[DIS]HuntingNFT Project grant proposal

Hopefully, there will be more and more ecological projects under the support of the DAO.


Agree,thank you for your support and interest in us.


Nice project,It is proposed that some funds be donated to Nervos Dao when the project generates a profit.


We also hope to be able to make some contributions to Nervos Dao in the future,donating part of our profits may be on the plan soon.


Hi @HuntingNFT.Team , just a friendly reminder, if you wish to continue to move the proposal forward, you can choose to create a poll on Metaforo . If you do, please follow the tutorial on CKB Community Fund DAO Rules and Process to submit a voting stage proposal, thanks.

Hi @HuntingNFT.Team ,友情提醒,如果你希望继续推进提案,你可以选择在 Metaforo 上创建一个投票。 如果你这样做,请按照 CKB Community Fund DAO 规则和流程 中的教程,提交一份 voting stage 的提案,谢谢。

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NP,We will do that.

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I have some questions to ask upon reading this proposal

You mention about future plans for DAO payment yet it’s not on this proposal? Proposals should be set in stone for the the first instance, not just added to please people questioning. And buying voters with giveaways guys? Who said politics could be improved eh?

How does this project enhance the Nervos community as a whole? Are you bringing the community into your project to contribute? (I must admit I’ve not seen any of you in the community getting to know anyone anywhere).
So what is your standing within the community itself?

Why did this project run out of money, what made you become unsustainable as a project to carry on, and if you are already sustainable why is this proposal money needed?

If there is no action or voting of this proposal to the final end, because I can see you have conviction in your project, would you be looking at a bank loan in your name to make sure this project moves forward? Or what other methods of investment are you guys seeking seeing as you gave away quite a bit of money not long ago yet now asking for more? (This ties into the sustainability model)


Thank you for your interest in us, these are some great questions and it’s probably the same questions that many community participants have. We will do our best to answer every one of your questions.

First of all we describe in our proposal our next development plans for V2.0, and the request for Dao funding is only part of the cost of the project, many people are still working on the project without any salary.

The content of the proposal just shows what we have done, we don’t need to please or buy anyone, we just want more people to participate in the Nervos Dao discussion and as you can see many supporters don’t leave an 0x address and they just support what we did.

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You can see the results of our activities in the last event we organized , as well as the continued increase in users on mainnet.

We’re very sorry that we haven’t promoted ourselves a lot in the community before,With the support and help of the Nervos Group, we have successfully launched version V1.5, and have cooperated with Unipass, .bit, YokaiSWAP, Nervape form good partnerships.

After the bear market and other eco-projects conditions, we changed the project strategy that to try to go outside and find new users to engage with the GameFi and let them to meet Nervos chain,it will bring more new users and value to the community.

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We haven’t take any private placements, investments, IDO,IEO.Only apart Grant from Nervos, now we are paying for development with our own income.

At the moment V1.5 is not in a position to generate a sustainable income, we plan to have a sustainable project income when V2.0 goes live in GameFi mode, and the funding from this proposal will support us through to V2.0.

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If the proposal does not go through, we will find another way to persevere through other means, but the project development schedule and launch time will not be guaranteed.

Hopefully, with the passage of this proposal, we can attract more users to Nervos and experience the benefits of Nervos technology.

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Satoshi Nakamoto invented BTC because the people of this world had to bail out the banks. Is the community really expected to bail out projects too in crypto?
A bank loan could be sufficient for you guys. I suspect you think a bank loan is too risky because the project might not succeed? This worries me and many others except the people that are posting wallet addresses on a supposed voting system :wink:

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I understand your concerns. What we want to explain is that we did not want to get votes through airdrops, we just want to make Nervos Dao more active in this way, and we guarantee that against votes will also get airdrops.
We belong to Nervos, and our TGE shares should also be shared by community participants. This is just a small gift we give to everyone who loves this community.

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I understand how you feel, please believe me this amount of money is far from enough to cover all our expenses.We have been working for nearly 2 years on this project without any income,just want to make Nervos better and more people know and use Nervos from our project.

Thank you very much for paying attention to our project and putting forward so many good suggestions,We love Nervos and this community as much as you do.

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Also, Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin to resist the centralized finance of banks, and as a blockchain project, any first choice would not be a bank.

I understand your think, we are here to create value with the community, not to get pocket money.

Many people vote yes but don’t leave an 0x address either. If you support a project it’s fine to have no airdrop to vote or not, if you come meet a strange project, you can find 1000 reasons to reject it.

Thank you for your advice and we will reflect on our actions. We hope you will give us more suggestions for the project, the only thing we can do in return is to do a hard work and let more people know about Nervos.

Even only one person gets to know Nervos through HuntingNFT, we think it’s worthwhile!

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Do you feel that GameFi and play2earn is a sustainable model?

Can you point to a successful long-running play2earn model that exists?


Now that the vote has concluded, may I post those who voted ‘Yes’, and posted their addresses to receive the airdrop

Total voted yes: 104M

5520.bit – 2.01M
(User with chinese lang name, I can’t copy paste right now) – 2.35 M
HKfullpoor.bit – 500K
'888888" – 17.8M
“6666” – 3.73M
Md2152 – 8.09M
“9876” – 6.5M
“101” – 12.4 M
“OldMan” – 24M
Stdio – 1M

As well as HuntingNFT’s own vote: 8.21 M

Total voting weight = 86.59

Yes minus votes of those seeking airdrops = 17.41

Voted no = 28.9

This doesn’t include those who might have submitted their address privately.

What it shows, is that the airdrop offer has heavily skewed the vote. I strongly advise the committee to consider this matter. @JackyLHH


A fascinating set of coincidences and events.

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管理委员会仔细地查看了提案,认为 HuntingNFT “V2.0 版本的设计开发和运营推广” 等工作,更适合去申请 Godwoken 推出的 Build Club 项目孵化计划,因为 CKB Community Fund DAO 的支持范围有限,会更加专注于支持 Layer 1(CKB)的生态发展

另外,提案中提到了 HuntingNFT 会集成很多 Layer 1 基础设施项目,建议可以考虑针对这些集成任务单独去申请 CKB Community Fund DAO 的资金支持。

HuntingNFT V1.5 测试环境下新注册独立地址数超过 10k,铸造的游戏 NFT 道具数超过 136.1k,且在 V1.5 正式发布后的两个月内,为 Nervos 生态吸引了大量的新增用户,这些贡献有目共睹。HuntingNFT V2.0 版本的代币之所以会选择在 Godwoken 上发行,是因为目前 Layer 1 还缺少 DEX 等基础设施,这也是为什么 CKB Community Fund DAO 的资金会更加专注于支持 Layer 1 的生态项目。我们希望在不远的未来,能够补齐 Layer 1 的基础设施项目,让像 HuntingNFT 这样的项目以及其他 dApp 开发者有更多的选择。


After a careful review of the proposal, the Committee has concluded that the “V2.0 design and development, operation and promotion” of HuntingNFT is better qualified to apply for Build Club grants by Godwoken. This is because the scope of the CKB Community Fund DAO is limited and it mainly focuses on the development of the Layer 1 (CKB) ecosystem.

The proposal mentions that HuntingNFT will integrate many Layer 1 infrastructure projects, so it is suggested that the team can consider applying for financial support from the CKB Community Fund DAO for these integrations.

HuntingNFT’s V1.5 beta testing has already gained over 10,000 newly registered unique addresses and minted more than 136,100 NFT items. The project has successfully attracted a large number of new users to the Nervos ecosystem within two months of the official release of V1.5. These contributions are obvious to all. The reason why HuntingNFT V2.0 tokens will be issued on Godwoken is that Layer 1 lacks infrastructure such as a DEX, which is exactly why the funds of the CKB Community Fund DAO will be more focused on supporting Layer 1 projects. We hope that in the near future, Layer 1 infrastructure projects will soon be adequate so that projects like HuntingNFT and other dApp developers can have more choices.

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We agreed to the close proposal. It also gives us a opportunity to replan the roadmap and choose a right environment for HuntingNFT.