(DIS) Metarule change: use moving 30 day average for calculating CKB/USD payouts

With recent volatility in CKB, it becomes clear that a DAO fund recipient could receive a widely varying payout depending on the exact time their payout rate is calculated.

Propose to use a 30 day moving average of CKB/USD for all payouts.


I think this could still be a problem especially for proposals like Telmo’s where a lot of the funding is spent on equipment or other expenses other than labour. It’s still going to be too volatile imo.

I think the CKB should be paid at the Fiat value requested at whatever that is on the day the transaction is sent.

The amount of CKB is probably not even relevant in the proposal so could probably even be left out totally.

This means the DAO will win some and we’ll lose some, but anything less than the Fiat amount they requested could really affect the success of the project.