Community feedback requested: Proposed video series content

Hey all - starting a new thread so people see this. I also posted as a response here:

I put together an outline for what the content of the series could include. The goal is to create a series of short videos that outline the core value proposition of Nervos to a more advanced viewer. We have discussed Nervos with many devs and crypto community members, and the hardest thing is just getting someone to take a serious look at another L1 chain. So with that in mind this video series is really a great opportunity to increase adoption.

  1. How can we make this a community driven process?
  2. What do you guys think of the proposed structure (~5 short videos)
  3. What do you think of the proposed content I have outlined below?
  4. Would you make any alternative content proposals?

I wonder if we could switch from: Bitcoin, it does this and that or Ethereum, it does this and that and here comes CKB which makes it differently
Here is CKB, we do this and that.
Give CKB an own identity instead of highlighting what’s wrong in other platforms maybe? There are 16 mentions of BTC and 11 mentions of Eth in the document.


The proposal looks great and very comprehensive, but again, just like the earlier commentator pointed out, let us have less of bitcoin and Ethereum mentioned in there, traditional cryptocurrencies as a name could be used instead.

Also, the explanations done with ethereum and bitcoin could come at later episodes while the unique features and problems Nervos tend to solve can be discussed without much comparison with other cryptos and blockchain at earlier episodes.

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May I suggest the content to be more educational and easier for newbies to understand?

Newbies refer to people who have heard of cryptocurrency, bitcoin, maybe ethereum but not technically savvy to know or interested in knowing how they work, but interested enough to purchase his/her first cryptocurrency, not for just speculations, but more out of curiosity that this might change how the current society operates.

For instance, Nervos is building an infrastructure for the crypto economy. wait, what is crypto economy? Can you elaborate? How could it change the society and everyone involved?

The way I could think of to actually put inherent value into a public blockchain is social contract, we have already seen two examples that worked, BTC (money) and ETH (ICO, or crowd fundraising), but it is just a start…Nervos could be the trust-less foundation which users can serve each other in their cyber tribes and the blockchain is the new habitat for billions of digital nomad.

And yes we can tell the design of Nervos learnt the lessons from BTC and ETH, and I’m sure Nervos has great technology details to tell. But technology is just the way of doing things and telling the tech details only attract those who build, does not attract those who could use the tech.

I see what’s lacking here is Nervos does not tell people why it is building and what future it could lead to.

Nervos has its own world view of how a blockchain should be used and it wanted to build a blockchain, a system that could self-evolve.

I see minimalism, living at the moment but to flow with the changes in Nervos design philosophy.

The system is designed in a way that mimics natural structures - the growth of the network is like forming “cells” within a global brain”(look at the name Nervous…) - it might one day “mirror” the way humans interact and forming different kind of social contracts, get around of centralized entities that makes no sense but pointing at each other when crisis rises, the human society shared common interest and should not be playing a zero-sum game.

What made Nervos different is really the people and the community behind it. Those who cares, their qualities and what they wish for, tell the story of Nervos.



Thanks all for the great feedback. We are actively working on the proposal on telegram, here

Here is where I am keeping notes on progress and input from the community

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Hi all,
After much back and forth in a dedicated telegram group, we have arrived at a stage where we are about ready to propose the video series (or initial video at least) to the foundation. I propose to have a community zoom call to review the proposal this Thursday:

Proposal link:

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