What will happen to the unsold CKB in the public sale?


It’s too early to discuss this question. The public sale will start in September/October on Coinlist. Lots of qualified investors have shown their interest in the project. I don’t think this question will really bother the team.

If there were unsold CKBs in the public sale, I think NervosDAO will be the appropriate place for them, locked in NervosDAO, and wait for treasury governance ready. Or maybe to burn them is also a good solution.

Thank you for you input!

But I still think it is a good thing to know what will happen to the unsold tokens as this could be a variable for the circulating supply of CKB which is a key factor when many investors are making their decisions.

You are right. That’s an important parameter to inital supply. What I can confirm is that, these CKBs, if there are any, wouldn’t rush into circulating supply in the first several years.

Actually, I think it is more important to understand the significance of “burn” on CKB before considering whether to burn this part of the token or not. “Burn” on CKB is not as simple as the burning on the other blockchains.

CKB can be used in these three aspects: storing data, deposited into the NervosDAO or for liquidity. Let’s think about these deductions.

If we use this part of the token which is burned to store data, then through the CKB economic model, what would happen because of the secondary issuance?

What if we deposited these token into NervosDAO? What if they are only used for liquidity? I think this is a very interesting topic: “Burn” means more on CKB.

Thank you Kelly. I get what you mean.

But by “burn” all I meant is “destroy” and in detail that is sending tokens to an address that can not be unlocked.

Definitely right, I think Nervos foundation is working on it, more details will coming, all we need to do is wating.:smile: