(DIS) Nervos Community Anthem

Nervos Community Anthem Proposal

About Cryptic Entertainments:
We are an Edutainment venture working diligently for crypto ecosystem. Cryptic Entertainments is home to directors, editors, musicians, mix engineers, cinematographers, illustrators, producers, and other geeky, cool, misfits tied together by our one true love—Crypto. Committed to the highest quality production of Art pieces like films, music videos, web series and short movies

The company platform envisions pioneering, innovative arts that aim to entertain and educate worldwide audiences.

Services we offer:

Team’s experience

We have already made anthems for projects like Polygon, Filecoin, ICP etc. Please refer to our previous work: Cryptic Entertainments | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree

Please refer to our previous work for Polygon: https://twitter.com/Cryptic_Media/status/1441028384503394322?s=19

Problem Description:

Masses feel blockchain and crypto are quite technical in nature. There’s a requirement of the medium through which we can onboard masses into this ecosystem. We need an innovative medium of taking our message to the masses.

We will be making a community anthem highlighting the products and services offered by the Nervos ecosystem along with the features of the Nervos. It will help reach out to the masses about what Nervos does and educate them about the problems solved by Nervos.

Proposal Description :

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space has been gaining popularity in recent times and is witnessing a remarkable expansion in its user base. However, even with its growing reach, there remains a gap between the kind of public awareness that exists, and the kind that may ideally be needed to ensure deeper and wider penetration of cryptocurrency and Blockchain space in general, and Nervos in particular. For the masses to appreciate the kind of powerful tech and solution that Nervos offers, they need to understand both the benefits and the challenges of being a cryptocurrency user. What we need is a conversation starter, and it has been proven time and again, that nothing starts a conversation like music. To make people sit up and take notice, we first need to capture their attention in the simplest way possible. A well-composed, targeted jingle/original theme song is the easiest way to achieve this objective. Brands worldwide have been relying on impactful jingles to create a lasting and memorable brand, and generate the much-needed buzz and curiosity around their offerings.

We will be creating a community anthem for Nervos which will be a key piece for expanding the community and reaching to a wider set of people.


With the help of the community anthem, we can easily educate the masses about Nervos and raise awareness about the working of Nervos among the masses. Community-generated content will be a big plus point as they can use the music royalty-free in the background of their videos.

We have experienced significant traction from the communities of different projects about the community anthem. We are sure that the Nervos community can be expanded along with the current community can be engaged in a good manner.


  • Album Art
  • Original Soundtrack Released On (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Instagram Reels, TikTok /Resso)
  • Lyrical Video
  • Musical Video (4K Ultra HD)
  • Pre Roll Act
  • Musical Memes
  • Distribution across 25+ music streaming platforms

Flow process for Community Anthem

Stage 1 - Lyrics
Stage 2 - Melody (Composition)
Stage 3 - Production
Stage 4 - Live Instruments Recording(if any)
Stage 5 - Vocals Recording (In-studio)
Stage 6 - Mixing
Stage 7 - Mastering


Stage 1 - Scripting
Stage 2 - Location Setup (Lighting, Costumes, Make-up & Props)
Stage 3 - Shoot (Filming Performers)
Stage 4 - VFX and Graphics
Stage 5 - Editing
Stage 6 - Digital Intermediate

People involved
Lyricist, Composer, Music Producer, Instrumentalists (if any), 1-2 Lead Vocalists, 2-4 backing Vocalists, Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer
Director, DOP, Editor, 2-3 Runners, 1-2 Performers, Digital Intermediary

We use the following cameras for video shooting:

Camera - Sony Fx3 with 24mm/35mm/ 85mm lens
Other equipment: - Gimbal - Zhiyun Crane 2
Godox Studio lights
Editing system - Mac Studio
Vfx desktop - i9 processor / 32 gb 3200 mhz ram / Amd 8gb graphic card

For Audio we use the following:

Mics: Neumann U87
Preamps: Neve
Audio Interface: RME

Grant Request:

We are requesting $5,000 for the community anthem

Note - The community anthem will be copyright free. That means the community can use that without any copyright strike.


That’s awesome!


Sounds quite interesting I think we can give it a go


C - K - B
A ________?
Glob-al Com-mun-i-ty

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I like your ideas bro. But maybe you can try to put the song on CKB and then we can mint the song to support u?

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Thank you for the support @yixiu.ckbfans.bit , looking forward to contributing to Nervos ecosystem.

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Thank you @DaGeneral for your support, will surely deliver great value to the ecosystem.

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Thank you for the support and guidance @matt.bit

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I am glad you liked our idea @poppypoppypo . It includes a substantial amount to produce a high quality music along with its video and that’s why we have requested the grant from Nervos. Due to resource constraint on our part we are unable to produce a song on our own first.

At the same time community will own the song so once the song is out Nervos community can plan a NFT release and the funds raised can be put into the Nervos grants treasury.


看了一下filecoin anthem的歌词,感觉怪怪的 :sweat_smile:我可能欣赏不来。

@CKB we will share the lyrics before and can easily accommodate any changes if required.

First of all, your proposals are excellent. I admire your perspective and contributions to the development of Nervos. I believe the community can consider providing you with some constructive ideas and the cost of reviewing and implementing the bidding documents.

The second aspect is the selection of the CKB theme song. After watching the MV you made for Polygon, I’m sorry to say that the musical style is not my preference. Personally, I prefer a theme song that is lively, refreshing, and has a memorable main melody, which can easily make customers remember CKB.

Lastly, let me mention my personal preferences. I personally enjoy upbeat and bright Korean-style songs. If the selection process involves Korean bands, I might prefer a Kpop style.

Additionally, I have a suggestion. Jan mentioned in the recent AMA that he enjoys playing the guitar in his spare time. There are talented individuals in the community who can create songs for Jan to play. It could be a fun way to entertain during the intense development process and also foster team unity, don’t you think?

Once again, thank you very much! Best regards.


第二个层面,是CKB主题曲的选型。 看过你们给Polygon做的MV以后,不好意思,你们的歌曲风格确实不是我的喜欢的风格。我觉得作为主题曲,明快、清爽等可突出感的主旋律,容易让客户记住CKB,是我更喜欢的主题曲。





Hi @woodbury.bit thank you for the feedback. Every song style and theme is decided in close co-ordination with the respective project team. We will follow the same process with Nervos as well where we will be making the song based on the preferences and feedback shared by the team.

Absolutely @woodbury.bit this community anthem will serve as a great tool for community building exercise in different ways and one of them can be jam sessions along different other creative ways.

What a joke.

One of the examples why Nervos won’t succeed in future. Spending the community fund on these jokes.

Hi Taylor, while Nervos Talk is a place where freedom of expression is encouraged, malicious attacks are not appropriate here.

P.S. This proposal did not get 30 likes (:heart:) within 7 days, so it will not enter the second stage of voting.

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Hi community, looking forward to your questions and feedback on our proposal. If you like the proposal please like the proposal so that it can go though to next round.

I don’t really see the value in a community Anthem in terms of how its going to drive value or growth to Nervos? It sounds fun, but sorry can’t really see the value for $5,000 for a song.

Good project I like. Please look my project maybe you like it also (DIS) Mass market campaign in Nagpur India