[DIS] Nervos Network ES (en español), LatAm Community & Ecosystem Grant Proposal - 2023 Q4


Enable and drive community engagement and ecosystem growth in the Latin America region through leading organization of online & offline community initiatives, managing community platforms and channels, outreach and networking with the wider community and public, supporting and empowering Builders.

Team Introduction

Nachito (resume / @reidiojed): Designer for over 10 years, I started my journey in the print industry until I stepped into crypto back in 2018 and been in crypto since then, working in different projects, mostly contributing with DAOs (Decred) in social endeavors such as graphic pieces for social media, videos, infographics, etc. I also have experience with UX/UI experience and I’m currently exploring 3d art.

Lalo: Builder of ideas, products, culture & ecosystems.
For over six exciting years I have been immersed in the crypto space, working for web3 organizations [Core member Status & Nervos | Contributor member Kusama/Polkadot & MakerDAO], introducing and positioning platforms, applications and programs in key regions of the world. This journey has allowed me to deeply understand the market dynamics, navigate regulatory landscapes, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Creator and builder of the Nervos Network en español (@NervosNetworkES) community and key communication channels.

Region & Opportunities

Some of the main points of why Latin America is a fertile ground for Blockchain & Crypto adoption:

  • The LatAm community understands from experience why centralized systems are fragile and tend to fail
  • Constant economic inflation and monetary devaluation
  • Nearly half of the entire Latin American population is unbanked
  • Always looking for adoption of new technology solutions that can provide transparency, privacy, security and freedom

In this region there’s a lot of talented and passionate people from different backgrounds and abilities: developers - entrepreneurs - creatives - investors - miners - educators - enthusiasts.
There’s also Universities and Tech Hubs open to partner with key projects (like Nervos) to implement blockchain programs into their educational curriculum to help create a wider and diverse ecosystem with new ideas and proposals. The Latin American region is an emerging market that is being developed very quickly, and getting ‘into the wave’ right now is a very big opportunity to build a strong presence and trustworthy relationships in the region. Please read this research links that are very well detailed about the blockchain, developer and entrepreneur panorama in Latin America:

The blockchain movement in the region has already started and here are some cases, initiatives and events (including some personal successful initiatives):


  • We are requesting a total of $30K usd (~10,745,110.61 $CKB estimated conversion rate at time of posting this proposal) to cover 3 months of work.

Scope of Work

  • Community Engagement ($12k- $30 x hr)

    • Community on-boarding and engagement on key communication channels for Nervos Network en español (@NervosNetworkES)- [20 hrs/monthly]
      • Community building strategy on Telegram, X and Discord español channel
    • Distribution and localization[ES] of content from the main Nervos X account- [30 hrs/monthly]
      • Localization[ES] of 4 Xpost publications per week
      • Localization[ES] of 2 forum/blog post publications per month
      • Distribution of content such as key announcements and ecosystem updates
    • Content creation work - [84 hrs/monthly]

We’re defining ideas regarding video topics and what we could aboard that won’t overlap the great work already done by the community.

LATAM is where you can find very talented people willing to work and contribute for DAO’s and open-source projects. And that’s where part of our efforts will be, by creating video content for the LATAM region: we want to empower people to bring new ideas to the table, and be more hands-on supporting the ecosystem.

For now, we have an idea of a script for ‘Open source & Permissionless’ which will be like a step-by-step guide on how to get involved with Nervos and the Community DAO; and another video on ‘Modularity & Sustainability–CKB’’ which will explain current topics regarding what’s built on and going on with the Nervos ecosystem.

The idea is also to have an open community proposal and decision making platform [Voty] for submissions and voting of video content ideas, this way we open collaboration with the community.

  • 1 infographic

  • 6 to 8 post publications across key social platforms

  • Community initiatives and events ($6k)

    • Plan/Conduct one monthly AMA/space with community & ecosystem dynamics [$600 /monthly = $1,800 for the 3 month period]
      • Telegram
      • Xspace
      • Possibly Nervos Discord channel
    • Organize two community initiatives in a 3-month period [$2,000 for the 3 month period]]
      • 1 community creative competition
      • 1 educational contest campaign
    • Host two in-person meetups or side events in a 3-month period [$2,200 for the 3 month period]
      • We propose to organize two Watch-Parties (at Argentina & Mexico) for the CKB Halving in November.
  • Latam Ecosystem Builders Hub [Voty & SoulFrag implementation] ($12k)

    • Grassroots initiatives-
      • Technical educational course update [partner services cost $4,000 Colledge]
      • Blockchain bootcamp [Initiatives costs $2,000 w/partner Colledge]
        • Nervos L1 build sessions & workshops (6 to 8 weeks program)
      • DAO and decentralization culture education [Synergies costs $1,000 for a podcast and a webinar w/partner CreadoresWeb3]
    • Recruit and guide Latam Builders Leads [Ops services $1,000]
      • Setup/management of the community resources and collaboration organization platforms (Notion & SoulFrag)
    • Support Builders Lead’s initiatives [Voty platform $4,000 in CKB token pool]
      • Project demos for regional or global use cases
      • Meetups and workshops
      • Content campaigns (Xspaces, PR, social posts, graphics, etc)
      • Educational grassroots initiatives
  • Bonus efforts for future proposals

    • Identify and coordinate possible participation at regional hackathons and key events
    • Ecosystem relationship building for promotion of content and initiative opportunities

How do we do our videos? The Video Lifecycle

The following life-cycle explains how we work the video editing process, focusing on spending time the most efficient way possible:

  • Voting for topics / Generating ideas
  • Basic scripting / Brainstorming
  • Storyboarding
  • Basic design
  • Feedback & Iteration
  • Final design
  • Optimized video files
  • Distribution

Each video involves research, scripting, pen and paper storyboarding, digital design and polishing, and distribution. While the workload differs from video to video, it could be rounded to:

  • Research: 2-4h
  • Scripting: 3-5h
  • Storyboarding: 4-8h
  • Digital design: 12-18h (+Polishing)
  • Feedback & discussion: ~3h
  • Polishing: 5-10h
  • Posting on/adapting to social networks: ~5h

This whole process may take up to a week of work, up to ~45 h/week. This is just one video.

We see a great opportunity for Nervos to be one of the pioneer blockchain projects to set up a sustained resourceful infrastructure for the dev, entrepreneur and mining community, where they can have access to educational resources, support and incentives for contributing to the Nervos Network ecosystem (online & offline). There’s also opportunities to partner with universities, local projects, key events (and side-events), tech hubs, governments, community and grassroots movements from different countries & cities; as well the opportunity to identify Builders and Community Contributors, from the Latin America region.





Nachito简历 / @reidiojed): 我是一名拥有 10 多年经验的设计师,从印刷行业开始了我的设计之旅,直到 2018 年踏入加密货币领域,从那时起我就一直在加密货币领域工作,参与过不同的项目,主要是为 DAO(Decred)的社交活动做出贡献,如社交媒体的图形作品、视频、信息图表等。我还拥有用户体验/用户界面方面的经验,目前正在探索 3d 艺术。

Lalo: 创意、产品、文化和生态系统的构建者。
六年多来,我一直沉浸在加密货币领域,为网络3组织[核心成员Status & Nervos |贡献者成员Kusama/Polkadot & MakerDAO]工作,在世界主要地区介绍和定位平台、应用程序和项目。这一历程使我能够深入了解市场动态,驾驭监管环境,并紧跟最新趋势。Nervos Network en español (@NervosNetworkES) 社区和主要交流渠道的创建者和建设者。



  • 拉丁美洲社区从经验中了解为什么中心化系统是脆弱和容易失败的。
  • 持续的经济通胀和货币贬值
  • 拉丁美洲近一半人口没有银行账户
  • 一直在寻求采用能够提供透明度、隐私、安全和自由的新技术解决方案

此外,一些大学和技术中心也愿意与关键项目(如 Nervos)合作,在其教育课程中实施区块链项目,以帮助创建一个具有新想法和新建议的更广泛和多样化的生态系统。拉美地区是一个正在快速发展的新兴市场,现在 "加入浪潮 "是在该地区建立强大影响力和值得信赖的关系的一个非常好的机会。请阅读本研究链接,其中详细介绍了拉丁美洲的区块链、开发者和企业家全景:



  • 我们请求提供总额为 3 万美元的资金(发布本建议书时的估计换算率为 10,745,110.61 美元),用于支付 3 个月的工作费用。


  • 社区参与(12k- 30 美元 x 小时)

    • 为 Nervos Network en español (@NervosNetworkES)- [20 小时/月] 的主要沟通渠道进行社区入职和参与。
      • TelegramX 和 Discord español 频道上制定社区建设战略
    • 主要 Nervos X 账户- 内容的分发和本地化[ES] [30 小时/月]
      • 每周 4 份 Xpost 出版物的本地化[ES]
      • 每月 2 篇论坛/博客文章的本地化[ES]
      • 发布重要公告和生态系统更新等内容
    • 内容创建工作 - [84 小时/月]


在拉丁美洲,你可以找到愿意为 DAO 和开源项目工作和做出贡献的优秀人才。这也是我们通过为拉丁美洲和加勒比海地区创建视频内容而努力的方向:我们希望让人们有能力提出新想法,并更多地参与支持生态系统。

目前,我们有一个关于 "开源与无权限 "的脚本构想,它将逐步指导人们如何参与 Nervos 和社区 DAO;另一个关于 "模块化与可持续性-CKB "的视频将解释 Nervos 生态系统的当前主题。


  • 1 份信息图表
  • 在主要社交平台上发布 6 至 8 篇文章

社区倡议和活动 ( 6 千美元 )

  • 与社区和生态系统动态策划/开展每月一次的 AMA/空间活动[每月 600 美元 = 3 个月期间 1,800 美元]
    • Telegram
    • Xspace
    • 可能的 Nervos Discord 频道
      在 3 个月内组织两次社区活动[3 个月共 2000 美元]] * 1 次社区创意竞赛
    • 1 次社区创意竞赛
    • 1 次教育竞赛活动
  • 在 3 个月内举办两次面对面的聚会或会外活动[3 个月共 2,200 美元]
    • 我们建议在 11 月为 CKB 减半组织两次观察聚会(阿根廷和墨西哥)。
  • Latam 生态系统建设者中心 [Voty & SoulFrag 实施] ($12k)

  • 基层倡议
    • 技术教育课程更新 [合作伙伴服务费用为 4,000 美元 Colledge]
    • 区块链训练营[与合作伙伴合作Colledge,费用为 2000 美元]
      • Nervos L1 建设会议和研讨会(6 至 8 周计划)
    • DAO 和去中心化文化教育[Synergies 的播客和网络研讨会费用为 1000 美元,合作伙伴为 CreadoresWeb3]
    • 招募和指导拉美建设者领导[运营服务 1000 美元]
      • 建立/管理社区资源和协作组织平台(Notion 和 SoulFrag)。
    • 支持建设者领导者的倡议[Voty 平台 CKB 代币池 4,000 美元]
      • 区域或全球使用案例的项目演示
      • 会议和研讨会
      • 内容活动(Xspaces、公共关系、社交文章、图表等)
      • 基层教育活动


  • 确定并协调参与地区黑客马拉松和重要活动的可能性
  • 建立生态系统关系,促进内容/倡议机会



  • 投票选择主题/产生创意
  • 基本脚本/头脑风暴
  • 故事板
  • 基本设计
  • 反馈与迭代
  • 最终设计
  • 优化视频文件
  • 发行


  • 研究: 2-4h
  • 脚本 3-5h
  • 故事板 4-8h
  • 数字设计:12-18 小时(+抛光)
  • 反馈与讨论:~3 小时
  • 打磨:5-10 小时
  • 在社交网络上发布/适应社交网络: ~5h

整个过程可能需要一周的时间,每周最多 45 小时。这只是一个视频。

我们认为 Nervos 是一个很好的机会,可以成为区块链项目的先驱之一,为开发者、企业家和挖矿社区建立一个持续的资源丰富的基础设施,让他们可以获得教育资源、支持和奖励,为 Nervos 网络生态系统(线上和线下)做出贡献。此外,还有机会与来自不同国家和城市的大学、本地项目、重要活动(和会外活动)、技术中心、政府、社区和草根运动合作;还有机会从拉丁美洲地区确定建设者和社区贡献者。


First of all, thank you for the proposal Lalo. But I would like to comment on a few things.

As far I know you received a grant from BuildClub (for those who don’t know, BuildClub offered grants to build on Godwoken, an L2 built on Nervos) in November 2022, which you announced here: https://twitter.com/iamm_network/status/1592519790517751808, to build IAMM Network, a project that dates back to 2021 (https://twitter.com/IAMM_Network/status/1393668730039775236?s=20). What has been the result of that grant?

To contextualize:
Website: https://iamm.network/

Github: IAMM Network · GitHub

It would be great if you could shed light on the situation with IAMM Network and the grant involved for the knowledge of the community.

In addition to this, I would like to comment on my experience as a member of the Spanish/LATAM community. When I joined the Nervos community more than two years ago, I entered your Nervos Telegram group, which was the “official” one for the Spanish language at that time, and I have to say that the group was abandoned. You were in invisible mode and there was no type of moderation. Spam, bots and scammers were everywhere and there was no moderation or support. Because of this there was a lot of criticism from many members of the Spanish community about how you were handling the situation. The end result was the split of the Spanish/LATAM community into several groups.

I want to emphasize that this is nothing personal, if the proposal was for an application I would have stuck only to IAMM, but since your proposal is based in part on social networks and Telegram/discord, I have to comment on it and inform the community.

As for the amount you are asking for, I think it is quite disproportionate to the execution time (3 months) and the work to be done. We also have to take into account the real impact of the proposal measures at a time where interest in crypto is at minimum levels. To give an example, the videos on Nachito’s channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/DecredenEspañol), which is one of the creators of the proposal, barely have an average of 100 views on videos that are 2 years old.

For these reasons my personal answer is no. In any case, thank you.


Hola Alejandro, thanks for your question about IAMM, and for sharing your experience and feedback on the Nervos Network ES Telegram group.

Regarding the grant received from the Build Club program to build IAMM on Godwoken, the current result is the IAMM [mobile] testnet mvp alpha version, which you can find and try out here, and as well most of our open source code is on the Github organization link you also mentioned.

We are still building on the Nervos Network ecosystem and looking forward to soon be sharing news and updates on the IAMM’s communication channels.

I understand your sentiment based on your experience when you joined the Nervos Nertwork ES Telegram group during that time. To be clear, the TG group was never abandoned, but it was certainly not at its best, it was a very hard period of time for me back then; My sister had passed away and it was a very difficult experience for me, which I needed to take some breaks from everything going on in my life once in a while. And also, I was no longer working with the Nervos Foundation team, anything done back then was on my own without any support from the foundation. The TG group sure had its spam messages and bots trying to join (all crypto groups and channels have them), but it was not out of control and I’m confident it was not “many members” as you stated, if not a few members sharing their feedback (and some attacking without fundamentals). The Nervos Nertwork ES Telegram group has a pretty solid and helpful community which anyone can see on their own by viewing all the chat history we have there.

Don’t worry, we don’t take it personal :slightly_smiling_face:. We are ready to improve and continue the healthy growth of the Spanish-speaking community, any constructive feedback and support offer will be considered, for sure.


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Hey Alejandro! First of all thanks for being the first one on replying in our proposal, and ofc boarding your concerns does not imply we’re going to take it personal here :smile:, in fact your questions is what we need.

Regarding the video’s subject, I must clarify that my work on the ‘Decred en Español’ YouTube channel was the editing and production of the videos, and not the distribution of them.

If the concern is about viewership counts (which makes total sense btw), sadly numbers are not that great either in the Decred official YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@DecredTV/videos), so maybe that’s an indicator too on the low number on the channel - but again, this is just an opinion and I’m just the designer.

Drawing a parallel between Nervos official YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@NervosNetwork/videos) and the work done already on ‘Nervos Network en español’ (https://www.youtube.com/@NervosNetworkES/videos) we can see some optimistic numbers that we can work with, of course always having in mind it’s a smaller number of people on, which is already a niche-number of people.

We want to focus on educational content which creates opportunities for people on LATAM to come and work in, and for the DAO.

Of course winter is cold, but we want to make sure we get fit for summer, and we need to prepare for that.


I hope the work can cover JoyID wallet related AMA, video, or promotions in Latin America. :grinning:


an important question that VCs ask founders is

“why now?”

the question is meant to prompt founders to consider what exactly about the moment they seek to seize is important, what has changed to open an opportunity that has yet to be exploited, and to maximize the possibility of success and differentiation in their endeavor.

So that is my question to this proposal, what about the moment now makes this the right time for this proposal?


This proposal for funding the Nervos Network project in Latin America is impressive and well thought out. Lalo and Nachito bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, which is crucial for the success of any community-driven initiative.

The team’s deep understanding of the Latin American market and their ability to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities in the region. They have highlighted the strong potential for blockchain and crypto adoption in Latin America, citing relevant data and successful initiatives that demonstrate the growing interest in this technology.

The proposed budget allocation is well-structured, covering various aspects of community engagement, content creation, events, and education. This approach ensures a holistic strategy for fostering Nervos Network’s presence and impact in the region.

The emphasis on collaboration with local universities, tech hubs, and grassroots movements is particularly commendable. It not only expands the network but also helps in identifying and nurturing talent within the Latin American community.

There are some questions:

  1. Could you elaborate on the planned community initiatives and events? How do you intend to promote and execute these activities effectively?

  2. You mentioned collaborating with universities and tech hubs. Can you provide examples of potential partnerships and how they will contribute to the Nervos Network ecosystem in Latin America?

  3. How do you envision measuring the success of your efforts in terms of community engagement and growth? What key performance indicators (KPIs) will you be tracking?

  4. The proposal mentions identifying Builders and Community Contributors. How do you plan to identify and incentivize these individuals within the Latin American region?


Hi @Cipher :v: thanks for the support with your like and comment!

We envision our work to impact the awareness, interactions and contributions to the ecosystem projects, and JoyID is for sure one of those projects we will do some work related to, for example:

  • AMA ‘wallets’ topic discussion - JoyID intro & community dynamic interaction (creating a JoyID wallet)

  • Nervos Halving WatchParty(in November) NFT pass from NFTBox [testnet] hold by attendees using JoyID.

  • Recommendation of JoyID on the update we proposed for the technical course we have with our Latam tech hub partner Colledge.

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Hola Matt, thanks for your question :slightly_smiling_face:

The current moment presents an opportune time for this proposal. Here’s why:

We are aware of the parallel evolution of the Latin America region adopting real use cases of blockchain-crypto implementations, and the Nervos Network ecosystem ready to use applications & protocols and as well tooling improvements.

Maturing Blockchain Ecosystem:

The blockchain ecosystem in Latin America has evolved and matured over the past few years. Notable projects like Stellar (+ MoneyGram), Celo and others, have initiated regional blockchain incubators and acceleration programs, indicating a growing infrastructure adoption that is ready for further development and engagement.

Global Economic Trends:

The Latin America region with its ongoing economic inflation and a significant unbanked [and unidentified] population, is actively seeking and adopting alternative solutions. The blockchain space with its solutions for transparency, privacy, security and financial inclusion, aligns perfectly with the needs and challenges facing the region.

Latin America 2023: Seizing blockchain opportunity by riding the crypto wave

‘The driving forces- crypto adoption in Latin America’

Governmental and Industries Support:

The decision by El Salvador to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, and the hosting of key blockchain events like Devcon 3 and 6 in Mexico and Colombia showcase a shift in Latin America’s markets and industries.

Mercado Pago adopts cryptocurrencies

El Salvador became the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

Educational Integration and Talent Pool:

Latin American universities and tech hubs are increasingly open to integrating blockchain programs into their educational curriculum. The region has a diverse and talented pool of individuals, including developers, entrepreneurs, creatives, investors, and educators, creating a rich ecosystem ready to contribute to blockchain initiatives.

Best Universities for Blockchain and Cryptography in Latin America

Transforming the Landscape of Undervalued Tech Talent in Latin America

Community Engagement Momentum:

The success of community-led events, hackathons, and conferences across various Latin American countries empowers the enthusiasm and engagement within the community. This momentum creates a favorable environment for the proposed community engagement and ecosystem building initiatives.

Let’s also have in mind this popular saying in the crypto space, “Bear markets are for building”. Which also applies to the community and ecosystem ‘layer’ :muscle:

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Hello everyone,

I’m Cristobal Pereira, and I hail from Colledge. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce myself and share details about our exciting educational project.

I’ve been actively engaged in the Latin American ecosystem since 2015, wearing multiple hats, including being the organizer of the Blockchain Summit Latam and serving as the CEO of Colledge. At Colledge, our primary focus lies in curating educational content tailored for individuals aspiring to forge careers in the web3 space, while also nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within those who aim to create startups.

I firmly believe that Latin America holds immense potential for the future, but to harness that potential, we must start laying the groundwork today by establishing a solid presence and nurturing the ecosystem. The ones who are committed to this mission today will emerge as the victors of tomorrow.

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who is backing this proposal and supporting our vision! Your support is invaluable, and together, we can shape a brighter future for Latin America.

Thank you,
Cristobal Pereira


Hi @luisantoniocrag :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for your detailed feedback and your questions.

For the AMAs/spaces, we have in plans on co-hosting those activities together with our partner CreadoresWeb3, we will select blockchain trending topics and invite KOLs from the region. And as well, implementing community dynamics to engage and interact with projects/products from the Nervos ecosystem that will be related to the chosen AMAs/spaces topics.

With the community competitions initiatives, we are planning to execute a couple of campaigns to help amplify [regional and globally] active cases-events-themes (ex. the soft fork, RISC-V & CKB Halving). We will reach out to other communities and ecosystem partners to help us promote such initiatives. And of course regular promotion on our communication channels.

Here are a couple of Community competitions for web3 campaigns I have previously worked on:

As for the in-person meetups, we are proposing to organize two Watch-Parties (in Argentina & Mexico) for the CKB Halving in November. We plan to implement use cases like d.id, Joy.id and Unipass to create an incentivized strategy to attract attendees and have them interacting with the CKB ecosystem.

For this 3-month period we will be working closely with our partners Colledge and CreadoresWeb3, we plan to upgrade the CKB technical course, run a builders bootcamp and bring those ideas into development with the educational resources worked on and improved on. As for universities, we will reconnect with a couple of them that we previously had some synergies and events with; and look into potential collaborations for a future proposal.

Community engagement and growth success can be measured and evaluated based in our actual numbers in the NervosNetworkES communication channels and evaluate the impact generated each month based on our proposed activities. KPIs will be the number of new members on the telegram group, new followers on the X page, attendees to the CKB Halving watch party and conversion to users, contributors and/or members of the Nervos ecosystem.

We have plans to identify Builders and CC with the strategy already mentioned regarding collaborating with our tech hub & builder community partners, also, reaching out to new & known members, communities and DAOs from the region. To incentivize them, we are proposing to implement and use d.id- Voty & SoulFrag and allocating a $CKB token amount for builders tasks/bounties and submitted proposals.



First and foremost, I support your contributions to promoting Nervos both in spirit and with your well-written proposal.

However, there is an issue concerning your execution capabilities. Your proposal contains a multitude of tasks, and if each one is to be meticulously considered and effectively executed, it would demand a substantial amount of effort. It’s already challenging for one person to excel in a single task, so can every item on your list be executed well? How can you convince me that you can handle all these tasks effectively?

To begin, I took a look at your previous work, specifically the operation of the @NervosNetworkES Twitter account. I believe that the content creation on the main English Twitter account (@nervosnetwork) is of high quality. Translating these English tweets into Spanish is a valuable task. Sometimes, there’s no need for additional content creation because clever individuals have already completed the work, even if it’s in English rather than Spanish. However, upon closer examination of your @NervosNetworkES Twitter account, it appears that there hasn’t been much work in translating English tweets into Spanish tweets before June this year. If simple tasks are not executed well, it raises questions about your ability to tackle more challenging tasks effectively.

Therefore, my suggestion is to simplify the workload outlined in the proposal and reduce the budget. Start by excelling in tasks you’re capable of and showcase them to the community. Then, gradually tackle the more challenging tasks. This approach will reduce the trial-and-error cost for the DAO itself, and I believe that excellence will ultimately shine through.

In line with this, my advice is to implement this in stages. The first stage can focus on some tasks, and in the second stage, you can take on others. This way, you can gradually recruit dynamic members to participate. The budget can also be expanded over time. It’s better to request a smaller amount initially and excel in fewer tasks to instill more confidence in CKB voters. The DAO’s funds won’t disappear.

Finally, I wish you all the best!











Hello @woodbury.bit , thanks for your support :pray: I really appreciate your words.

I understand your concerns regarding the proposed amount of work to be done and deliver.
But, yes, all items can be executed well, Nachito @reidiojed and me are a focused, agile and versatile team that knows how to manage and distribute work tasks; and let’s remember we also have our two partners support, the Colledge team (educational) and CreadoresWeb3 team (builders-engagement) partners, which both have great capabilities and expertise.
We all have previously collaborated or/and have worked together, this gives us strength to execute our proposal effectively.

We totally agree that the Nervos main account does have high quality content, which can be translated and shared on our channels and create value as you mentioned; but the truth is that localized content creation for the Latin America region is indeed needed. Each region in the world has their own culture and ways of connecting and engaging, we know from experience and from listening to the Spanish-speaking communities that this effort of localized content is a must.

During some period of time the work done on the NervosNetworkES communication channels has been self-sustain, without budget and sometimes with less time availability because of the need to be able to economically sustain myself and the family.
Now we have this well thought proposal we want to be able to deliver with the support of the community and continue ‘sparking-up’ more the NervosNetworkES channels.

The budget is intended to cover for us to receive a contribution, compensate our partners and as well as to recruit [builders] ‘dynamic people’ to work with us. We are also open to proposals for changes in the budget and scope of work that the community may propose and agree upon.
For the meantime I’m thinking we could reduce the budget by removing or reducing certain initiatives, for ex:

Do instead only 20 hrs/monthly for this work activity

  • Localization[ES] of 3 Xpost publications per week
  • Localization[ES] of 1 forum/blog post publications per month
  • Distribution of content such as key announcements and ecosystem updates

Remove this monthly content creation:

Organize just 1 community competition in the three-month period. [$1,000 USD.]

Postpone the Blockchain Bootcamp initiative for a future proposal to the Community DAO

Reduce the amount for the $CKB pool allocation for the Builders Leads program to $2,000 usd (in ckb)

All of this initiatives changes will bring the budget down to a new total of $24,400 USD.

Once again, thank you and please let us know any comments or more questions :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much for your feedback. I believe there’s a significant opportunity for cryptocurrencies in the Spanish-speaking market, and someone needs to take on this task. Your proposal makes sense. I also understand your previous efforts without compensation, as we’ve all put in a lot of unpaid work for Nervos, hoping it will grow over time. However, I think we can consider the specific tasks and budget carefully, especially when the initial goals are not clearly defined. Goals can be broken down into more detailed ones, and we can also leverage new technologies like ChatGPT to reduce the workload of translation since the quality of English-language content is typically high. Finally, I personally hope you can secure a portion of the budget to accomplish certain tasks. Thanks again!

非常感谢的反馈。 我认为加密货币在西班牙语市场有巨大的机会,需要有人承担起这项工作,你们的提案是有积极意义的。我也理解你们之前在没有任何报酬情况下的付出,我们都在没有酬劳的为Nervos操心劳神,盼望着Nervos能够慢慢长大。但是在具体的工作事项以及预算我觉得还可以斟酌,尤其是初期目标不明确的时候,可以细化目标,还有可以采用例如ChatGPT这些新科技手段,使翻译工作的工作量降低,毕竟英语专业文章的质量都很高。最后,我个人希望你们可以得到一部分预算去做一些事情。最后再次感谢你们!


Saludos, felicidades por la propuesta y por los excelentes socios que han seleccionado.
He estado leyendo varios de los comentarios y pienso que algunos se han hecho sin tener idea del contexto del cual estamos hablando.

Quizás en España o cualquier país fuera de LATAM piensen que 30k usd es mucho dinero. Pero en LATAM no es así, ya que todos los costos se disparan por los altos niveles de inflación, se requiere un buen pago por el trabajo que se hace porque muchas personas están dedicadas a esto de manera exclusiva, a tiempo completo y, para cubrir sus gastos básicos, deben cobrar honorarios más altos que en otro país, lo cual es justo si hablamos de profesionales de alta calidad como los involucrados en este proyecto.

Además, para desarrollar el proyecto que se propone, se requiere contar con buenos equipos tecnológicos y conexión estable a internet, lo cual, en LATAM, es costoso también.
Probablemente, en otro continente, con la suma solicitada cubra un proyecto como éste y les sobre dinero, pero aquí en LATAM no. Me atrevería a decir que hasta les faltaría más recursos.

En contraste a esta situación, somos una región del planeta con amplia y creciente adopción de blockchain, web3 y criptomonedas, más que en otros continentes. Porque hemos entendido que es una tecnología que ofrece crecimiento y posibilidades de desarrollo económico, algo muy valorado para nosotros.

Paradójicamente, quienes tienen los recursos para apoyar estas iniciativas, no viven lo que nosotros vivimos y, a veces ni siquiera entienden nuestra realidad porque no están en esta parte del planeta.
Éste es un proyecto de gran impacto económico, tecnológico y social para LATAM. Solo los latinoamericanos podríamos entenderlo mejor y, créanme, 30k es una suma muy pequeña para todo lo que podríamos hacer en nuestra región.

Por eso, apoyo al proyecto 100% y les deseo el mayor de los éxitos. Estaré atenta a los resultados.


we’re getting late in the game here so I’ll express my opinion

I’m with Woodbury here, I’d love to see you guys more active in the channels and you have been valued contributors to the project in the past, but with the social proof that exists right now, lower commitment and simpler activities has to be the way to start and then plan to ramp up from there.


Hey Lalo

First of all, thanks for the proposal. As you are a long time community member it is good to see, and you mention a number of good ideas.

I think the proposal would have benefitted around some more specificity around certain aspects. For example regarding content creation is 84h per month for 1 video, 1 infographic and 6 posts - is this per month or in total? How long would the videos be in terms of runtime (this affects cost) and what general topics are they intended to cover? How much time is allocated to infographic production and post publication and again what is the content strategy? I understand the general “let the community decide” ethos via Voty but in my opinion, there needs to be a solid vision from the content creators too.

Of the total requested funds, how much is remuneration for yourself and Nachito?

With regards to activities with partner organisations, it would be nice to have some metrics to better understand how much exposure these initiatives get which helps to decide whether it is good value for money

Overall I think it’s an ambitious proposal and I commend the ideas, I do however agree with @woodbury.bit and @matt.bit that it may possibly be too ambitious and the community may feel more comfortable with a much smaller grant to start with, with a smaller set of tasks completed well, which can then serve as a basis for scaling up.


Hola @Aridney_Aridney muchas gracias por tu comentario y apoyo :pray: lo apreciamos bastante!
Hi Aridney_Aridney thank you so much for your comment and support :pray: we appreciate it very much!

Hi @neon.bit :wave: thank you for taking the time to review the proposal and leaving your comments and questions.

@reidiojed will be the one getting back to you soon regarding this questions you have :slightly_smiling_face:

From the currently $30K requested budget, an estimated amount of $12K is being considered to be distributed to Nachito and me on a monthly basis for the 3-months period, as compensation for our work on design, content creation, community engagement-building, ecosystem operations, communications management, and more.
But that estimated $12K amount will probably be reduced based on the community feedback we have received suggesting to reduce our workload and the requested budget. I will share the possible new changes on our proposed initiatives and the new budget amount in another comment; I will tag you for visibility.

@cristpereirag is it possible for you to share some metrics examples from the educational courses and previous bootcamps initiatives the Colledge team has executed.
@Anthony_Chavez can you please share some metrics examples from some of the CreadoresWeb3 Spotify podcasts or/and previous Builders Xspaces.

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:loudspeaker: Hey community! Per suggestion/request from @woodbury.bit, @matt.bit and @neon.bit to lower the budget amount requested and to simplify our commitment of work to execute and deliver, we propose the following changes to the Budget and Scope of Work sections of our proposal:

[New] Budget

  • We are requesting a Total of $19.5K USD (~7,513,177 $CKB estimated conversion rate at time of posting this proposal- amount to be updated based on the price the date of starting voting phase) to cover 3 months of work.

[Updated] Scope of Work

  • Community Engagement ($10,300- $30 x hr)

    • Community on-boarding and engagement on key communication channels for Nervos Network en español (@NervosNetworkES)- [20 hrs/monthly]:

      • Community building strategy on Telegram, X and Discord español channel
      • Community programs operations w/partners organizations
    • Localization in Spanish[ES] and distribution of content from the main Nervos X account- [20 hrs/monthly]:

      • Localization[ES] of 4 Xpost publications per week (text and graphic)
      • Localization[ES] of 1 forum or blog post publications per month
      • Distribution of content such as key announcements and ecosystem updates
    • Content creation monthly work - [75 hrs/monthly]:

      • 6 to 8 graphic post publications across key social platforms
      • 1 video [@NervosNetworkES Youtube channel]
        • About video creation:

We’re defining ideas regarding video topics and what we could aboard that won’t overlap the great work already done by the community.

LATAM is where you can find very talented people willing to work and contribute for DAO’s and open-source projects. And that’s where part of our efforts will be, by creating video content for the LATAM region: we want to empower people to bring new ideas to the table, and be more hands-on supporting the ecosystem.

For now, we have an idea of a script for ‘Open source & Permissionless’ which will be like a step-by-step guide on how to get involved with Nervos and the Community DAO; and another video on ‘Modularity & Sustainability–CKB’’ which will explain current topics regarding what’s built on and going on with the Nervos ecosystem.

The idea is also to have an open community proposal and decision making platform [Voty] for submissions and voting of video content ideas, this way we open collaboration with the community.

  • Community initiatives and events ($4,200)

    • Plan-Conduct two AMAs/spaces co-hosted with our partners CreadoresWeb3 and Colledge + community & ecosystem dynamics
      [$500 per online-event = $1,000 for the 3 month period; this amount is to compensate partners participation, team host, graphic design and certain amount allocated for the community dynamic to interact with ecosystem products]

    • Organize one community campaign in the 3-month period
      [$1,200 this amount is to compensate LatAm KOL participation, team ops, graphic design and the contest rewards]:

      • 1 community creative-educational competition
    • Host two in-person meetups or side events in a 3-month period [$2,000 for the 3 month period]:

      • We propose to organize two LatAm community Watch-Parties for the CKB Halving in November
        • Hosted in two strategic cities/countries from Latin America
  • Latam Ecosystem Builders Hub ($5,000)

Please let us know if this changes to our proposal makes you feel more comfortable supporting us.
The removed initiatives will be considered for a new proposal after effectively completing and having this first phase of activities reviewed by the community.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

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