[DIS] Pause all CKB Community Fund DAO proposal voting for 30 days

Given two major issues the DAO has encountered recently:

  1. A vote was influenced by promise of an airdrop [DIS]HuntingNFT Project grant proposal - #18 by neon.bit

  2. DAO functionality was not implemented to spec [DIS] 修改票数的计算方式 / Changing How Votes Are Calculated - #4 by matt.bit

Proposing that all Metaforo voting be paused for 30 days from this proposal’s approval to allow for meta-governance to fix the operational defects in the DAO’s processes.

If no meta-rule changes are adopted in the 30 day period, the pause will be extended for an extra 30 days to allow for governance to fix the process.

Words of encouragement:
This is the first time we are doing this, mistakes or oversights are to be expected. Though we may feel emotions of right or wrong about the events, this is part of the process and the most important thing is how we correct to what we agree is a process that is responsible and reasonable.

We all share the same goal of Nervos blooming into a valuable and useful network that will probably outlive all of us.

Let’s keep taking the baby steps toward the cosmic objects.


Totally agree! 完全同意!

Chinese translation of this proposal(这个提案的中文翻译):

鉴于最近 DAO 面临的两个重要问题:

  1. 投票受到空投承诺的影响:[DIS]HuntingNFT Project grant proposal - #18 by neon.bit
  2. DAO 在功能设置上没有完全按照规范来设置:[DIS] 修改票数的计算方式 / Changing How Votes Are Calculated - #4 by matt.bit

提议自本提案批准之后,所有的 Metaforo 投票将暂停 30 天,以便我们通过元治理来修复 DAO 流程中存在的操作缺陷。

如果在 30 天内无法完成元规则的修改,则暂停时间将再次延长 30 天,以确保流程得到修复。



我们都有一个共同的目标,那就是让 Nervos 蓬勃发展,成为一个有价值、有用的网络,这个网络可能会比我们所有人都长寿。



Given that there is only one active proposal currently why not have them agree to voluntarily close the poll if they don’t win based on actual CKB amounts staked in the Dao?
Isn’t this simple to verify in the explorer?
Doesn’t seem right to penalize an active member of the community if there is an easy workaround.

Because their proposal is already being voted on, they would not be subject to this.

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Thank you @matt.bit

Frankly speaking, we fully understand the community’s concerns about the weighting of votes for the CKB Community Fund DAO. To maintain fairness, justice, and healthy development of the community, we have decided to temporarily close the voting proposal about ckbdapps.com (the results of this vote are invalid), and wait until the meta-rules are determined and the weight calculation issues are fixed before initiating a new voting proposal.

We deeply understand that the community is the core and soul of the Nervos ecosystem, and we will continue to uphold the spirit of community co-construction and win-win, and work together with the vast community users to promote the prosperity and development of the Nervos ecosystem.


Closing this proposal