mobilizing liquidity from the Nervos DAO. Synergies with other DeFi projects on Nervos will provide even more opportunities for our token.

Supporting this proposal is a crucial step for the growth and valuation of CKB.


Great job. This will definitely help the community grow.

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请问一下Neon你和ZenGate的关系是什么? 为什么提案不是由ZenGate向DAO提出而是Neon你提出呢?




Hi woodbury

I will google-translate what you wrote for the benefit of English speakers.

Please tell me Neon, what is your relationship with ZenGate? Why is the proposal not proposed to the DAO by ZenGate but by you, Neon?
What is the interest relationship between the subject of the bidding document and the bidder? Agent or middleman? Or an interested party (related party transaction)?
If there is a problem with the progress of the project and the money has been taken away, is it you or ZenGate who is responsible?

If you are an agent or intermediary, is it more appropriate for the ZenGate entity to submit the proposal?
If one day Satoshi Nakamoto asks me to give a message to CKB, everyone must support me!

As the the proposal lays out:

This proposal aims to establish a strategic partnership between ZenGate and Nervos Nation to bring Palmyra to the Nervos CKB platform, and mutually engage in promotional activities.

One of the functions of Nervos Nation is to advocate for CKB outside of the community. This manifests publicly as social media activism. Privately, we have advocated to numerous developer teams over the years to build on CKB.

The history of this proposal goes a few years back. We have known about ZenGate and Palmyra since 2022, when we hosted Dan Friedman on a Nervos Nation community spaces on X/twitter.

In 2023, I approached the Ergo community with a view to deepening cross-community collaboration, and specifically, for the Ergo community to find out more about DID and how .bit could help their ecosystem (Why Ergo? I see CKB and Ergo as ideologically aligned on most areas, notwithstanding they are UTXO alliance members).

For this reason I purchased ergo.bit to offer for free to their community, with a view that they could use .ergo subDIDs in their community and build products on top of that. After further conversation I reconnected with Dan who wanted to explore integrating DID into Palmyra alongside additional KYC for their clients. From there, the prospect of building on CKB took shape.

So, where we are now is the result of private advocacy over the course of years by Nervos Nation. That is really the basis of this proposal: Nation is recommending this project and introducing it to the CKB community based on that groundwork.

To make it clear: I do not own any PALM token, nor do I receive anything in exchange for this proposal. As mentioned in the original post, a successful proposal will enable a strategic partnership between ZenGate and Nervos Nation. That will involve Nation helping to educate about the platform when it launches on CKB, which would be a paid promotion. Which I think is fair enough: we want to ensure our future operations are sustainable.

Zengate is an independent organisation and an experienced team of professionals. As such they are responsible for the fulfilment of the proposal. They will share their progress publicly and the grant is subject to well defined milestones that the community can assess. In that respect I’m confident there are measures in place to safeguard use of funds.