Deprecating old Godwoken v0 testnet

Godwoken v0 testnet is going to be deprecated because it no longer serves a purpose when we have a superior v1 version available. The testnet v0 nodes and related services are going to be deprecated and turned off in the upcoming days.

Godwoken v0 mainnet is unaffected and will continue operating, but its use is discouraged. Please use the new Godwoken v1 testnet and mainnet if you can.

A little bit of history

Godwoken is a Layer 2 EVM network that is continuously being developed. Some of the improvements break changes which means the network has to be redeployed again. This was exactly the story with the new Godwoken upgrade as it went from version 0 to version 1. Using the number 0 to name the first version of Godwoken might have been counterintuitive in retrospect. However, it was called so because in programming it is often the case to start counting from 0 instead of 1. (:

The process was a bit similar to the hard fork upgrade process, but in terms of Godwoken v0 → v1 there was no migration needed. The version 1 of the network started from scratch and didn’t contain old data. Migration wasn’t needed because all users of v0 are able to exit to Layer 1. From there they can migrate to the v1 version of Godwoken.

The v0 testnet was deployed around September 2021 shortly before the Nervos Gitcoin hackathon. It served the community well, but it wasn’t as EVM compatible as the new v1 version. The old v0 version required changes to the EVM project codebase and the usage of a custom provider. The new version requires no changes at all or almost no changes compared to deploying on other most popular EVM versions.

We strongly discourage any further use of v0 networks for new projects and reasons other than legacy projects support.

We are thankful to all the developers who began their journey with us with version 0 of Godwoken and we invite you to try out the new version!

The new version 1 of Godwoken has been deployed in May 2022 to testnet and in July 2022 to mainnet.

Detailed information about all available Godwoken networks and their versions can be found here.