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Good proposal. What do you think about this website? Is there a chance to combine those efforts?

谢谢,CKB减半祝福弹幕功能我们计划与.bit 结合。


Thanks for reading. This site does have basic functionality now, and it would be better if it had a better UI design. We’ll see the difference when the community version is done. Honestly, we haven’t figured out which domain to use yet, any suggestions?

我不赞同此提案,CKB Community Fund DAO的资金有限,需把这有限的资金留给生态急需的生态基础建设及科普教育方面,以及社区小伙伴有新异的dapp方面。一个减半显示网站4年关注一次,而花掉这个宝贵生态资金, 是笔很不划算的支出,不利于社区整体发展。这个减半显示可以在官网临近一个月时来显示下即可。

I don’t agree with this proposal. The CKB Community Fund DAO has limited funds, and the limited funds need to be reserved for ecological infrastructure and science education, as well as dapps for community partners with new differences. A halving display website once every four years, and spending this valuable ecological funds is a very uneconomical expenditure, which is not conducive to the overall development of the community. This halving display can be shown on the official website near the end of the month.


I’m the developer on NervosHalving.com. What you see is only the text content and basic structure. The artwork for the UI is still being worked on by an artist I have hired.

I see no harm in having another site if it better addresses the Chinese market. You can use any of the code that benefits you. The complete source code is available from the GitHub link at the bottom of the page.



I do not agree with this proposal. First of all, there is already such a scheme on average. There is really no need to make superficial remarks. Second, halving the core of the display is a clock that does not require complex animation. Only by being concise and efficient and deepening the essence is in line with the geek spirit. Third, the bullet screen such as blessing works on the surface as well as animation, and halving the cycle is a set fatalistic rule, and these surface things don’t go well with the halving cycle.
I think it would be appropriate to manage the market value of ckb and record the price when the price reaches a new level.

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Yes, now is the same as the sand, do something out of the overall situation is not necessarily useful, halving the clock in the final analysis is a countdown, it is not necessary to add those flashy things, barrage or fireworks, are surface articles can not play much effect. And a more funny thing is, if the halving cycle countdown is over, the coin price did not reach a higher step with the halving but fell down, then those barrages or fireworks are not a joke dead? :joy:






As part of the community members, we can only contribute to the Nervos ecology to the best of our ability. The infrastructure you mentioned, or a dapp with new ideas, is currently beyond our ability. However, there are many facets involved in education, wouldn’t the halving site, if done well, be a gateway to education and advocacy? Thank you.

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首先,在我们的帖子发出来之后,我们看到了@jm9k做的减半网站,至于我们是否还会继续做我们的减半网站,我们之后会重新评估。但只要继续做,哪怕是没有社区DAO基金的支持,我们依然会坚持把我们能做到的最好的效果给用户,因为我们认为,“表面功夫”做到位可以为社区吸引更多人的好感、停留与关注,那还是值得去做的。其次,送祝福的功能我们会使用.bit 的链上数据,想要送祝福,你得持有.bit,并且去设置,不知道这种与生态里的项目联动之后出来的效果在你看来是不是也是表面工作呢?然后,CKB的价格与本提案无关,这也不是这个减半网站所能影响的事。最后,还是感谢你说了这么多想法,seekdid.com 会持续更新的,你放心吧,多来用用提需求呀。

First of all, after our post, we saw that @jm9k made a halving site, and I think we will re-evaluate whether we will continue to make our halving site or not. But as long as we decide to continue to do, even without the support of the community DAO fund, we will still insist on giving the best results we can to the users, because we think that “superficial” to do a good job can attract more people’s good feelings, stay and attention for the community, it is still worth to do. Secondly, we will use the on-chain data of .bit for the function of sending blessings, so you have to hold .bit and set it up to send blessings. Also, the price of CKB has nothing to do with this proposal, and it’s not something that this halving site can affect. Finally, thank you for your feedback so many ideas, seekdid.com will continue to update you rest assured, more to use to raise demand. Thank you.



  • 1、减半前,可以做送祝福的活动,通过联动Nervos生态的.bit项目,用户可以在.bit中设置祝福语,我们获取到祝福语的链上数据,在减半网站上同步显示的同时,还可以导出这些祝福语数据生成一个巨幅祝福墙发推;
  • 2、生成倒计时卡片,减半前的一段时间就可以分享该卡片到推特等主要社交渠道。
  • 3、一些竞猜活动,比如竞猜到减半时的全网算力等(促活)。当然,如果这个网站还能当作是减半事件的一个运营工具被使用,那将是我们的荣幸。


Thank you for your advice. Moving up to the marketing operations level does require a higher level of coordination and organizational strategy, but as a small development team within the community, we are currently only able to land some of our simple ideas for community building and marketing operations in this halving website. For example:

  • Before halving, we can do the activity of sending blessings, by linking the .bit project of Nervos ecology, users can set the blessing words in .bit, we get the on-chain data of the blessing words and display them synchronously on the halving website, at the same time, we can also export these blessing words data to generate a blessing wall and post it on Twitter.
  • Generating a countdown card, which can be shared to important social channels such as Twitter before halving.
  • Campaigns, such as guessing the whole network Mining Hash Rate at the time of halving, etc.

Of course, it would be our pleasure if the site could also be used as an operational tool for the halving events.

In addition, the site will also serve as a landing page, and we will add the necessary links to meet the different jumping needs of developers, investors, and eco-users.

Thank you so much!


Thank you @jm9k , you did a great job! We haven’t decided if we will continue to do it or not.

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Hi @yixiu.ckbfans.bit , just a friendly reminder, if you wish to continue to move the proposal forward, you can choose to create a poll on Metaforo . If you do, please follow the tutorial on CKB Community Fund DAO Rules and Process to submit a voting stage proposal, thanks.

Hi @yixiu.ckbfans.bit ,友情提醒,如果你希望继续推进提案,你可以选择在 Metaforo 上创建一个投票。 如果你这样做,请按照 CKB Community Fund DAO 规则和流程 中的教程,提交 voting stage 的提案,谢谢。

Thank you for your reminder. In the past few weeks, we have been busy improving the functionality of the existing proposal based on everyone’s feedback and refining the UI design until we were satisfied with it. Additionally, we have added some new features on top of the existing functions. I will update you later on the new features we have added and launch a proposal for voting later .



在我们发布提案之后,@jm9k 发布了 nervoshalving.com,他做得很好。不过我们认为,一个强大的社区应该是多元化的,多一个入口展示 Nervos 有利于捕获更多用户。同时,在过去的几周里,我们从社区用户的角度出发,对提案涉及到的功能进行优化升级,结合现状,完善了UI设计,以下是该提案做出的调整内容:

  • 提案标题的主体内容更新为:CKBFans社区赞助提案——ckbdapps.com
  • 升级后的网站为 ckbdapps.com,CKB减半事件相关内容作为其中的一个子功能。
  • ckbdapps.com 定位为「一站式参与 nervos 生态」,将 nervos 生态的应用列表、教程等集成到该网站里。

Proposal Update:

After our proposal was released, @jm9k created nervoshalving.com, which was well done. However, we believe that a strong community should be diverse, and having more than one entry point to showcase Nervos would be advantageous in capturing more users. At the same time, over the past few weeks, we have optimized and upgraded the features of the proposal from the perspective of community users and in consideration of the current situation, improved the UI design. The following are the adjustments made to the proposal:

  • The main content of the proposal title has been updated to “CKBFans Community Sponsorship Proposal - ckbdapps.com
  • The upgraded website is ckbdapps.com, with the halving event of CKB as one of its sub-functions.
  • ckbdapps.com is positioned as a “one-stop participation in Nervos ecology” platform, integrating the application list and tutorials of Nervos ecology into the website.
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